Aug 23rd, 2013

Samsung Homeboy tablet

A random tablet release on the LG-owned Korean carrier Uplus would normally be just a blip on the radar. But this thing is from Samsung. And it’s called the Homeboy. All signs point to it being a rebranded Galaxy Tab 7, and, no, it’s not attempting to appeal to Psy and his cohorts with its decidedly urban name.

The “home” in Homeboy is a reference to the device’s functionality. Users can set up the device as an onsite CCTV, using the tablet’s camera to keep watch while away. The video stream can be beamed to a smartphone. Otherwise, the slate is a typical “home” entertainment device, with access to TV, movies, books, music, and the rest. It also gets traditional tablet/smartphone functions like navigation.

Say what up to your smart home Homeboy. Just don’t expect it on western shores any time soon.

[via KoreaHerald]

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