Aug 1st, 2013


According to sources from The Verge, the Motorola Moto X will be hitting the Play Store later this year as a Google Play edition device, running stock Android. We know this is what the Android faithful have demanded in the past from manufacturers like HTC or Samsung who typically use heavily skinned versions of Android to get their point across — but the Moto X? Really?

From the looks of it, the Moto X is running a near-stock version of Android as-is. The only differences being the super handy Google Glass-like voice commands, camera app, and some carrier bloatware. While we could definitely live without the extra bloatware, Motorola’s minimal camera UI and voice actions are kinda what sets the device apart from others.

Of course, it’s also possible voice actions will still make it into the build ala Beats Audio in the HTC One Google Play edition. Pricing, while yet to be determined, could hit a Nexus-like price point despite the device selling on AT&T for $575 (16GB), $630 (32GB) full retail. You may remember we saw something similar back when the Nexus 4 was being offered outside of the Play Store. I’m still holding onto hope.

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