Moto X size compared to DROID 3, uses nano-SIM



We’re just two days away from seeing the Moto X unveiled in New York City, and the leaks keep rolling out. The latest shows us just how big the size is compared to one of Motorola’s older devices. It was compared to the Motorola Milestone 3, which is known as the DROID 3 on Verizon here in the United States. The overall width and height of the phone seem the same, though the depth is obviously considerably bigger on the DROID 3.

With that, we’ve also learned that the Moto X would be using a nano-SIM card to keep the data and calls coming through. The smaller standard isn’t exactly widespread just yet, so take this as a quick heads-up — you might want to get a nano-SIM card ordered for your respective service sometime before the Moto X arrives (though it’s possible one could come with it in the box).

The photo of the nano-SIM shows us that the device will, in fact, require a slot tray for taking it in and out. That’s not a huge problem, as folks have been living with the same requirement in several other devices for quite some time and have had no issues to make a big fuss about. How do you feel about Motorola going with this tiny little card?


[via GSMInsider 1 | 2]

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  1. At this point what DON’T we know about the Moto X?

    1. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh… good question.

    2. most specs are wrong at this point though when it comes to internals. it is going to have a high powered quad core for power use, dual core for background stuff and a seperate CPU for voice recognition bringing the total to three CPU’s and 7 cores total. its going to be one hell of a phone and i may be getting one when it releases. it is also going to be dev ready and not have any locked bootloader.

      i just got the break down from our moto rep yesterday

      1. Not true at all. Definitely has the dual core Snapdragon MSM8960T as the processor.

        1. well i have read about 3 articles this morining that the moto x will come with quad-core….but for the longest i have been hearing dual-core…im just goona wait for what GOTO says…

          1. It’s going to be dual core with “Motorola X8 architecture”

          2. Right. Same as the new Droids.

          3. Quad core GPU. Maybe you miss read or the authors didn’t do good research….?

      2. Uhh… no. Not unless the battery is 6000mah

        1. 6000mA battery will get you through 2 days of power use. Especially with that screen size. LoL!!

      3. I’ve heard it also features a new sensor that tests the freshness of foods. It also sports a specialized speaker that emits a tone which is inaudible to human ears, but actually cancels out noise made by a crying infant.

        Oh, and lets not forget the ice cream dispenser function.

        EDIT: This info may or may not be accurate – more info on August 1st.

        1. Ice Cream dispenser…

      4. If its the same rep we dealt with at Vzw I would say he’s wrong…it would be nice but Quad core GPU is the only quad core on the x8 system on chip. Hope I’m wrong though. Maybe the Xmas version will be quad core ?

        1. honestly our rep has always been spot on for our district, he completely nailed the Ultra, Maxx and Mini down to the name and full specs of each 2 weeks before press event… im not saying i place 100% confidence in him but he is pretty legit and has a good track record for the past 2-3 years i’ve known him

    3. Price and when I’ll be using one!!

    4. If they are actually coming out with a 32GB version as well. It was rumored, but we haven’t seen one definitive leak.

      1. Yup, I can’t do a 16gb version

        1. I told myself 16GB would be fine when I bought a One X. I’ve lived, but I’ll never buy a 16GB phone again.

        2. Same. My SGS1 (Captivate) Had 16GB w/ 32G external, and my SGS3 also still only has 16GB w/ 64G external.

          There’s just no way I’m settling for only 16G in my next phone (Note3 probably), because even with a 128G external card, the internal mem (especially the new emmc5.0) is MUCH faster than the fastest SDXC card, and because it’s still a PITA using bindmount hacks to move large datastores of gamefiles and googleplay music over to the external.

          The cloud + greedy carriers is the biggest reason why we’ve apparently stalled at a 16G base amount. (The other reason being light-users outnumbered us “power-users”)

    5. The full retail price.

    6. Color options?

  2. Now if only anybody still had a Droid 3 so i had a reference…..

    1. Yeah, how did they possibly come up with that for a refernce?
      “Go dig through the trash and find a phone for side by side pictures”

      1. They probably used it because its the thickest device they could find.

  3. Disappointing for me. I was looking for a 2nd device with relatively easy to root access as a 2nd option to my Note 2 because my Note 2 will be my business phone. Having a micro sim slot is easier to swap out sim cards and T-Mobile told me I have to open another # with a family plan for using a nano sim. Hopefully, the Nexus 5 doesn’t do this to me.

    1. The Nexus 4 is nano-SIM, so the 5 will most likely be as well.

      1. No it’s not.

        N4 is microsim.

        The only nanosim device right now is iphone5.

    2. I’m in the same boat as you with T-Mobile. I was hoping to swap my sim card between the Nexus 4 and Moto x. Looks like I’ll be waiting and hoping on the Nexus 5 too.

      1. Since you mentioned you are T-Mobile, can you tell me if your data connections are terrible? Mine are on my Note II and my dad’s as well.

        1. I only have trouble in the building where I work at and of course I’m at work 8 to 10 hours a day. That’s where I was hoping the Moto X would come in handy with the dual antennas. Other than that I have no problems with data connections. I’m in the South Jersey area near Philly.

          1. Oh, I am in Florida and my speed right now is 3 down 2 up on “4G” in excellent area. Ever since this LTE update, my speeds where I am at are horrible. Used to get 13-21 down and 1-2 up.

          2. That’s really bad. Are you sure you aren’t on the Sprint network? LOL. Well, I hope they get the LTE straightened out down there for you. I wonder if it is an issue with the Note ll on the T-Mobile LTE. Did you get your Note II directly from T-Moble? Maybe you could take it to one of their stores and have them check it out.

          3. I got it off Swappa.Com in good condition. It was used, but a warranty is on the device with T-Mobile and Samsung until mid Feb 2014.

          4. Same here. Since LTE started rolling 4G got slower (s3, note2, s4). But it’s getting better as time goes. So just wait it out.

      2. One network in the UK (Three) appears to have started issuing nano-sims to all new customers along with a set of adaptors for using the sim in phones expecting micro or standard size sims.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see that become standard practice quite quickly.

    3. Unless it is possible to get an adapter (housing) that will take a nano

    4. I know it seems patchy, but I’ve done it before and it worked just fine… just find a micro-to-nano sim cutter and a nano-to-micro adapter on Amazon (super cheap) and you’ll be good to go.

      1. What do you meant patchy? I could do that without problems, I like the solution.

        1. It’s always felt weird to me to cut up a sim card, even with a cutter that does it right. That’s all I meant :)

          1. Oh ok, well reseting my phone got me 9-10 down, 1 up. Not as good as before I had a Nexus 4. What should I do? Go to a store and get help or wait it out?

    5. Wait!! I’m confused. So is the Note 2 using a regular sized SIM card? Like the ones that can fit in the phones from the 1990’s?

      Then what about the SIM cards that go into the Nexus 4 and HTC One? That one is about the size of a micro-SD card. Are those called Nano-SIM cards? Or is a Nano-SIM card even smaller? Which at that point would make no sense to me. LoL!!

      1. Nano sim cards are the one the iPhone 5 uses. Micro is the ones that the S3, Note 2, Nexus 4, etc use. The old ones are what Blackberry Curves use.

        1. I found this website. LoL!! My gosh. I can’t believe they have cards that small. I think they should have stayed with the micro-SIM cards. Nano SIM cards sounds like they can be dangerous since it’s barely any space left to prevent shorts.


          1. Honestly, Apple is the one who keeps going smaller and smaller. What’s next? A Mu-Sim?

          2. I can’t even fathom a nano-SIM card. It’s only been 3 months since I got a phone that uses a micro-SIM card. And I thought that was small.


  4. make 16GB at $299 and 32GB no more than $399!

  5. They are SOOO getting sued by Apple for using the term/idea of “nano-SIM.” LOL

    1. Not funny….. Awkward……

  6. If the OEMs would just stick with one sim card size for a couple of years, that would be great… So far, Apple is the only big name using Nano’s right?

    1. Didn’t they? I mean it used to be regular SIM cards. Now it’s these little tiny ones. The Nexus 4 and HTC One for surely uses these little tiny ones.

      I don’t think I’m understanding the Nano-SIM card. Because my SIM card is pretty tiny. I thought they were called Micro-SIM cards. It’s about the size of a Micro-SD card.

      So either I’m calling the name wrong, or they have a SIM card smaller than a micro-SD card.

      1. They did until the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini came out with the nano-sim’s… and yes, they’re even smaller – they’re about the size of the metal part on the back of a micro-sim.

        1. Yea… I asked this question multiple times in this article. LoL!!

          I found a website that described them and had a little diagram.


  7. UK release details & price are the only thing we dont seem to have, please come out very very soon after America not 2-4 months later.

  8. I think I see my phone that I’ll hold on too while selling my main phone.

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      I’ve heard it also features a new sensor that tests the freshness of
      foods. It also sports a specialized speaker that emits a tone which is
      inaudible to human ears, but actually cancels out noise made by a crying

      1. We’ve been through this before your cousin is a whore

  9. What is the price of this? Really wanted to try this $99 windows phone prepaid available on AT&T but if this is $300 I’ll rather wait

  10. Well that’s odd. Did they really NEED that tiny fraction of space they saved going down to a nano Sim from micro? Now everyone is gonna have to get new Sims. Can you even GET a nano sim on T-Mobile prepaid for example? Or any prepaid network?

    1. chop chop!

    2. yes tmobile does give u an nano sim

  11. This isnt coming to Sprint is it?

  12. Moto X screen looks bad

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