Timely is the most beautiful alarm clock (and Android app) we’ve ever used [VIDEO]


Every once in a while, an Android app is made that just completely blows our socks off. For some apps, it’s about the design. For others, it’s the functionality. For Timely, it’s both, and it’s something that could find a spot in either of resident app lover Raveesh’s weekly apps columns (Design Love and Uniquely Android).


This alarm clock blew us away from the moment we downloaded it. Timely features Holo like we’ve never, ever seen it, with lushly animated backdrops, slick scrolling elements, and more. There’s a certain “glow” to it that just makes it feel like it’s enchanted with an aura of some sort.

The developers — Bitspin — took great care in making sure this app looked great on both phones and tablets. We’re not sure how long it took for them to craft such an experience, but we’re thankful for their work all the same.


It’s an alarm clock. That’s obvious. But it does come with a suite of features which make it stand out from the rest of the pack. On the more basic side of things, you’re given all of the functionality you’d expect from an alarm clock, including multi-day alarms, smart alarm settings for gradually waking you up using a melody that fades in, and a whole suite of settings for customizing snooze times, fade-in length, and more.


On the more advanced side, Timely allows you to create an account that will let you sync your alarms across all devices. Not only will this give you the same set of alarms on each of your devices without having to set them up individually, but you can silence all alarms from just one of the devices if you so choose.

Timely features a host of puzzle challenges you can enable that will ask you to complete the challenges before allowing the alarm to silence itself. It’s a great feature for those who have trouble waking up and instead prefer to hit the snooze button until their eyes decide the want to staty open.


The folks at Bitspin will look to make money through premium add-ons, including extra alarm tones, themes, puzzles and more. You can buy these elements separately or get all of them in one go for a low flat rate for an in-app purchase.

The app features a very nice collection of sounds to wake up to, so you will definitely want to consider throwing a dollar or two their way to get some of them. (Note that you can preview each theme and sound before deciding whether or not you want them.)

And if spending money isn’t your thing, you can earn Share points to go toward unlocking stuff instead. You gain these points simply by sharing the app with your friends and family through Android’s built-in share feature. All of these themes and sounds can be used for free for the first five days, after which you’ll be asked to pay (and presented with some pesky ads for those who don’t opt to unlock the full premium version).

Download it!

That we are making such a big deal over an alarm clock is proof positive that Timely truly is an app in a league of its own. Give it a try in the Google Play Store, and be sure to watch Chris go hands-on with it in the video above.

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  1. Apparently it took 4 developers 4 months (full-time) to develop the app or that’s what I’ve read. (Can’t seem to find the source :@ )

  2. Does anyone know what the animated background is? I’ve seen it used in many of different things and would like to get it by itself.

  3. It might be the prettiest clock you’ve ever seen, I prefer Alarm Clock by DoubleTwist. It does what I need it to do, has a proper snooze and even has a graphic bar that shows you how long till the alarm will go off (in case you wake up before it for any reason). I have no affiliation with that program, fwiw.

    1. I bought gentle alarm back when I had an og droid and am still using it. It has everything I’ve needed and never once failed to work. Very nice

  4. It is pretty…and very functional it seems. I’d love to make the home clock screen my lock screen too!

  5. Chris you always make me laugh :) Nice review man!

  6. I wish my lock screen looked like this.

  7. What phone are you rocking?

    1. That’s the Moto X O_O

  8. On timely go to settings and go to referral code and enter DHX1-T2WV-2UEZ for free stuff.

  9. Remember to refer other people to unlock various cool stuff.


    1. Excellent! Here is my code: 3P51-KJNY-UD04

  10. please add my code 6ZBH-JCV8-UXP4 for unlocks


    1. Use mine too KWCT-VCAA-823E

      or direct link:

      1. AE2T-PJ3N-BD20

  12. It’s terribly ugly. I prefer the iOS7 weather app.

    1. Does the location even work?

      1. Are you even commenting on the right app? Timely isn’t a weather service…

        1. Trolling the Apple fanboy troll who cloned me.

  13. Couldnt pay me to run this and as far as I’m concerned it should be pulled from Google Play for all the spamming the dev encouraged.

    1. It isn’t forced upon you. You can choose to share it or not. I think the added option of sharing to unlock rather than paying is great. I paid the “early bird” price rather than sharing, but some people might like that option.

  14. Nice app, the only thing, I’d like to be able to set smart alarm 15 minutes before regular wake up time, not the 30 mins default

  15. Whiile reading this article I was thinking – Take my money, where’s the Play link. And then I saw “in-app purchase”. NO WAY IN HELL. I’m so fed up with this that I decided that from now on “No thank you” will be my answer to any developer who does this. Just like I say “No” to any possible Apple product until they stop their close minded customer milking business practice (which of course will never end).
    Just put the goddamn $5 price tag on your app and I’ll buy it at once!!! I’m already a happy user of your Tasks app, why screw things up?

    1. well it’s a one time purchase, imo I don’t really see what the problem is.

      1. I’ve purchased usefull stuff before through IAP before. But at this point it’s the matter of principle. This madness has got to stop.

    2. Behavioral and financial reality says this in app purchase stuff is here to stay. If a dev releases a free app (without ads) and gets incremental revenue for adding features via IAPs, what’s the big deal? Personally, I like an app that allows you to buy the features you want and not have to pay for the stupid stuff you’d never use. Now, if a dev releases an app with ads that you can’t get rid of on top of in app purchases, that’s a bit much.

    3. You made me sign in to downvote your post.

    4. I don’t really get your problem, It’s a one time purchase you can do. How is it better for you to blindly buy an app, without knowing what it looks like? Isn’t it better to explore an app and finally decide that you like it and buy it afterwards?

  16. it’s an alarm clock that’s pretty… Wtf cares??

    1. If you open the alarm clock app everyday (like I do), it’s nice to have a good looking app. The more options the better.

  17. Tried it this morning . It worked well and was less abrupt then sudden alarm.

  18. Gentle Alarm has been my goto alarm clock for over a year.

    1. Me too. Not sure why anyone would care what an alarm clock app LOOKS like, so long as it has plenty of features and is easy to use. Mind you, I never did get what all this “holo” stuff was about, Android seems to have gone backwards in terms of usability.

      1. I actually lucked out and got Gentle Alarm for free on Amazon one day. It was the free app of the day. I don’t like to be woken up suddenly so the gentle ramp up of volume is nice.

  19. My CODE: SXU9-7TWW-5VAT (in under someone here) – Hope someone will do the same.

  20. FWIW I bought it last night. It’s pretty and a lot of the alarm sounds are better than others. I’ve been using Alarm Klock for awhile and here’s a few things on that one that I’d like to see in this:

    Manually change by minute the snooze duration – this app has set amounts of 4, 5, 7, 9 and 15, but I like being able to fully customize it, for each alarm (Alarm Klock lets you do this).

    -Make alarm volume independant for each alarm, which is something I’d like in any alarm app instead of it being just default volumes

    -Make the tray icon show up in your items when you swipe down. The bar at the top shows the little alarm clock when it’s active, but when you swipe down, you can’t get to it there, so you need to go into your apps or a shortcut, to get to it. This is another thing I liked about Alarm Klock.

    – Ability to use stock sounds/alarms/tones or MP3’s as alarms. The built in ones are nice, but I suspect it would draw more people to the app to allow this too.

    All in all, I like the look and feel and the slickness of this app as well as the sounds that it has available. I apparently picked a bad one this morning, because it was not until my 2nd alarm went off (yes I set more than one because I’m a professional sleeper) that I realized my dream that included a song was actually my alarm and not a song that I thought it was. Now I need to go back and hear the ringtone and figure out what song I thought it was. Yeah, weird. I’ll pick a more “alarming” option tomorrow.

    Oh, and if anyone needs a settings share code, here’s mine: 6GXQ-XMQ1-N0WW

  21. This is the first clock I’ve seen where it’s literally down to the second. That alone makes me want to get this.


  23. Well in case anyone wants to use my referral code and be generous: 2ND4-4RQ7-Y98W

  24. It would be great if someone can make an alarm clock where it would play a playlist on your phone or start playing certain radio station (of course, this does not apply to all phones) or certain radio app.

    1. doubletwist’s alarm clock can do playlists, and if the station you want to listen to is on iheart radio, that app can do that

  25. Thank you once again Phandroid! I appreciate articles like this so much. With 1 Mil + Apps on the Play Store, you can’t always cut through all the crap and find the gem apps. I used this app to wake up to this morning and loved it so much, I purchased the full deal before getting out of bed. Alarm Clock Xtreme paid version just got the boot outta bed!

  26. Pretty cool app, thanks.

  27. Its Daydream feature is pretty nice too!

  28. Just look at it and going too try it out. because my original time clock on my xperia go won’t wake me up some times in the morning. if this is good i’ll keep it. and yes it looks simply beautiful.

  29. I tried to stop reading the article but I couldn’t staty away…

  30. tried it, it was good looking. but does not have the features I need. such as long press snooze, variable snooze time options when I click snooze.

  31. it’s nice and all but i think i’ll stay with doubletwist’s, due to it’s sleep cycle feature, along with other things

  32. Sharing is caring E1FM-PRGF-N5WG :)

    1. thanks, i got 2 points.. not sure what it is but lol

      1. No problem ;) You can use the points to buy premium features.

  33. Timely is nice and all, but I find Dock Clock (free in Play) to be FAR better. More information on the screen, which is exactly what I want. Highly recommend you try them and compare.

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  40. Fantastic app! Nice and handy~

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