Leaked Sony QX10 and QX100 are lens cameras that attach to your Android devices (Sony Honami also pictured)



Sony Alpha Rumors received one helluva tip with outing of a new line of Sony cameras. Unlike most anything you’ve ever seen before, these cameras are housed entirely inside of lenses that can be attached to your smartphone, giving smartphone shooters a huge upgrade in performance.


Both the Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 feature built-in camera sensors, WiFi, NFC, and an SD card slot. One of the models (the bigger one) features the very same sensor/lens combo as the Sony RX100, that means a 1-inch 20MP sensor, f/1.8 Carl Zeiss glass. The other (the smaller one), features the same optics as Sony’s consumer-grade WX150 with an 1/2.3-inch 18.5MP sensor, f/3.3 10x zoom lens.


Oh, and if you were looking for a Sony Xperia i1 (Honami) leak, you’ll notice the man using what looks to be the i1 in one of the promo shots. Pricing and release date for either of the lens cameras wasn’t mentioned, but it’s possible everything will be revealed at an upcoming Sony event.

What do you guys think? Any Android photographers that wouldn’t mind carrying something like this around with them while on a family vacation? As far as this blogger is concerned, I’m already sold.

Thanks, TechCredo!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Is a price known?

    1. Not in the least. I’m trying to logically figure out a price point Sony could hit to make these lens cameras attractive, while not cannibalizing sales of their current point-n-shoots…. Can’t do it.

      1. Tough call…The technology itself seems pretty advanced, i’d say it’s a point-n-shoot all inside that lens, not to mention 802.11 mirroring ability. Then you have to fit in a battery pack, that’s quite a feat.

      2. I’m pretty sure smartphone cameras have already crushed the profitable small point-n-shoot market as a whole. It’s a dying market. It might be a niche market, but I think its a smart move -a quality photography accessory for all/most smart phones could be a real money maker.

      3. I think $300 should be the price for the RX100 lens/sensor considering all the stuff that isn’t needed. But $500 probably will be the price. I would definitely think hard at $300.

  2. so how exactly does it connect and send data to your phone? nfc? is there any lag in the viewing screen because of the data transfer? is it only for sony phones? this could be a game changer, but we’re going to need more info. I like the idea a lot.

    1. I also want to know if the phone can actually detect this as a camera for use with apps, if not then the whole smart-camera side of it is wasted.

  3. Interesting. I think its more or a niche gadget/toy personally. I cant imagine using this other than to say I have it. Phone are compact and portable. Even hauling this around seems impractical.

    Essentially this could take an old-unused cell phone and turn it into an android camera. I think using a Galaxy S2 with this would be fun. Toss in a larger, fast flash card and a good rom with a better camera app and you’re good to go.

    In the end it would still be a toy.

    1. You are missing the point. If the sensor in this thing is same as in RX100
      II, the image quality will blow the crap out of your phone images, especially in low-light.

      1. I said absolutely nothing about comparing them to phones or phone vs this lens. You completely missed the point

  4. Very interesting, As an amateur photographer I am intrigued. If it performs well with a reasonable price tag I’m sold. I love my Nikon D90 but this would be very versatile.

  5. It took them long enough. I started emailing this around idea back in August 2010.

    As stated:

    “We do not want built-in cameras at all.

    What we really want is a standardized plug to the motherboard.

    You snap on your sensor/lens assembly of choice.

    The phone comes with the same stuff we have now, as a snap on – and
    comes with a socket cover, so for those cases where so desired, you
    don’t even need a lens to scratch on the back, you pop off the cheapie
    and put the cover on.

    When you need to seriously shoot, you pop on the high fidelity sensor
    complete with a Nikon or Canon or other popular mount and then fit
    whatever lens you want.

    Naturally, the pro sensor body also has an articulation for a tripod mount.

    Thanks, ARR22 – I just knew there was something missing from the BEVO Z5G lineup and now we know.

    Mark my words – one day, a cell WILL be made with exactly this sort of camera arrangement.”

    Glad someone finally did it.

  6. Cool beans

  7. Never thought about that. thats dope. I assume it works via wifi direct or NFC. It’d be cooler if compatible with other phone brands

    1. I think it will be compatible with other brands. Sony already has a WiFi app that works for all Android devices for easy transferring of images to your smartphone.

    2. Its said it’ll work both on iOS and Android devices.

  8. I applaud the engineering, this is quite an interesting device. I just can’t help wonder if your going to require images that are better than what your smartphone already can capture why not just carry along an advanced P&S?

    1. This should be better than carrying around a point n shoot in that images can be transferred (hopefully instantly) to your smartphone’s internal storage. That and it could potentially be offered for less money, with essential camera components no longer needed (LCD display, dials, etc.).

      1. As you noted, both these lenses have built-in sensors, Bionz processor, Wifi/NFC wireless connection and SD card slot. Your right in that this would be replacing an LCD, dials and some metal and plastic but I’ll have to reserve further judgement until we see prices.

        These two lenses, like you said, are basically coming from the RX100 and the WX150. $600 and $400 P&S cameras, what do you think they’ll price both lenses? Zeiss-branded stuff is not cheap and this is Sony we’re talking about, not exactly low end on prices for the rest of their image capturing products.

        Just not sure yet. There are many who like to use cases with their mobile devices, some have to because of the environment they live or work in. Would these lenses only work without cases? I guess questions like these are why I’d be happy to just carry around one of Sony’s fantastic P&S cameras. Champagne problems! ;)

  9. Pretty cool, will it work with Google Glass? If so GG is in for a super upgrade.

    1. Nothing works with Google Glass like that. Heck, Glass doesn’t even transfer photos to your phone when you take ’em (I always thought that was a huge let down).

      1. That’s a shame, does it have the option to upload to google+ the same way your phone does ?

        1. Yeah, but only when plugged into an outlet and on WiFi.

          Previously, it backed up everything the second you took it via your data connection which killed battery life, and ate up precious GB’s..

  10. I’m curious as to how this will work with non-Sony branded phones. I mean can I plug this into my Droid Razr HD? OR an HTC One, or a GS4? Granted, I’m sure the best experience will be with Sony branded devices, and the USB port will be located in the better spot for this lens. But I would be interested to see if this can play nice with my current phone.

    1. By the description I think the camera is stand alone and your phone is essentially only used as a screen/viewfinder. This would mean by installing an app on almost any phone I guess you can control the camera. Clever idea but I think I’ll live with what my smartphone can do for most jobs and carry a more capable camera for those times when I need one.

      1. I hope that’s the case. It would promote more widespread adoption. And it may even sell Sony some smartphones too once people start buying Sony products, even if they don’t currently own a Sony smartphone.

  11. Both Sony QX10 and QX100 are best camera. It’s features are good. It captures the natural
    image with high quality. I am not see the features of these camera in other camera.It is available on very lucrative price.


  13. To take it further, what if the body had the guts of the NEX line and could use the interchangeable NEX lenses. Offer extra modules like a hotshoe, customizable hardware buttons, electronic viewfinder or extended battery. Do this and and we could assemble a custom camera for whatever situation out of the components, picking the sensor body, lens and accessories.

    Multiple companies have already released support for Android/iOS to remote control their cameras, any of them could reconfigure one of their bodies and expand their userbase by committing more people to their lens system.

  14. If it does well, expect a bit slimmer version in the future.

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