Verizon HTC One to launch with Android 4.2.2 out-of-the-box [RUMOR]



Android 4.2.2 for the HTC One began hitting Asia early this month, then slowly began making its way across Europe. Those of you on Verizon Wireless that have been eagerly awaiting the phone’s arrival might get an added treat: no wait time for Android 4.2 Jelly Beans. According to Android hacker/modder @LlabTooFeRwho regularly obtains leaked HTC software builds — the Verizon HTC One could launch with Android 4.2.2 (Android’s latest firmware, for now) out of the box. No waiting for updates. It’ll be already ready already.

This would be a nice bonus for those on Big Red who have been waiting for months while every other carrier offered the HTC One. Android firmware updates have never been Verizon’s strong suit, typically taking longer due to a more strenuous review process. Those of you looking forward to the device (still my personal favorite Android device at the time of this writing), might have one less thing to wait over. We reached out to HTC who wasn’t allowed to comment on details just yet. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

Thanks, Alan!

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  1. By the time Verizon launches this everyone will have moved to greener pastures >.> we have the new Motorola line up coming tomorrow not to mention all those new S800 phones. Still a good phone but not the same level of excitement as when it launched like 5 months ago

    1. Not even American, but it’s ridiculous that Verizon don’t get flagships ready at the same time as GSM carriers. I don’t understand this.

      1. Yea, in the past 7 months their only high end flagship phone has been the galaxy s4 I believe. Kinda ridiculous. My guess is that their trying to give Motorola the upper hand by releasing the HTC One later, they promote the hell out of those Droid devices.

        1. The droid line up is going to be mediocre at best, as it always is. Droid phones have nothing on the HTC one. The Moto X is the device that Motorola has been focusing their time and energy on and even that doesn’t stack up in terms of specs. While the excitement level has gone down during this waiting period, the HTC One is still on top with the S4 and that will not change until the Nexus 5 in the fall, or a new flagship phone from one of these OEMs next spring. Right now, the HTC One is such a different device from all other phones on the market, the novelty will not wear off any time soon.

    2. True. I was very excited for the phone and I’m tired of Sprint. I could have gotten the phone on Sprint months ago but decided to wait on VDub. At this point I’m probably just going to wait for the next phone.

  2. Well, it only makes sense that it does, since it’s already available everywhere else but the US. And I’m sure Verizon will use the fact that it has 4.2.2 to be the center of their advertising, since they are already very late in releasing the H1.

  3. To be honest I’m still ready for the H1 on verizon, great size for me and I don’t need all the faster core processors and equipment coming up, but like I said this i’m personally still ready.

  4. phuc Verizon. thank you. you’re welcome.

  5. Screw it, bring on the 1Max and I will throw money at you.

  6. This is a non-issue. Just like all “fragmentation” chatter in the press.

    Non-modders don’t care, understand, or know the difference. Modders already have a 4.2.2. Jellybean ROM, so it doesn’t matter to them what it ships with.

    1. most.* I’ve had android since 2010 (evo 4g) and last week was the first time i rooted on my own. I appreciated stock updated software before that. Or once i got fed up bought my friend food so he could root it for me.

  7. I wish HTC would disappear already. crap phones.

    1. yeah that phone of the year was terrible

  8. Verizon shot themselves in the foot on this release… Just bad business

  9. What difference does it make having 4.2 or 4.1 if it has the custom ui?

  10. I have an update coming on 8/8/13 and I have been undecided between the S4 and the H1. I’m stuck on Verizon so this is what I get.
    My wife has the S3 and it really does feel cheap. But I’m not sure I can get over the lack of a removable battery. I hate plugging my phone in. Just swap the battery, reboot and back to 100%.
    Maybe I’ll wait for the Note3…

    1. I’ll say that the s4 does have a slightly better feel in hand than the s3. Doesnt look as “cheap” either. Nonetheless, Im with you on waiting for the Note 3. If verizon plays games with that release, then Ill definitely be giving ATT a try.

      1. I love upgrading my phones and it’s just so hard to wait to be out of contract. I was close this year and needed to make it until mid-December. I couldn’t wait and upgraded the wife to the S3 last week. Now locked in for another 2 years.
        And they do have the best coverage…

  11. Although I don’t agree with it, I always had a gut feeling VZW was holding off launch for 4.2.2. They missed the boat though. At least 3 months later than all others. I just hope this doesn’tbecome their norm process to keep from having to test and push updates late.

  12. Riding out the last couple of weeks on contract with my Rezound. Been an HTC guy since the Dinc. Jump ship to the S4 or go with the One on Verizon? Really starting to feel that Samsung is way more likely to support their product in six months. They push the envelope with features, even though some are kind of useless. I put my phone in a case, so the aluminum body isn’t really a factor. S4 looking like a no-brainer?

    1. You and I are on identical paths and you and I know you want the HTC one over the plastic form factor of the G4. Plus, if V releases a sexy red, we will be powerless. Just root if updates are an issue for you.

  13. LMAO. best joke of the week!!! Tell me another one..

  14. OK i usually don’t post or like to start rumors, but today I ran into an old friend of mine that works for Verizon we got talking about my upgrade which just became available today and she asked what phone I was looking for and I told her the HTC One. She smiled and winked at me and said wait till August 1st it will be here. I have known her for a long time and she is a district manager so I have no reason to doubt that it is true.

    1. That rumor’s been around since the 11th of this month

  15. They’re still releasing this phone?… lol.

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