Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaked again, this time exposing its internals


You may remember only a few weeks ago when we saw a schematics sketch allegedly from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s manual. In that same post, we also got a brief look at the device being worked on inside a testing facility. Now we get to see what’s inside the darn thing thanks to the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, where one user was able to snap a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (traveling down a toilet?), exposing the device’s innards for the world to see.

Galaxy Note 3 leak innards

Really, there’s not too much revealed in these photos. You may have noticed a very squarish looking body, with distinct sharp corners. While this may appear different from previous leaks (and loads different from previous Notes), upon closer inspection you’ll notice it appears to be some sort of casing, similar to early Samsung Galaxy S3 leaks used to disguise the device from would-be leakers.

As we wait for the Note 3 to be unveiled at this year’s IFA in September (nothing’s been confirmed), we really don’t expect too many surprises from the device. Samsung left enough breathing room in last year’s model that current rumors make perfect sense: 5.7-inch 1080p display, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, and coming in a variety of SoC models depending on region, one of which coming equipped with a Snapdragon 800 processor. Of course, Samsung’s legendary S Pen will also make an appearance (you can even spot the stylus slot in the above leak).

Every now and then, I see someone walking around with the Note 2 and wonder if I made a mistake in giving it up. I think the Note 3 is going to be even harder to pass up. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

Thanks, Stan!

Chris Chavez
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  1. The Note 2 has been hands down the best phone I have ever had. I hope to have the Note 3 when it arrives.

    1. Agree a 1000%.

      1. just piling on, love my Note II

    2. For sure, same here!

  2. Been saving for months for this (unlimited data on vzw) and then I heard the HTC One speakers. Now it looks like I’ll be holding on to the GS3 for a long time.

    1. Lol. Gotta make the jump some time! HTC One or Note 3 are great choices. :)

      1. How about the HTC one max? Best of both worlds. If the rumors are true.

  3. Im not digging the square corners…

    1. I’m not either, but if you look really closely at the pics, the edges of the internals leads me to believe that this is not the true body styling. There are rounded edges on the right side picture that lead me to believe it’ll still have the same rounded edges that Samsung uses.

      1. yea for the past like 2 years they have been using dummy cases so it doesn’t get leaked.

        1. Yup. I just can’t wait to see how it sizes up with the Note 2.

    2. Looks like an LG OPTIMUS L9 that was used for a b**** slapping…………..

  4. Is that speakers on both sides of the home button? Or is it just stickers?

    1. Also what’s up with that raggedy ass home button? Its all deformed! Lol

      1. yes you mention it constantly.

        1. No sure I follow. Pretty sure I’ve never mentioned it.

    2. they look more like the atmel sensors for touch less gestures or more accurate touch, same thing on the Galaxy S4 demo devices from earlier this year.

      1. Dang. I was hoping for stereo speakers in this bad boy!

  5. I called the square corners being a casing to hide the true body, just like how the did the Galaxy S3 in one of your first articles with Note 3 photos. Interwebz medal please!

    1. if you look closely you can see the innards have a rounded corner frame.

  6. Water proof please !!

  7. It will be a beast of a phone, but I don’t see myself upgrading from the original note to it because of the physical home button. I don’t like it when I show people how to do things on the s3 or s4. So I know I don’t want it on my every day device. Too bad. HTC One Maxx or Sony Z Maxx or whatever they’re called are looking more appealing now.

  8. To this day no other phone makes me envy it. So pleased with the performance of this beast.

  9. Small bezel.

  10. YAY! My first kudos!

    1. Is that the Sharingan I see for your pro.pic?

      1. Not sure, some random pic from google search :D

  11. Glad to read an article where someone says there will be a 5.7 inch device and no other sizes.

    1. Why? Because you wouldn’t be able to make up your mind between 5.5, 5.7, and 5.9? :) Choice is good.

      1. My HTC One is 4.7. My E4GT was 4.5. My HTC One is just a tad too big to use in landscape. Guess it did make a difference. LoL!!

        When typing I feel my fingers stretching to reach the middle keys. It’s a tab bit uncomfortable. After a while I’m sure they’ll stretch and become flexible enough. But I don’t type landscape enough for it to happen.

        1. Maybe everybody should just measure their hands so they know which of 3 groups they fall in: hobbit, average, shaq. :) Even if hobbit-sized, some use their device two-handed mostly anyway.

          1. LoL!! “Shaq”. Well I’m guessing Hobbit is iPhone and I’m NOT that. Oh my gosh!! I had to use one the other day and it was so SMALL. And it was funny because I was using 2 hands which made things worst. =.P

      2. Choice may be good but it also causes problems. Samsung will almost certainly not update them all at the same time, and I fear there may be problems with custom ROM development.

  12. “Every now and then, I see someone walking around with the Note 2 and
    wonder if I made a mistake in giving it up.”

    Been telling myself the same thing, Note 3’s joining my family. :)

  13. Maybe I’m alone but the physical home button is one the main reasons I love the Note and why I got the LG Pro G

    Being able together to my home screen by just pressing a button is important to me.

    1. Same here

    2. You’re not alone.

      There is a small but overly vocal group of people that can’t deal with having a physical home button on the front because they hate Apple.

      The rest of us appreciate it for its usefulness.

      1. It’s not that I hate Apple. I would just rather have all screen and little to no bezel. N4 user here.

        1. Agree. Don’t hate Apple, but dislike home button. Will still probably get SN3, because of stylus and stuff.

          1. And I’m the only one who misses the search button because some apps require you to click like 5 different things before you can search.

        2. Ditto. Would be nice if maybe the Note 4 moved to software buttons, and put front-facing stereo speakers on the now smaller top&bottom bezels.

          1. I prefer software buttons because I can add a search button.

          2. Yep. On my S3, I use CM’s h/w button remapping in order to use a menu-button long-press as search, but a dedicated s/w button would be nicer.

      2. I don’t like the home button, it should’ve been capacitive like the other two…or even better, more screen and a Nav bar, physical buttons scream 2010. That’s my only gripe with my Note 2

        1. Theres reason why Samsung made home button physical. I think its because when you play games or do anything on landscape mode, you’ll stretch your thumb to reach the center of screen and my accidently pressed home button. Capacitives are sensitive

        2. I have an OG AT&T Note with capacitive home button and often find myself wishing it were physical.

    3. I love the physical Home button as well

  14. My wife forced me to give up my Note 2 for her GS4. They are both great phones, but I certainly miss the large size of the Note 2. That said, the GS4’s screen is noticeably brighter and higher resolution.

  15. Loving my Note 2, can’t see myself going back to a smaller phone. The Note 3 will no doubt be my next phone. Here’s hoping the square corners are fake though…

    1. The squared corners aren’t the real deal, this is just a prototype. Besides, Samsung is known to have their flagship products hidden in those squared cases to hide the look of the final product.

    2. That, my man, is just the display, not the body. You can see it really looks like internal body. So just hope they will make a curved-corner body.
      PS: Samsung is so smart that they seperate internal body and external body to fix or recolor easily.

    3. Its called a lunchbox case. OEMs use it to test the internals and hide the final exterior designs. If you take a close look at the internals you’ll notice that it curves while the exterior doesn’t. Meaning the real phone will not have square corners but rather round.

  16. Disappointing no flexable screen. Spec wise seems like a stretched out S4. Anxious to upgrade my Note 1.

  17. ill probably sell my note 2 for this. I also love my note 2.

    1. Why not just JUMP to it? =.3

      1. I wish I have tmobile they said im not eligible. It would be perfect because I already pay $12 for insurance with jump I would be paying $10 for jump and insurance.

  18. You don’t have to wonder if you made a mistake in giving up the Note 2. You DID make a mistake in giving up the Note 2. F- the S4, it’s still the King Of All Smartphones. At least until the Note 3 comes out.

  19. Note 3 should be a very nice upgrade from my 14-month-old S3, even if not all the rumored specs are true:
    * 1080p @ 5.7″
    * “Unbreakable” display tech
    * 13MP camera
    * Snapdragon 800 (or fixed exynos)
    * 32G or 64G of eMMC 5.0 @ 250MBs/90MBs read/write (now in mass production)
    * 3GB of RAM possible
    * 128GB SDXC support (as soon as sandisk officially releases ’em)
    * Wacom precision increased

    Only negatives to the Note 3, IMO, is that the speaker’s still on the back (as you can see in the photo) instead of stereo front-facing, and, that it might be made out of inferior metal instead of polycarb in order to appease the weird “metal is premium” snobs.

    1. More like front facing speaker. LoL!! After using stereo speakers, that’s one luxury I don’t want to live without.

  20. Ohhhh my I just got a note 3 hard on. Let me clarify, my hard on is as big as the note 3 haha

  21. Looks like a droid. I hope they curve then edges out like the note 2 or gs4. I like the look og a galxy phone other from the sharp square looking smartphones now

  22. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to be released by September and might feature 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM and 13 MP camera. I think this phone will be a great.


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