Jul 31st, 2013

HTC One Poetic Borderline case wm 1

The Verizon HTC One is still nowhere to be found, but new rumors suggest that’ll change in just over two weeks’ time. According to documents received by Droid-Life, the Verizon HTC One launch date has been set to August 15th. The original date was apparently set for August 1st, but some suggest Verizon pushed it back a couple more weeks. We’re not sure of the company’s reasoning, but everyone has their own guesses.

The easiest guess to make is that the carrier wants to give more time to push the HTC DROID DNA before it brings in the superior HTC handset. Perhaps it’s trying to keep the momentum of its currently available DROID phones going right up until the moment the latest Motorola-based DROID phones launch (which will happen beginning August 20th).

Regardless, Verizon’s version of the HTC One is long behind other carriers, and at this point some might be questioning whether it’s worth buying. The HTC One is still a fine device, and one of the best available around the world, but some might be looking at it as old news now that it’s been out for a few months. With the unveiling of the Moto X tomorrow, the LG G2 coming next week, and more on the way, is it took little too late for Big Red’s HTC One?

Let us know if you’ll still be buying it, and don’t forget to check out not one, but two of our reviews for the HTC One. We reviewed the original version back in April, and the Google Play edition of the device was reviewed yesterday. Check them out and figure out for yourself whether or not HTC’s 2013 flagship still has your interest on Verizon despite summer quickly passing us by.

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