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As you all know, I spend a significant portion of my time on Phandroid writing about apps. It’s a great job, and something I really, really love to do. However, it can get difficult at times to find apps that you can write about.

With over a million apps on Google Play, discovery has become an enormous issue. For their part, Google is trying, particularly with the new store UI. The issue for someone like me, though, is that I don’t really want to write about apps highlighted on Google Play: they’re already getting a ton of coverage. I like to write about the smaller guys, those who would benefit the most from the coverage.

For this reason, Playboard has become quite possibly the most important app I have on my phone, outside of the necessities like GMail and Maps. A lot of people who have written about the app call it a “Flipboard for apps”, which I think is not completely accurate. Unlike Flipboard, you don’t mention your interests and get some computer algorithm suggesting apps to you. It is closer to Flipboard’s “magazines” feature, in that any user can create a board, which is essentially a curated list of apps that they recommend to other users.

The UI is pretty good, and more importantly the content (at least the highlighted ones) keeps you hooked. I have been installing an average of half a dozen of apps a day simply from what I find on their service. Once you find a board that you really like, simply follow it to see the updates trickling in. In case you fancy yourself as a curator, sign up (unfortunately with Facebook-only at this time) and get to it.

One additional aspect that I like about Playboard is their WordPress widget, which allows bloggers like me to share our collections. For example, my Uniquely Android board from the series I used to write earlier is at the bottom of this post. Going forward, I’ll try to incorporate the plugin whenever possible since it once again helps discovery.

I am a big fan of Playboard, particularly since it makes my work a lot easier. In fact, I am sort of scared that it might even replace me one day. Until then, Playboard, I love you guys. To download their app, hit this link.


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  1. “used to write”? Does that mean we’re not going to see your app articles anymore? D:

    1. I think he’s stopping ‘Uniquely Android’ series, not necessarily stopping his writing about apps…I hope.

    2. Like steve said below, I’m only stopping the Uniquely Android posts so that I can write on other apps that don’t quite fit into a particular category.

  2. only Facebook? wth

  3. Android apps , iOS apps , clustered under one roof with latest news across the world

  4. The UI is nice…but I can’t see it ever replacing Play Store.

    1. Not directly meant to replace Play Store, but to compliment it with discovery

  5. This is why I switched to iOS. Tired of all those fart apps on the android app store.

    1. Don’t let the Door hit you on the way out

    2. I hope you are being sarcastic. iOS has been shown to have more fart apps.

  6. An app i also like is: its kinda new but i still think its great.

  7. Why does the check in have to be through Facebook only? Disappointing. The app should have is own registration, or maybe even no registration. Facebook is a non starter for me, so I will not be looking into Playbook.

  8. Well, an edit function for the phandroid app would be helpful. I meant Playboard.

    1. new 1 and nice app

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