HTC announces entry-level Desire 500 with quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor



HTC has announced a new device for those who aren’t looking to drop half a dozen hundreds on a new smartphone. It’s the entry-level HTC Desire 500, a quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor device clocked at 1.2GHz. That decently-specced processor is coupled with 1GB of RAM. All of that is used to power an experience that will be thrown onto a 4.3inch WVGA display.

Also inside is 4GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD card slot), an 8 megapixel BSI sensor with HD video recording, a 1.6 megapixel front-facing camera, an 1,800mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi N, GPS, and more.

The device also runs Android with HTC Sense 5, which we can use to assume that it comes with at least Android 4.1.2 (HTC’s official spec listing doesn’t give a clear answer either way). An exciting device it isn’t, but for those who don’t want to drop too much money to have a smartphone it should be a very capable offering.

[via HTC]

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  1. I would be happy with this if I needed to get a replacement phone on the cheap.

    1. downgrading is the most awful experience ever. i have broken a few phones and go back to my previous phone while waiting on my replacement. when you get used to how your phone performs and the different functions its painful to go back.

      1. It’s still an upgrade from my previous phone, which makes it not the most awful ever. The truly most awful ever would be having to downgrade to WP6. :P

  2. Ok htc what r u doing… Don’t get ridiculous with all the devices

    1. I dont know why everyone just turns a blind eye to the fact that samsung put out about 1000 different Galaxy S variants in the past year.

      1. Samsung keeps the “Galaxy” on all their devices and puts a label on them like “Active” and “Mini” so people have at least half an idea of what they’re looking at. WTF does the 500 mean in the title? Absolutely farking nothing.

        1. Most low end phones have names like this.

        2. For average Joe 500 > One…
          For average tech guys the Desire brand used to be high end…

          For a entry level it’s not a bad phone: quad core 1.2Mhz, 1GB Rom, expandable flash, but the naming convention is just nuts

  3. bast fone evarrrrrrrrrrerrrrr!!!!

  4. only for a child between 10-14 years old. i think this would be the perfect phone for that age group, outside of that its a “NO GO”.

  5. Depending on which Snapdragon 200 that it, I would not call it decently-specced.


    1. Caps lock is cruise control for cool.

      1. sorry, i have to use all caps where i am working from so i just leave it like that. :)

  7. So much for ”One” strategy.

    1. This is not even a ‘one’ phone. How densit can you be? HTC is not just going to release one phone a year. This is not a flagship.

      1. yeah it’s not a ‘one’ phone, that was the point of the comment… to draw attention to the fact that HTC is backtracking on its promise to simplify it’s product line. This is the start of many more ‘variants’ to come i’m sure… how dense can YOU be!?

        1. Yes, because this Desire 500 is obviously a variant of the HTC One. /s
          They have made good on their promise not to release more than one flagship so far. HTC has the One line, the Desire line, and the Butterfly line over in Asia. One is their flagship line, Desire seems to be their entry to mid level stuff nowadays, The Butterfly line seems to be more of a regional thing as well.

          1. Well there is the Chinese market variant of the One that includes an SD slot, so there’s that. The promise made however was a simplified product line to which they are failing. They’re already on track for a good/better/best for the One series i.e. Mini/One/M7? Is there a point to several Desires? As it is the existing Butterfly/DLX will butt heads with the new larger One M7 if i’m remembering that codename right. Read http://phandroid.com/2013/04/08/htcs-new-direction/ for a better idea of what I’m referring to when I say ‘variants’.

          2. I was under the assumption the Chinese variant was different due to the fact that it needed to be dual-sim capable. I wouldnt really call that a different phone. Its not quite as extreme, Like the ATT/Sprint versions of the Optimus G are slightly different, but id still say they are the same phone. As for the Mini/one/max it just seems like they are following a trend set in place by Samsung that others seem to be following as well (Droid Ultra/mini/max from motorola is another good example of this trend) When you compare the way HTC is running things to how they were last year with the One x/s/v/xl/x+/sv etc. etc.. I think they are making great strides to simplify their product line. Their main flagship, and a smaller, cheaper version to cover a different market. They arent stepping on their own toes the same way they were before.

    2. Yeah what happened to making only mid and high tier phones? And making less phones to focus on quality? No wonder the company is falling apart. They can’t stick to a plan, unless it was a ruse to trick investors. And looking at their stock it looks like it didn’t work.

      1. Please tell me how many phone HTC release compare to any. Other company not much. So a phone company only release one or two phone a year. You sir are dumb.

        1. And dumb I my be. All I am doing is repeating the facts stated on this site. As for your statement that other companies do it, only Samsung does it and does it well. That is only because they produce a large quantity of the components that goes into the phones. Because they control the supply chain they can control the margins. HTC, like many other manufacturers, don’t have that luxury. Hence why even the HTC One got delayed due to supply chain. So, in order to increase margins, you reduce the amount of different products you make and focus on selling a few. Then you buy a larger quantity of components from suppliers, which will reduce the cost of those components. Also by having fewer models, there will be less deviation on the assembly line, increasing productivity. Even though I can’t stand Apple, they have a very efficient method of production. This gives them high margins… well and the fact they over change for their products. If you really want to call me dumb, I request you do a little bit of research on the man Henry Ford, and his revolutionary idea of the Assembly Line.

  8. Ermagerd! Qwerd-Cors!

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