Rumor: LG cooking up Nexus 5 with Snapdragon 800, glass back, normal button placement


Nexus 4 cracked featured

We’re not expecting Google to reveal any real information on their next line of Nexus devices (Nexi?) til the end of this year, but that’s not stopping the the rumor mill from churning. You may remember that last time around, we heard the Nexus 5 would be a “weaker” variant of of LG’s latest flagship, coming equipped with the Snapdragon 600 processor, instead of the G2’s 800.

Well, the boys at Tinhte.vn — the same fellas who leaked the Moto X months before anyone else — seem to have it on good authority that the upcoming 5-inch Google phone will still come with a Snapdragon 800 CPU, along with some changes to its physical appearance. While the thin bezels of the G2 are said to remain, the tip also mentions we could see the normal button placement we’ve all grown accustomed to through the years. Although rear buttons might have been a nice change, it looks like this might remain a G2 exclusive.

Camera placement will also change, possibly moving from the middle to one of the corners. Build materials will also be a tad different, with the Nexus 5 coming equipped with a “premium” glass back, ala last year’s Nexus 4. I think it goes without saying that I would be extremely disappointed in this decision, so let’s hope that portion of the rumor doesn’t pan out (why not a glossy plastic instead?).

In any case, it looks like we might be expecting 2 Nexus devices towards the end of this year with LG manufacturing the 5-inch Nexus 5, and possibly Motorola in charge of a Nexus 4 refresh. As always, we make sure to take any rumors with a grain of salt, but it looks like good times ahead for Android phone fans.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. Smile like a doughnut.

  1. Who really wants a glass back when it’s hard enough to protect phones with one side of glass?

    1. Chris would love the glass back -_-

      1. He broke his nexus 4 and complained about it for weeks so I doubt he wants a glass back(sorry for reminding you Chris about the broken nexus!)

        1. Holds up [SARCASM] sign.

          1. Does your sign even have the brackets?

        2. An iron back would fit better for ya, because _irony_ (nothing against anyone here, I just couldn’t lose the pun)

        3. I know he did, that’s why I said that… :-)

        4. Idiot dropped it from at a foot high and claimed it was only a “2 inch” drop.

    2. Most people are gonna use a case anyway. I hardly see anyone go bareback.

      1. That’s what she said.

      2. You laid that out nicely for the immature amongst us to pounce on..

      3. So? I don’t want plastic phones because aluminium phones look cooler. It’s the same concept as changing your boot screen. You don’t restart your phone everyday, but when you do, it’s… =.D

        So when I take my clear case off my HTC One, I’m like =.D

        LoL!! I like the little burst of happiness I give myself. I didn’t get that with my E4GT (GS2).

        That’s just a small preference though. And that’s how I pick my phones. Based on the little things.

    3. I actually love the glass back… It gives the phone a solid feel like aluminum or metal but doesn’t have the cold chalky machined texture or feeling to it.

  2. So let me get this straight. First LG isn’t making the Nexus 5, then they are, then it’s supposed to be like the G2, then it’s now supposed to have an upgraded Nexus 4 look to it?

    A grain of salt people… a grain of salt.

    1. Don’t forget the part where somehow Motorola is going to do a refresh of the LG Nexus 4? That’s where I shook my head and decided someone made this up in their basement 15 minutes ago. LOL!

      1. Yeh, everything sounded great….LG doing two Nexus in a row….nothing to strange,…samsung did it, Asus did it……then a Nexus4 refresh, say what?
        If anything the Nexus 5 sounds a like a nexus 4 refresh (minus thge screensize difference)…how would moto fit into this :S…..Weird

    2. I guess this is one way to keep it a secret on what’s happening.

  3. “…and possibly Motorola in charge of a Nexus 4 refresh.” Why bother with a refresh when the next model is coming out? Moreso, why by a different company?

    Seems like a slippery slope — “Introducing the Nexus 8… and the re-re-re-refresh of the Nexus 4”

    1. I thought the nexus 4 got its name from its size? just like the n7 and n10. so if you’re making a new nexus but keeping the size then it would just be an upgrade (nexus 7 2013)

      1. Nexus 7 has 7.02″ screen.
        Nexus 10 has 10.055″ screen.
        Nexus 4 has… 4.7″ screen.

        1. It wasn’t, now it is. Google has settled with this model last year.

        2. Nexus one, nexus s(2), galaxy nexus(3), nexus 4(4), next nexus(5). If htc makes it it might have one in the name, if Samsung it might have galaxy or s in its name, moto maybe an X.

          1. But the Nexus One already came out.

            Nexus One X? No… Nexus One Too Many. =.D

            Okay, Ima stop now. =./

          2. Nexus One 2!

            Nexus One 2 3 and a 4…..*outkast:* My baby don’t mess around, because….lalalala
            Now with Beats by Dre, scratch that, Now with Speakerboxxx’es made with love from down below!!


          3. Bwahahahahaaa!! Now I want to hear that song. Thank you Google All Access. LoL!!

            That came out of no where. =.P
            You made me bust out laughing at work. And not that I’m in an office. =.S

  4. haha Chris your articles always get me laughing at least once!
    sometimes I don’t even remember the article, just the joke. in just like “what’s that article where chris said ‘please don’t rob me?”

  5. YES, GIMMIE DAT 800. Caps were necessary, sorry guys.

    1. Taper down buddy


        1. Powerrrrr EXTREME

        2. Powerrrr EXTREME

          1. my childhood. RIGHT THERE. Still say the green dude looks like my dad

  6. For the love of God please start above 8GB….

    1. I would say just don’t buy the 8GB version. That version was a good deal for those not wanting many apps/media. I would suggest instead them offering more options, not eliminating one.

      1. My friend bought the 8GB version. Yea… he’s upset that he can’t download a lot of apps. LoL!! 8GB is nothing. 32GB or leave. You can’t play 2GB games from the cloud. LoL!!

    2. Lowest range at 16GB, highest 64GB. We ask because we know Google is allergic to Micro SD cards.

      1. he messed up part, is that Google claims they used on-board memoery to keep costs down, when in fact it costs PENNIES! PENNIES!!!! to include an SD slot, instead of on-board memory. They are copying Apple with the non-removable battery, and no SD slot. If they truly wanted to pass on savings to the consumers, an SD slot would be made available, and only 2GB of on-board memory, enough for the OS.

        1. More on board storage equals happy consumers. What I’d really like to see these manufactures do is advertise the true available storage left for consumers after the OS uses what it needs.

          1. That would be nice as well. Marketing is out of control in America. It all started with the 99cents moniker.

          2. You can’t really do that. I mean you don’t see SD cards being advertised as 29.74GB. That’s just… weird. LoL!!

            And also, that amount is subject to change. If the OS takes 4GB then they come out with an update to have the OS take 3GB, would that be false advertisement? In this scenario it’s a good thing, but I hope you get my point.

          3. I do but citing an SD card’s storage as an example is a bit of an overreach. The difference in storage left over from a formatted SD card and the space an OS takes inside a device is big and very much noticeable.

            At the start, I would like them to advertise what’s left over for the consumer. After that, any software update like you say would be known to the consumer ahead of time and they would decide if they want the update or not. Software updates come with change logs and most of the time your made aware of how large it is.

            I see the update and I can see how much more space this will take of my internal memory.

          4. Well… the SD card example was a bit… bad. LoL!!

            Hmm… So… I remember my E4GT (GS2) had an area for USB storage and an area for apps. It totaled 16GB. 2GB for apps, 10GB for on board storage (USB Storage). So should Samsung had said my phone has 10GB of storage left over or 12GB of storage left over?

            In HTC’s case with the One, everything is all together, so they “could” have said it was about 25GB (I think) of space. But that’s information I would rather be able to find on their website under the specs sheet and not something that’s advertised.

            So it would be nice to know that, yes. I would like to be able to find this information, but I don’t think they should advertise it. That “could” hurt them if people knew their OS is taking almost half of their S4’s 16GB. LoL!!

          5. Or, maybe another neat idea would be putting in extra storage and advertise as 16, 32 and 64GB. Put in whatever storage needed for the OS while making sure there’s at least the advertised storage amount. ;)

        2. Um.. it’s not about copying Apple. The agenda is to get as much of user data as possible on the cloud so that they can use it to serve targeted ads taking advantage of the ToS for cloud services. If Google were to try to do this with the data on your phone, it would be illegal or at the very least, so fraught with litigation potential that they couldn’t afford to do so. Google have more of an incentive to go with onboard storage model than Apple

  7. Glass back tells me the Moto X will be my phone.

  8. Hehe I love the pic in the article :D That said, this will be an awesome phone nonetheless.

  9. They should have chosen HTC for the Nexus phone, purely on the basis of Build Quality. Heck is with LG!

    1. Hopefully it doesn’t have glued on thin aluminum pieces on the front that pop off when you drop it.

    2. *patiently waiting for the Nexus 1 remake*

  10. I might just get the moto x despite the inferior spec… The form factor is desirable. …wish there was a higher spec moto x :(

    1. If motomaker was available for T-Mobile, I would too

      1. ikr

    2. Those “inferior specs” are actually enough to get you by and then some. My HTC One rarely passes 1.2Ghz and it can go up to 1.7Ghz. I even play heavy games and all that. This shows that either that processor is good, or you don’t need all that high clock speed to get you through heavy usage.

  11. I seriously think it’s stupid to put glass on the back. Not everybody puts their devices in cases. My s4 and htc one are however my note 2 is not. Dropped several times and still looks and works great. Of this 3 devices, I feel the htc one needs the protection more than the others. Why? The so called superior metal body. Say what you want about plastic, my note 2 and s4 were dropped several times and the worst case was the battery popped out. Oh my. I dropped my one just one time, I got a dent that bent the metal right over my power button. Metal feels nice but that’s all.

    However, like the nexus 4, if I get the 5 it will be in a case. Build materials do not matter if in a case. But I plan to get the g2 so I’ll pass on the nexi5. Can’t wait for the note 3 and one max (mad Max)

    1. Completely agree with you. I’ve never understood the whole “OMG ALUMINUM BACK!” thing. It dents, it gets really ragged once it gets scratched/scuffed. There’s nothing you can do but replace it. Plastic might come out just fine with a few cosmetic scratches. Or it may need to be replaced too… but it’ll be cheaper because it’s plastic.

      1. Not to mention that all those a-holes just end up putting a case on their phone anyway.

      2. I like Aluminum because to me, phones are pretty much the same. I mean all I hear about is how “awesome” the Note 2 is, but I don’t hear “how”. So it’s all just preference.

        I usually pick phones based on the little things. Like if the HTC One didn’t have those stereo speakers, I would have gotten the S4 just to keep with the same trend I was going with. I also liked how the HTC One looked. It was different.

        I don’t get phones based on processors and stuff. Phones are over-powered right now, so there’s no need to worry about that, yet. LoL!!

        1. Here’s why the Note 2 is “awesome”:

          1. Screen Size (preference)
          2. SD slot
          3. Removable Battery
          4. Battery Life

          Individually other phones may match 3 or 4 of those but no other phone wraps them all together so nicely.

          Really the biggest drawback is the lack of updates. They’re appalling. I saw that Samsung is skipping 4.2 and going directly to 4.3 but a year after release to still be on 4.1.2 is ridiculous. Especially since no AOSP rom is really stable to be a daily driver.

          The lack of stereo speakers could be considered a drawback but I think I’d prefer a smaller bezel. Plus can it really be a drawback when only one other phone has them? When it becomes a standard and samsung opts out I’ll consider it a drawback

          I also hope the N5 has a glass back. My iPhone 4s is my daily driver. I drop it all the time with no case and it’s never cracked. Plus it’s nice and heavy.

    2. This snobby “metal is premium” trend may have even affected the next Note 3, which is just sad. Rumors have it that there’ll still be a durable polycarb note3 version, but only with low-end specs, while the high-end specs are reserved for the “omg! feels nice!” metal-only version.

    3. Metal bends and it stays that way. Plastic bends but is more elastic so it goes back in place.

      Looks like the HTC One can’t withstand shock. This is why I’m keeping my case on my One. LoL!!

    4. depends how you drop it i guess, my friends HTC One has been dropped several times but it’s nicks and scuffs arent any different from any plastic phone.

    5. If this was an Apple forum, everybody would be like – “Oh! My God! Glass back – that’s so cool. Only Apple can have this genius idea – you suck Android” LOL! :(

      Some of us here (not all, mind you) can analyze Google/Android subjectively without nodding slavishly in agreement :)

      BTW, personally speaking, what’s wrong with the original Nexus 7 back? I thought it was the best in business, tbh! :)

  12. Slightly slower processor with an SD card (GS4 GPe), or faster processor without (N5)?

    This may be the first Nexus that I don’t purchase.

  13. Well this is good news.

  14. My nexust phone. (See what I did there)

    1. derpy derp.

  15. If Google does allow LG to make the “Nexus 5” then Google needs to cover their corners and make sure that the LG Nexus 5 doesn’t go out of stock and stay out of stock for a long time!
    Either way I am excited to see what the Nexus 5 will look like. I have never been disappointed by a Nexus phone so far and I don’t plan on starting to :D.


  16. I just want a phone I can drop and it won’t break. And without having to add a huge ass case. A glass back has to be the dumbest idea ever. That’s one thing I wish Apple did patent lol.

    1. Any phone can break if you drop it. Screens are glass too.

      1. yes but some phones hand handle a couple of drops like a champ and leave you with nothing but a few scuff marks, if both sides of the phone are made out of glass then you are pretty much screwed on the first drop

        1. I agree that the chances of broken glass are higher with 2 sides of glass…obviously. But to insinuate that the nexus 4 like phone will never handle a drop and WILL break at the first one is misleading. There are many many stories of dropped Nexus 4s, even without a case, that have survived just fine. Including myself.

    2. You can try getting a small case? I usually buy like those cheap cases. But I like the way my HTC One looks, so it’s a clear case.

      This poetic case I got looks nice, but it’s starting to tear apart. I had it for about 2 months. It’s protected it from small falls off my lap when I get out my car. LoL!! Bluetooth streaming. =.P

  17. just make a CDMA version! cheese and rice!

    1. who needs CDMA.

      1. …people who live in areas with limited cellular options, people who can only afford to be part of a family plan(with their family on Verizon), people who are stuck on a Verizon contract, etc.

      2. why do you care?

      3. most of the U.S…duh

    2. They don’t want to. Verizon requires that they go through them for updating and it completely eliminates the purpose of the Nexus program. Want a Nexus, get an open GSM carrier.

      1. Verizon doesn’t have a problem providing timely updates for iOS. I’m sure Google could work something out.

        1. Who really cares? If you buy a Nexus and cant root it and update it yourself you are probably better off with an inferior iphone

          1. obviously he did or else he wouldn’t have posted a response. 9/10 users don’t know what root is and shouldn’t have to root their phone to get updates. OEMs should be held accountable for pushing TIMELY updates and patches. Most of the time it’s their fault and not the carriers, as shown by Nexus devices and yes, junk iphones. Quit providing non-answers you didn’t think through.

      2. I totally agree! After, seeing Galaxy Nexus on Verizon for months while I couldn’t get one was ridiculous. I imagine that working with Verizon is a huge hassle. Can things be done yes. Is it worth it? No. There are certain companies that are very proprietary in nature. Verizon is one of them. Do they have a great network and is LTE awesome? Yes, do you pay for that and bow down to them for it? Yes.

    3. It blows my mind that people willingly choose CDMA carriers

      1. Some people have no choice. They didnt choose CDMA, CDMA chose them.

      2. something that simple blows your mind? Poor fella gets too excitable over small things that don’t matter to him.

      3. I love Verizon. I just spent a week in the North woods of Wisconsin with people who use all 3 three other carriers. I was the only one with cell reception and LTE most of the time too. The network, that’s why. Who cares if you have the best phone if it doesn’t work.

        1. Verison sux where i live…sry

    4. The new Nexus 7 supports all 4 carriers, crossing fingers this is passed over to the nexus 5 or Nexus G, or whatever they decide to call it.

  18. Hey why not make this “nexus 4” refresh come to verizon? I mean, I know it’d be a nexus and all, but I just feel that having 4 Motorola Devices less than an inch apart in size, come out in the same month just isn’t enough. Let’s add a 5th one within 3 months! Jkjkjk.

    1. don’t get it.

  19. Didn’t Google kinda said that it will be Motorola that’s making the Nexus 5?

    1. No

  20. “why not a glossy plastic instead?” – umm.. why not glossy aluminium? :)

    1. Because f**k you and f**k Apple, that’s why

      1. well, that was both unsavoury and uncalled for.
        but then again, I guess you haven’t heard of the gorgeous HTC One..

        1. Pretty sure it was a joke, bud.

          1. one can only hope..

      2. it seems that some of you are so brainwashed by crapple, that the moment somenone mentions premium materials you instantly think of thier products. what a shame…

  21. Why the glass back? I hope this turns out to be untrue. Didn’t LG learn from last years model?

  22. I would actually prefer the glass back over cheap glossy plastic any day… but then again I’ve only dropped one phone…. and that was the G1

  23. this is great news, lg proved they can make a nice phone

  24. This is what I love! I feel like there aren’t as many rumors as there used to be. :(

    1. That’s cause were still like 2 months away from unveiling, this thing will leak sometime in early October.

      1. But like in general. I think security has been heightened.

        1. Probably but once they start shipping them to suppliers like Best Buy, T-Mobile etc…. One of the employees will leak it.

  25. Im going to call it now, the glass back is going to be untrue, the reason they added a glass back for the Nexus 4 is because of the optimus G, the G2 is plastic, so I would expect the same from the Nexus 5/ Nexus G

  26. Everyone is trying to be like Apple yet Apple is lightyears ahead.

    1. Nice try Apple fanboy

  27. iPhone 5 is the best phone on the market and the best selling one.

    1. whats wrong with you? are you that blind???

  28. Bring it on.

  29. The glass back is fine but they must use Gorilla and not normal glass.

  30. I’d be cool with the Nexus 4 refresh. I don’t need phones getting bigger and bigger. I remember when I told myself the Galaxy Nexus was idea size.

    1. This new Nexus better be bigger than 5inches or I’m slapping the mess out of u

  31. Flashbacks Chris?

  32. The number one reason why the Nexus 5 should not have a glass back is so that we don’t have to endure the agony that is Chris’s complaints when he inevitably breaks it.

    Having said that, I don’t mind it much as I generally treat my phones with care with the worst thing happening being 2 teensy weenie scratches on my Gnex screen all that without any screen protector or case. So, whatever….as long as it looks good, works good and is priced right, it is mine!

    1. i dont like the glass back on my n4, im forced to wear a case and i hate cases. I’ve dropped my Evo LTE plenty of times without a case n that phone was still in prime condition. I’m terrified to drop the n4.

      1. Its funny because I always go without cases and screen protectors on my phone and my nexus 4 has been the first phone I’ve ever dropped badly and the first thing to go was the glass front and not the back. Although I treat my phones really carefully so it doesn’t matter to me.

      2. He likes to raw dog it. :P

  33. If the new nexus phone has a glass back, suffice it to say, but I think we’d have to call it “nexi-glass.”

    1. I see what you did there..eh.

  34. Glass backs are terrible. They make the phone slippery and fragile. If Steve Jobs were alive today I’d want to punch him in the pancreas for popularizing it with the iPhone 4.

    1. I put a screen protector on the rear of my Nexus 4. It is absolutely the most nonslip option ever on a phone. I even have a filthy Nexus 4 charging orb and it still sticks to the phone. I’ve never cleaned the orb. Throw a rear screen protector on and enjoy the best nonslip surface ever.

    2. didn’t he die from pancreatic cancer…if so that’s…HILARIOUS! LOL! (he says maniacally)

    3. Your comment was incredibly vile, and I don’t understand why people are up voting you. The guy died of pancreatic cancer, and yet you want to punch him in the pancreas? You really think that is funny or somehow amusing?

      I understand you not liking the products his company made, but at the end of the day the guy was a real human being who had a wife, children and parents who loved him…and unfortunately they have now lost their loved one to cancer…and his children are fatherless. Cancer is a horrible disease that doesn’t discriminate…there is a real possibility someone you love, your mother, father, significant other or future children may one day get and lose their battle with cancer. You could even have cancer growing in your own pancreas right now and you may not even know it. Would it still be amusing?

      1. Well his children were fatherless before he died

      2. If my mom got pancreatic cancer then made a phone with a glass back, I’d punch her in the pancreas too.

    4. I’m not usually one to get all politically correct on people, but this joke was in pretty poor taste. Cancer is a sh*tty disease and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I hate iphones as much as the next guy, but Steve didn’t deserve to die from pancreatic cancer, which is an especially hopeless one to battle.

      1. Yah he did. He ate nothing but apples as a hippie and it gave him the cancer. Ashton Kutcher tried the same thing and he started getting pancreas problems. The only difference is he believed his doctors.

  35. I still want a reasonably priced nexus based Asus phone.

    1. Unless the rumors we’ve heard for years of multiple Nexus phones actually comes true, I’d rather see Asus put out a good high-end non-Nexus Android phone before I would trust them with the one yearly Nexus.

    2. Hell no they have no idea what quality control is I would hope a cheap company like hauwei gets a shot before asus they screwed up the first n7 with loose screens bad memory and a battery that refuses to accept a charge if it dies completely. Now this years model has GPS issues.

  36. Rumor: it’s probably not going to impress me. Android better bring it with android 5.0 and fix the fragmentation issues. You can’t compare the Web fragmentation to software. Google should have third party create custom layers over stock.

    1. Fragmentation is a thing of the past my friend, with app coding you simply need to adjust a different template for screen sizes so this falls under lack of development from the developer. iOS has far more fragmentation with its different screen sizes/aspect ratios and LCD densities and requires developers to sometimes write up to 5 independent apps for iOS. Android writes one with proper temples. To add to this android as a whole has seen roughly 60% of registered google devices become updated to 4.0 or above, if you’re is lacking that update your phone/tablet surely falls out of the 18 month device upgrade cycle and you must take this in to your own hands. Lastly most android settings fixes and options are now not reliant on the OS itself but the stand alone google settings app that must be installed on any and all registered google play equipped devices. Please stop complaining about fragmentation when it is simply not the issue it once was.

      1. That’s the point, it’s a cluster F(*&(*&, and it’s Google’s own fault

        1. You obviously didn’t read what he wrote, jackass

  37. I love Nexus rumors!!!!

  38. There’s going to be one Nexus phone and it’s going to be called the Nexus X

  39. I hope Google wises up and add microSD support. It’s the only way I can consider buying a Nexus :-(

    1. Google should make a universal WiFi (light fast speeds) that works in lots of cities(maybe destroying the Verizon coverage) and that includes unlimited data. That’s how they should work if they want everyone storing their information cloud.

    2. Why post this comment if everyone knows Google is NEVER going to support SD cards, ever again.

      I wouldn’t mind an SD card either, though I could live without one if the phone has 32GBs. Plus with most cloud options we have today, anyone with an ok data connection is pretty much set.

      Personally, I think Google is doing this for two reasons: force you to use their cloud services. Kinda sucky, yeah. But also to drive carriers (though the US ones are a tough nut to crack) to update their infrastructure and to offer more data for better prices. If anything, I think it’s a good thing. It has to get to the point where 5GBs is the minimum data you need and it has to be offered for a good price.

    3. Never buy a nexus then, ain’t gonna happen.

  40. Google should buy Blackberry and Canonical….

    1. Google should buy Nokia. Nokia Nexus….*homer drool*

      1. Ew I don’t want an inch thick phone.

        1. Thick means more battery life… I think…

    2. +1 mate :) that will be a big plus for linux and android fans like me

  41. “Why not a glossy plastic instead?”

    1. I second that. I’d prefer glass that automatically fractures on it’s own then some cheap, flimsy, glossy plastic. The best would be some beautiful aluminium or kevlar or something. Polycarbonate… maybe. But “Samsung-plastic” is a no-no. That’s right Sammy, you guys can trademark that (awful) design. Sue Apple if the iPhone 5C is made from cheap, glossy, “creaky” plastic, lol.

      1. The awkward moment when you realize Samsung phones are polycarbonate. The creaks are due to space inbetween plastic (there’s no creaks on the s4). That being said I’m thinking of ditching the plastic for a nexus 5.

      2. Doesn’t always automatically fracture. I’ve had mine since last December without a case and there’s no cracks in it yet. Even dropped it a couple times. Any phone dropped right will break, granted glass breaks easier than most.

        1. A bunch of idiots don’t know how to protect a phone.

    2. My sentiments exactly.

  42. nexus phones are the best phones period

  43. This shall be my next phone and I shall case it with titanium.

  44. Just make it <$299 off contract and available on VZN and I will be happy.

    1. Me too haha. I hope they do since they were able to get the nexus 7 to have LTE on verizon, at&t, and sprint I think or maybe it was T-Mobile. I’ll be able to sell my s4 for $500 and I’ll be able to get this for probly $350 (I hope that’s how much a 32gb one is). That’s a pretty good deal to me.

      1. The Nexus 7 being on VZW has nothing to do with what you are thinking. Being that the Nexus 7 only has LTE radios – it makes it subject to the regulations of LTE, which VZW has to submit to. This would be different if there were CDMA radios on-board though.

        I will say that it is very unlikely you will see another Nexus phone on VZW.

        1. Been reading up on nexus 5 rumours and most of them said that vzw would be getting the nexus 5 this time. I really hate how Verizon never gets any phones. They lost a bunch of people who wanted the one and they just barely changed they’re mind and are getting it sometime this year. It used to be Verizon got all the android phones but now it seems they just give everybody the finger.

      2. your s4 for $500…i lol’d

        1. Check amazon fool. Used its like $550

    2. I agree. My biggest worry is verizon selling it for a ton more than it is worth. They sold the galaxy nexus at full price when it was so cheap on the play store in non cdma versions.

  45. Ain’t nobody got time for a glass back make it metal!

    1. Even rubberized plastic would be better than glass

  46. Not the glass….NOT THE GLAAAAAAASS!!!!!

  47. Please LG and Google…No Glass Back and a HUGE battery!!!!! I’d be sold!!! Otherwise the new LG G2 seems beastly!!!

    1. the upcoming Nexus phone is rumored to have a 3000 mAh battery, this is already a big improvement.

    2. The Droid Maxx is coming out on Verizon 8/20/13, with a Kevlar back and a 3500 mAh battery. It’s made by Motorola and said to be close to stock Android. The Razr line (of which this is really the last in the line) is very solid and durable, and the batteries are very long lasting.

  48. Why the glass back? Didn’t the phone makers learn from Apple? Glass back=broken Nexsus. Now titanium….that would be nice. IMO

    1. Titanium would be nice but that will bring the price up right? i think? I would love to see the new nexus 5 with the aluminum back like HTC instead of glass

  49. /sigh to LG again. I’d like to see them drop out of the smartphone game, they make cheap garbage. I like my nexus 4 but everything I don’t like about it has to do with LG and their poor manufacturing / QC process.

  50. hopefully USB OTG, MHL, instead of the premium non standard slimport, a better camera would be nice but. i gave up on micro sd but at least 16gb minimal 32gb pricier version 3000 mAH should be standard battery size.

    MAKE IT AVAILABLE IN AMAZON just like nexus 7 refresh

  51. I’d rather have nice Gorilla Glass on the back than glossy plastic. It makes the phone feel more: “I only paid $299 for this!?”

    1. Until it breaks…..

      1. I still haven’t broken the back I went for so long without a case and dropped it numerous times even on tile flooring and I dropped it numerous times in the car in a similar manner as chris but then I did the logical thing of which is bought a case, a CASE, again a CASE a CASE a CASE! not a bumper expecting that a bumper would protect anything but the edge of the phone a CASE, all of my phone have been protected by the like of a case whether d3O or TPU

  52. I like the HTC One metal.. but it’s not the best for laying on any surface. It looks and feels good but I feel there has to be a better way. I would like a nice rubber non slip back.. like some cases provide but I hate cases.

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