LG’s Uplus gets Samsung’s Homeboy tablet


Samsung Homeboy tablet

A random tablet release on the LG-owned Korean carrier Uplus would normally be just a blip on the radar. But this thing is from Samsung. And it’s called the Homeboy. All signs point to it being a rebranded Galaxy Tab 7, and, no, it’s not attempting to appeal to Psy and his cohorts with its decidedly urban name.

The “home” in Homeboy is a reference to the device’s functionality. Users can set up the device as an onsite CCTV, using the tablet’s camera to keep watch while away. The video stream can be beamed to a smartphone. Otherwise, the slate is a typical “home” entertainment device, with access to TV, movies, books, music, and the rest. It also gets traditional tablet/smartphone functions like navigation.

Say what up to your smart home Homeboy. Just don’t expect it on western shores any time soon.

[via KoreaHerald]

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  1. WTF? – The girl on the right looks like a mongoloid.

    1. Seriously? Bashing 8 year old little girls? Big man… Maybe you ought to think before you type. You might have thought to yourself. Hmmmmmm is it possible this child was born different or is maybe even developmentally disabled? What an ass…

    2. She looks like a normal little asian girl who had a picture taken with a weird lens that is stretching out the right side of the pic.

    3. Dafuq? Smh.

    4. Which is totally not prejudiced to say :-/

  2. Never knew LG owned an actual cell carrier! Sounds fairly anti-consumer-ish

    Honestly Id be a little scared, yet relived if Apple owned there own carrier. Let a specific group of people live in there little bubbles of fandom!

    1. They own their own baseball team as well. LG Twins. LG Telecom is the third largest after SK, then KT.

    2. I thought I read somewhere about Apple exploring the idea of providing mobile service, Amazon too. Hey, I wouldn’t mind it so much if they offered some very competitive prices. The more LARGE carrier options in America the better.

  3. Samsung unaware that this could be construed as subtle racism in English…

    1. You must be an American. You don’t know what racism is. Where do you see something being hateful in “homeboy”. Americans are so brainwashed when it comes to racism.

      1. Thank our liberal controlled media

        1. Sorry all, bad joke… :-(

          Seriously didn’t mean to offend

          1. I’m offended you didn’t mean to offend.

          2. yes, because racism doesn’t exist in america…

          3. Its not as bad as the media makes it out to be, take the Zimmerman case for example, its had nothing to do with race until the media made it a racial issue and a national crisis.

          4. If Kevin’s not allowed to post about the iPhone, you’re not allowed to discuss politics. Fair?

          5. OK lol deal.

    2. Really…?

    3. This is only being released in Korea. Does it matter what connotations it might have in America?

  4. Most confusing title ever.

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