Aug 1st, 2013 publishUpdated   Feb 23rd, 2015, 12:29 pm


While we await a formal release of Blackberry Messenger for Android, we are mighty curious to see how the app might look ahead of time. Thankfully, one light, quick look has been provided by the folks over at BGR.

They received a shot of the app running on a Samsung Galaxy S3. There isn’t much going on here — it’s just the start screen you use to sign in — but we can at least see the app will conform to the latest Android design practices. With the app said to require Android 4.0 we should expect many elements of Holo throughout.

Unfortunately, the buck stops there. The folks in Waterloo did promise we’d see the application launch before summer is out, though, so we only have a little over a month before we see it sitting in the Google Play Store. Some are suggesting that the application is actually in beta phase right now, so RIM is likely adding final touches and fixing up pesky bugs at this point.

With that, expect to see a lot more about the app in the weeks to come (be it through leaks or official info), so if for some reason you’re excited about the arrival of BBM for Android, you should soon be satisfied.

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