NVIDIA SHIELD software update rolling out now, fixes audio lag when game streaming and other bugs



Owners of the NVIDIA Shield are being greeted with yet another over-the-air update, this time in the form of a 402.6MB software update to address audio latency issues. Apparently some users have been reporting audio that was delayed and not syncing properly with the visuals when game streaming from a GeForce equipped PC. Aside from the usual bug fixes and enhancements, this update 51 should patch up that audio problem nicely.

When it comes to niche devices like the NVIDIA Shield, prompt software updates help ease our concerns that the device would suffer in the support department. If you have a Shield and have yet to receive your update, you can check for one manually by jumping into your Settings app > About Shield > and selecting System Updates.

Anyone out there purchase a Shield? If so, let us know how the handheld and the update is treating you.

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  1. I’ll be updating my shield tonight. Those audio issues were terrible.

  2. This is a great device! I love it!

  3. I bought one and am having a blast with it. It has exceeded my expectations. The Pc games stream nicely (and the update will hopefully fix the minimal audio lag). Also, the android emulators work like a dream. It blows away every other portable emulator I have used (PSP, Xperia Play, Galaxy Tab 2, JB iphone 4S, etc…). It is a sweet little gaming machine.

  4. Pick one up yesterday @ gamestop, me like it!

  5. audio issues are fixed for me! works great, been playing fallout 3 and borderlands 2. Also loving the emulators, especially the new DS emu Drastic!

  6. I cannot even begin to describe how pleased I am with this device. The audio lag I noticed as well, and told my wife it was probably going to be fixed soon. I woke up the next morning and ITS FIXED. I verified this, and now I cannot notice any lag in the voices and sounds when I play Skyrim. My wife talked me into getting one, and they are sold out EVERYWHERE but i found out through a friend at gamestop, that even though their site says not available, if you go into the store, you can talk to the people that work there and they can check the warehouse. I did exactly that and they had it listed as “low inventory” so i ordered her one, and sure enough, i got it yesterday in the mail. I just ordered a GTX 650 Ti card from newegg an hour ago to upgrade her pc, so she can stream skyrim and other games to her device at the same time. For now she just streams them from my computer when im not using it.

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