Jul 25th, 2013

Buy ASUS Google Nexus 7   16 GB   Free Delivery   Currys

When Google announced the new Nexus 7 yesterday, folks around the world were wondering when they’d be able to buy the device in their region. Google confirmed the device would be coming to the likes of the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and more, but didn’t have any dates or prices to share at that time.

Well, those in the UK finally have a date to look forward to. People in that part of the world can get their hands on this exciting new tablet starting September 13th, according to Currys. What’s more is that the device will only cost £199 for the 16GB model. That price becomes £239 if you’re looking to spring for the 32GB model instead.

Unfortunately there are no current details regarding a cellular version of the tablet, though that doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of its arrival in the months to come. Be sure to check with Currys to see about pre-ordering.

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