Reminder: Verizon’s DROID event kicks off within the hour, stay tuned for live updates


verizon wireless august 23rd event nyc droid ultra

Here’s just a quick reminder for those of you looking forward to Verizon’s DROID event — it’s jut about ready to kick off! In fact, we have just under half an hour until the scheduled time, though we’ve been to enough rodeos to know that there might be a few minutes’ worth of delays. Regardless, we’re almost ready to see the latest and greatest that Verizon’s DROID line have to offer.

In case you need a quick refresher, we’re expecting to see the Motorola DROID Ultra, as well as possible a revelation of the Motorola DROID MAXX. We’re in New York City to take it all in personally, and you can bet we’ll be back with any hands-on coverage we can get. Stay tuned to Phandroid as we get ready for this exciting ride.

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  2. Does anybody have a video feed for this when it goes live?

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