HTC One for Verizon launch set for August 15th?


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The Verizon HTC One is still nowhere to be found, but new rumors suggest that’ll change in just over two weeks’ time. According to documents received by Droid-Life, the Verizon HTC One launch date has been set to August 15th. The original date was apparently set for August 1st, but some suggest Verizon pushed it back a couple more weeks. We’re not sure of the company’s reasoning, but everyone has their own guesses.

The easiest guess to make is that the carrier wants to give more time to push the HTC DROID DNA before it brings in the superior HTC handset. Perhaps it’s trying to keep the momentum of its currently available DROID phones going right up until the moment the latest Motorola-based DROID phones launch (which will happen beginning August 20th).

Regardless, Verizon’s version of the HTC One is long behind other carriers, and at this point some might be questioning whether it’s worth buying. The HTC One is still a fine device, and one of the best available around the world, but some might be looking at it as old news now that it’s been out for a few months. With the unveiling of the Moto X tomorrow, the LG G2 coming next week, and more on the way, is it took little too late for Big Red’s HTC One?

Let us know if you’ll still be buying it, and don’t forget to check out not one, but two of our reviews for the HTC One. We reviewed the original version back in April, and the Google Play edition of the device was reviewed yesterday. Check them out and figure out for yourself whether or not HTC’s 2013 flagship still has your interest on Verizon despite summer quickly passing us by.

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  1. The One is a great device but Verizon dropped the ball on this fine phone.

  2. I’m still on the fence… If Moto X wow’s me (which I doubt) I’ll wait for it. If not, I’ll likely get the One on Verizon.

    1. likewisd

      1. *likewise

    2. Please don’t get the MOTO X. Specs are out there, the One is FAR superior. Get the MOTO X if you want to tell people you got the “new” MOTO X.

  3. *facepalm* Loved my sister’s One on At&t but now it’s nearly too late to even consider it on Verizon..It’s like they actively try to screw customers any way possible :/

  4. Oh I’m buying it.. whether it’s on VZW or ATT I don’t know. My VZW contract expired this week and unless they announce a date tomorrow I’m off to a new carrier.

    1. Leave these scumbags. The only way these executives will understand our gripes is when the amount of subscribers falls for a quarter and the stock price takes a hit

    2. Grab a T-Mo One.

      Use it for two weeks.

      If the coverage in your area is sub-par, return it – no hassle, and go with ATT.

      Can’t hurt too much to at least give it a go, can it?

  5. If they come out with a 64g version, I may consider it; but, frankly, once the Butterfly S was announced, I got really interested in seeing that as the successor to the DNA, with a better battery than the One and removable memory (utterly lacking in the One).

    1. Im going to check that out, I’ve never seen it.

      Something else to ponder on.

      1. Its definitely one to consider with those specs.

  6. I’m on the fence as well. I really like the ONE and its features. I’d really like to check the Note 3 out, but my GNEX looks like its taking a dump soon and I can’t hold out much longer.

    1. I’m in the same boat. Upgrade is available for my gnex on 8/8 and I don’t think I can wait past that. I swap batteries every other hour in this thing. I’d like to wait for the Note 3 but might settle for the S4.

      1. What do you like about the S4 over the HTC One? I like them both but the HTC one has me on the sense camera features.

        1. Camera features are ‘meh’ for me. I do want a decent shooter and I think they’ll both do that. The gnex is fine in that department.
          I need the removable battery. When traveling or camping, I want to be able to swap out a battery and be back to 100%. No tethers to an outlet necessary.
          I also want the expandable storage. I know cloud storage can be used but that also uses data (streaming music from play store). I have 32gb gnex and it’s sitting at 31gb full.

          Thats all though. I’d love those speakers but that’s not a deal breaker. Both screens are fine – I don’t mind over saturation (makes colors brighter). I don’t mind build quality…I cover with a case anyway.

          I’d love to know which has better radios but that seems to vary in different markets. That is one area the GNex fails badly. I will get 1 data, cell or wifi bar and my wife’s S3 will have 3-4.

          1. I see your point. I’ll definitely take another look at the S4 again. and like Lactose_the_intolerant maybe even the note 2.

        2. HTC ‘fanboy’ checking in… (previous devices: Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt — currently using Rezound).. I love their build quality but their batteries are horrendous — I’ll never get an HTC device that cannot swap batteries. Hell, I never buy *any* phone that cannot swap batteries. So… looks like I’m dropping HTC for Samsung.
          Currently torn between S4 and Note 2.

        3. Background: Droid Inc, Galaxy Nexus, Bionic, Rezound, Dna

          I now have the S4. Honestly didn’t know if I was going to keep it as I was dead set on the One and front speakers. The S4 rear speaker is loud tho.

          The galaxy nexus radios were horrible. No service. The dna had better radios but the S4 is just as good as the Rezound.

          I am liking the S4 and am not going to return it to wait “another 2 weeks” just to wait until September 5th.

          I remember the very first nexus that I waited for from htc on Verizon when they did the switch a roo to the Droid incredible. Don’t trust Verizon with htc.

        4. I have both the HTC One and the SGS4… I prefer the HTC one over the SGS4. The SGS4 freezes a lot and it has the worst UI compare to the HTC One. GO with the ONE.

          1. Why did you need both phones?

          2. The HTC for my personal use, the SGS4 for my job.

          3. I agree the HTC mainframe is so much smoother.

    2. I am due for an upgrade on the 21st but I think I am going to buy the phone full price to save my unlimited data. I was going to wait until tomorrow to make the final decision about the One or the S4 but my Rezound is on it’s extreme last leg. The SD card unmounts every time I turn the phone off and the phone freezes or acts nuts the rest of the time. Looks like I am getting the S4 at this rate.

      1. My SD card slot in my E4GT (GS2) went out. Like completely. Took it to Sprint and they replaced the slot, free of charge of course. I suggest you do that if you can. To help give you that push.

        Also, like other E4GT’s my power button went out. So I couldn’t use it. That happened in the last month of me having the phone. The battery life was horrendously underlying.

        1. That is just one of the issues I have with this phone lol…it freezes randomly and also does stuff on it’s own without me even touching it. I am over it as of a few months ago so a few more days is not worth it to me.

          1. Ah!! Getting a new phone after 2 years was like going on a much needed vacation. The best thing about the wait is that EVERY phone you get will pretty much be better than it. So you won’t be disappointed.

            But no more Sprint for me. I didn’t like that wait. LoL!!

          2. Yeah my whole family is on Sprint, I went with Verizon. They pay a lot less but have to wander the house for service. If anything I would consider t-mobile but not right now.

  7. I prefer the nuts, hot fudge, & whipped cream version . It sounds like getting the GP edition would be like buying a car and asking for crank down instead of power windows

  8. My son uses our phones primarily as Netflix devices, so I’m going to wait out the VZW One for him. It’s that audio…

  9. I left Verizon over this debacle.

    1. I did as well… I’m with T mobile and cut my phone bill in half and can Getty any device I want with unlimited data…so sad Verizon is slowly becoming a MOTO ONLY carrier…they rather push these weak Droids with only dual core processors and 720p screens

  10. Jacquie, is this while your charging?

    1. Is this in response to me? If so, the sd card unmounts when the phone (rezound) turns off. Sometimes I get like three reboots in a row after turning it back on. And then the weird behavior (phone resizing font in a text, opening menus without me touching it) and the freezing happen throughout the day. All of that and this news is enough to push me into the S4. I wanted to try it out on Verizon but I played with both at an AT&T store so I get the gist anyways. I know store models are crap but I did panorama with the One and aside from it being finicky like the version on my phone it also caused the phone to go black and eventually reboot. I think that was my sign to take a break from HTC for a bit lol.

  11. @Harold… I was hoping for a Droid DNA 2 also. But with the One launching so late on Verizon AND the announcement that all future “Droids” will be Motorola, it’s not looking too likely that we’ll get it. But, yea, I’ve got the DNA, so I won’t be upgrading to the One since it’s so late in the game. IF they do launch a DNA 2, that will most likely be my next phone though! Maybe they’ll just drop the “Droid” and simply call it the HTC DNA 2! But then why would they launch the HTC One so late if they’re getting a DNA 2? Oh well, only time will tell.

  12. I am coming off BBs from work (suck badly and their once fine keyboards now last me about 6 months). I have a Samsung Charge now that locks up to where it’s not available when I need it, and forget using it as an alarm clock (lockups). Replacement batteries were nice for a while, but lately, even Samsung branded factory replacements seem to have a shorter lifespan, and won’t hold through one moderate day’s use.

    That has me leery of another Samsung. I like the GS4 except the plastic case, the bloatware, and the extra crap. What I really want is a good keyboard, good graphics and good sound. O I can live with 32GB fixed – though prefer SD slots, and I think I can live with the 4UP camera. Low light appeals.

    Why can’t SD slots and removable batteries be standard?

    And I wish one of these review sites would publish the number of mouse clicks it takes to do a common task. On the BB side, moving from T-Mobile to VZ, I noticed the VZ service takes 2x as many mouse clicks to complete the same task. I thought the VZ was the premium brand, but it appears not so much;

  13. I love the posts that say I have s gs4 and the one and I love the one etc. So why is htc on there way out of business if the one is dp great ?

    1. What makes you say they’re on *their* way out? Looks to me like they’ve one of the top selling smart phones on the market right now.

  14. I will be buying the HTC One cause it has beats audio. I had the HTC incrediable when it came out and I loved it. I was kinda disappointed when they released it and it was not available for verzion. I could have sworn I saw it @ best buy under Verzion when they first came out but I guess I was mistaken. I love HTC phones. I held out from buying the Samsung because of the HTC One. I hope it comes soon. Thanks.

    1. if beats audio is your only reasoning for buying the HTC One I suggest you do more research in the phone itself and take a look at newer phones that are coming out very soon. go to YouTube and search mkbhd “beats audio explained” to see how gimmicky they are.

  15. Love my DNA, hate that the screen shattered 9 weeks after I got it. Giving serious consideration to the One as a replacement. Non-removable/expandable storage has been a non-issue with dropbox, google drive, evernote, Play music, pandora, etc, etc, etc…. Battery life has been fine, and seems like the One has been similar.

    Still…. I can get another DNA from Amazon for like forty bucks if I use my wife’s upgrade eligibility. Hope she doesn’t mind her iP4S for another two years!!! hah…

    Also, looking at VZW’s website, they don’t even list the DNA as an available phone anymore, so it looks like that conflict has solved itself.

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