Dramatic LG G2 video highlights its unique rear button placement [VIDEO]


LG G2 video screenshot

When it comes to true smartphone innovation, manufacturers are seemingly having a tough time coming up with new ideas or ways at tackling the traditional candy bar slate. LG is hoping the world will take notice of their latest handset — the upcoming LG G2 — by the unique way they’ve moved the power/volume buttons from the sides of the device, onto its back.LG promises this will make their handset feel more natural, with buttons in a now more comfortable position (much like the back of a beautiful young woman).

To highlight this innovative new gimmick feature, LG has uploaded an all new, extremely dramatic video showcasing how the buttons not only perform their primary functions, but can also be used as shortcuts to quickly open up Quick Memo (LG’s note taking app) or act as a shutter button while in the camera app. Have a watch, and let us know what you think.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I think I will back out of buying a LG G2.

    1. Ha, I love a good pun!

  2. I guess I’m the only one who likes it
    … I keep my index finger on the back of the phone usually anyways(even though I have big hands)

    1. this video is still pretty damn cheesy and over-dramatized not gonna lie

        1. Awww… your Daddy never took you star gazing? ….. Mine neither. WAHHHHH…

          1. Sometimes not even tech can save oneself from shedding a manly tear ;_;. I know that feel.

        2. I ejaculated….. did you not see her back?

          1. Ha oh dear xD.

      1. no better or worse than the Droid commercials.

    2. No I like it too. I think people are really underestimating how beneficial this can be. I obviously dont own the phone or have never used a phone with buttons on the back like that, but I can certainly pretend the buttons are there and it still feels natural. I think its a simple yet great move on LG’s part.

      1. If the sound is good and the battery is long lasting I’m sold. Not real excited about the buttons, but I wasn’t thrilled to have it on the side instead of the top when I bought my g nexus either and it grew on me.

  3. Not digging it. I’ve come to really appreciate the power button on the right since using Samsung phones. In fact, going to a Sensation after owning a Nexus S was disorienting and I’m glad the LG Nexus 4 kept in line with the last two Nexus phones.

  4. I don’t think placing the button on the back is going to go over very well with the average consumer.

    1. most average consumers won’t care. When “suv-sized” phones came out, Apple tried to convince consumers no one would want a phone that wouldn’t fit comfortably in their hand. They were wrong. I think the volume buttons will disappear during normal usage. People won’t think about it.

  5. I’d give it a whirl if it was modeled to be the next Nexus phone. I think i’m stuck with the idea of going with Nexus devices now.

    1. The Nexus 5 will probably be made by Motorola.

      1. Hope you’re wrong.

  6. Yay! This will cause me to leave finger smudges all over the camera lens. Which as a photographer, I just loooove.

    1. If you’re a photographer, why are you using your phone to take pictures?

      1. Because sometimes it is the right tool for the job and a good photographer can make good use of the tools at hand. My current cellphone smokes the capabilities of my first two digital cameras easily. IQ isn’t too far off from some of the early DSLRs too. When I go back and look, it’s amazing how far we’ve come. There’s a very good reason why camera companies are trimming their P&S offerings. I would love optical zoom on my phone but amazingly, bipedal zoom has worked well so far.

        1. a fail comment. The right tool for the job as a photographer is not a camera phone. Outside of that, any person with any photographic skills tends to wipe the lens down on their phone (or camera) prior to use. It’s a fact. And that fact is regardless of the placement of volume buttons.

          Also, any slight smudges on a camera phone lens will not appear in photos due to the lens size, focus and wide angle most camera phones have. Another simple fact most “photographers” know.

          Taking duck-face selfies doesn’t make you a photographer, Chimp.

          1. THIS is the fail comment. Every photographer needs a pretty wide assortment of imaging devices in their life, including, preferably, a smartphone camera. The best photo is the one you take with the equipment to hand. If you miss the shot of a lifetime because you were futzing about, trying to change lenses on your giant DSLR… you missed the shot, period. Meanwhile the guy next to you with his 3 year old iPhone and his daughter with her Barbie Girl SuperSnapper (or whatever) got the shot, because they were prepared.

            i’ve never taken a duck-faced selfie in my life, but after making hundreds of thousands of exposures on quite a number of different cameras, i’d say that chimp DEFINITELY sounds like a fellow “real” photographer when he says “sometimes it is the right tool for the job and a good photographer can make good use of the tools at hand.”

            if you really think that the equipment makes the photographer, then you are placing an upper limit on your expectations of your OWN abilities, not just everyone else’s, and that’s pretty damn sad.

          2. Thank you, exactly.

          3. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about and you’re trying to call my comment a fail comment? Amazing. I’ll put a shot out of my cellphone up against anything you turn out of a DSLR on up.

      2. ZING BANG!

        1. Hardly. More of a fizzle.

  7. Just from this commercial I know that Chris wants this phone, really bad.

    Right? ;)

  8. wtf did i just watch @_@?

    1. if you can’t comprehend that simple video, you may need to go back to kindergarten as you obviously missed out on some learning.

  9. I find it amazing that this is always the first topic of conversation when folks are talking about it. I think the people who end up with this phone will find that it works just fine and if their next phone after that goes back to “normal” buttons, they’d find that works as well. Remember not that long ago when so many phones had physical buttons? How did we ever survive that transition?! We’ve seen the benefits of of this style…quick launch camera, easier for smaller hands…but one I’ve not heard mentioned is certain style car mounts not interfering with the physical buttons on the sides. It’s all gonna be ok. People and change are funny sometimes. : )

    1. The big question is what size freaky big monster hands will you need to use both the buttons on the back, and the soft Android buttons on the veeeeerrrrry bottom of the screen.

  10. What happened to the videos working from the app? Bleh

  11. I wonder why they don’t show the on-screen buttons? Hmmm?

  12. I put my phone in my pocket, so how’s that gonna work?

  13. Digging the video. Almost made me want the phone. Then I realized, no.

  14. I’m not gonna say it’s the biggest revolution ever, but it actually looks pretty cool to have the buttons there. And the halo. At best, it will turn out much better than on the side, where I’m constantly pushing power or volume on accident while holding the phone. At worst, it Will be a minor adjustment that I’ll get used to and forget about… And it looks pretty damn cool.

  15. I guess they’re saying Koreans think that Americans take a lot of duck-face selfies so having a button dedicated to the Instagimps is a selling point?

  16. WAIT!!!! what i got from that article is that women have BUTTONS on their back. I really need to pay more attention to my wife. :-)

    1. Dude that aint “BUTTONS” on her back man….it was sort of necklace with a diamond like stone reflecting with light…..right guys?

      1. So women wear necklaces on their back? Lol I got the innuendo but I would rather have a button to disable pms mode.

    2. I don’t have any buttons on my back =|

      1. You might be defective or a special edition however way you look at it. :-)

        1. I say special edition.

          1. Throwback special edition! I’m the Ms. PacMan to these B’s with buttons on their backs. Pfft, I got my pink bow and that’s all I need!

          2. Pink bow and power pellets can’t forget those. Lol

  17. Not sure I like the buttons on the back. Seems like you’re going to get a lot of “accidental” volume changes and pics. When at wok, my phone lays flat on my desk – if i need to check an email or change a song, i just tap the phone… with buttons on the bootom, the slighest impact will trigger a button.

    This is definitely one I would have to play with in the store a lot prior to even considering buying it.

  18. This is the biggest thing to happen to selfies since the bathroom mirror (with cluttered vanity counter) and front facing camera. OMGsicles! I’d rather use Camera360 =| If some creeper starts feeling up my back for buttons, I’m suing LG!

  19. sooo…hows this gonna work while my phones laying on my desk at work like it is half the day….

    oh wait! i forgot i just gotta punch the glass screen to make it wake! duh

  20. What kind of mind does one need to have to come out with a sales gimmick like this? WTH kind of selling point is this?

  21. Funniest part of the commercial is when they’re taking a picture with the FFC…at night!…LOL, yeah, I challenge LG to show us how that shot came out. FFC at night, without decent lighting = no bueno.

  22. Seems like a cheesy knock-off of Apple’s “how people use it” commercials.

    Only making buzz about a feature that really isn’t a feature. Buttons on the back are a preference, not a feature.

  23. Wow. That is absolutely the lamest ad I’ve ever seen. Man, LG must think people are just plain stupid…LOL. It reminds me of the Samsung ad that made fun of the iPhone having the earphone jack on the bottom….*head explode*. Ridiculous.

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