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According to sources from The Verge, the Motorola Moto X will be hitting the Play Store later this year as a Google Play edition device, running stock Android. We know this is what the Android faithful have demanded in the past from manufacturers like HTC or Samsung who typically use heavily skinned versions of Android to get their point across — but the Moto X? Really?

From the looks of it, the Moto X is running a near-stock version of Android as-is. The only differences being the super handy Google Glass-like voice commands, camera app, and some carrier bloatware. While we could definitely live without the extra bloatware, Motorola’s minimal camera UI and voice actions are kinda what sets the device apart from others.

Of course, it’s also possible voice actions will still make it into the build ala Beats Audio in the HTC One Google Play edition. Pricing, while yet to be determined, could hit a Nexus-like price point despite the device selling on AT&T for $575 (16GB), $630 (32GB) full retail. You may remember we saw something similar back when the Nexus 4 was being offered outside of the Play Store. I’m still holding onto hope.

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Moto X too pricey? Motorola says a lower-priced model to release later this year

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  1. Crossing my fingers for a low, Nexus 4 like, unlocked price. I would love to support this re-shoring initiative, but I’m not going to hand over $600 for this…

    1. yup, if that was the case… It would be better just to get the Samsuns Galaxy S4 GE for another 50 bucks.. or the HTC One for that matter..

      1. I’d still buy one if it were more expensive than the Nexus 4, but about $150 – $200 less than the HTC One/S4.

        1. You are probably right, but for us that don’t feel like forking over 400$ and above for a smartphone see it as a big deal…Well I see it as a big deal..

  2. Fingers crossed the price is no more than 300$ :/

  3. I’m not sure how vanilla this will be as from what I understand they have made lots of low level changes for optimisation of the processor’s functionality. So if it was totally stock it would mean the Google Play edition would actually run less efficiently. I suspect the only difference is that it wont have carrier bloat and will get updates without going through their hoops.

  4. I hope they will be offering the 32gb variant. I wouldn’t be interested in the 16gb model.

  5. Yeah, but by the time they get around to it, the Nexus 5 will be available, which should pack much better specs. Unless google decides to pull yet another fast one on us and calls this other version of moto x the next nexus phone. The google ecosystem may be great, but android device selection is getting ridiculous. I will personally never pay $500+ for a phone. No way no how.

    1. When has a Nexus ever had the latest and greatest specs??? Never. They just put a phone together to show off their new OS. Too bad, it shows no matter how many times they try they just are dumb as hell when it comes to selling a phone. Giving AT&T exclusive to the larger storage and the Moto X upgrades. What a freaken joke. They should pay attention to manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, they might learn something in selling and marketing phones.

      1. the nexus 4 had the latest and greatest specs… it was released with the s4 pro which was the best processor available and 2gb of ram… it had exact same internals as the newest highest specced android phone at the time (optimus G) and might be the exact same way with the lg G2.

        1. It was and is a cool phone. It just lacked a good camera and LTE modem over the other phones release same quarter.

      2. Really the only thing that pissed me off about the Moto X announcement was the AT&T exclusive garbage. Phone should have 32 gigs of storage at that price with no sd card. I don’t really care about it not having a quad core processor vs a dual core. I want it to be responsive and have good battery life, I also want to be able to store things on it without having to worry about managing storage space (like I do on my 16gig N7.

        Does anyone know if this has a NFC secure element or if it supports OTG?

  6. Moto x should of been incorporates into next nexus and keylime pie. Google cracks me up by causing just more confusion and fragmentation. Love the choices but why compete with your own company products, I just don’t get it. Lets see what they come up with in the next nexus.

  7. The price off-contract seems way too high. I wonder how much the phone would have cost if the went with the latest specs.

    1. Off contract through carrier is meant to be inflated so the $199 price tag looks more inviting.

  8. Good Job Google, way to piss away 12Billion, would have better odds betting on the Knicks….

    1. 12 likes on pissing away 12 billion. Nice.

    2. for them it’s peanuts

  9. I doubt the Moto X is going to have a similar price as the Nexus 4 since the Moto X already cost $200 on contract…with mind range specs..

    1. $200 on contract or $300 of contract? In AT&T case it wouldn’t matter since you’d be paying the same amount in your contract. But in Tmo’s case then yea. You’d be better off buying it off contract.

  10. With those spec’s I wouldn’t want it to be the next nexus

  11. Google play edition! Over it!!!!!!!

  12. I think it makes sense to sell as many as they can at the higher price point for several months and then come along and offer it as a Google Edition for 200 to 300 off so they can get the early adopters and the value conscious shoppers. No way I’d pay the same price for this as an HTC One or S4 unless the voice commands is super fast and accurate.

  13. Not sure why many people would want a Google Play edition of the Moto X, it has the clean look of stock already and the extra features are genuinely useful additions that wouldn’t be possible in stock as they require specific hardware (such the on-screen notifications which require Amoled or always-on voice control).

    Sure, you’d get faster version updates, but seeing as Play editions don’t come directly from Google there might not be much difference in waiting for Motorola to update their skin.

    1. to avoid carrier bloatware

      1. Exactly.

    2. For me, another compelling reason for buying a Google Play edition is, as I’m on Verizon, to avoid locking myself into yet another 2 year contract. I can sell the non-contract phone at a point where it still has some resale value (unlike my going on two year old Samsung Galaxy Nexus – don’t get me started about that…) and get enough of my original cost back to roll into another non-contract phone.

  14. I want it as long as it’s priced well. I’m sick of having to ad bulk to my nexus 4 because I’m scared of breaking it with the slightest bump. I want a phone that I can use without a case again.

  15. The price is the big disappointment. What happened to “freedom”? If this was selling for $350 contract free in the play store, the play store would be crashing.

  16. wheres the nexus 4 Google Play edition? lolol

  17. Looking at those Moto X camera samples, I’m waiting for the Nexus 5.

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