NVIDIA SHIELD release date now set for July 31st — are you buying? [POLL]


NVIDIA missed its mark on its original launch window for the SHIELD, unfortunately. The company faced some quality issues with a couple of the device’s components, and had no problem delaying the device’s launch to ensure they got it right. Thankfully, the delay didn’t last long as the Santa Clara company has told users to expect it in just a week and a half from now.

The SHIELD’s new release date is July 31st, which is the shipping date for pre-orderers and should be the date it shows up in retail. Pre-orderers get an awesome t-shirt to commemorate the launch, too, if that’s your thing. As we learned last month, the device costs $300 to walk home with it.


NVIDIA’s also giving folks a chance to try SHIELD out at several SHIELD Experience Centers, which are found inside GameStop, MicroCenter, and Canada Computers. You can also order online at, as well as NVIDIA’s site itself.

So, we’ll ask you again — are you buying it? We know we’ve asked you before, but a lot can change in a few weeks’ time. Knowing that NVIDIA is so committed to this project that they’d be willing to delay it to make sure it meets everyone’s standards is nice.

It’s quite the testament to how much they want this to succeed, so you’ll be comfortable knowing your $300 is going behind a product that won’t become abandonware in a year. Drop a vote and leave a comment no matter which side of the tracks you’re sitting on.

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[via NVIDIA]

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  1. Ouya is cheaper. Android game systems only allow android games on your TV right now. Not enough impressive original games to justify the 300 bill. But id pay 100 just to play hard to control games on my TV and use my ouya as a streaming box.

  2. not buying

  3. I’ll wait for the next generation perhaps… It seems too big for me to actually carry around, and I’m not sure if I see the point in it quite yet.
    Maybe if they go towards Razer’s Edge gaming tablet in terms of design and functionality, I’d buy it.

    1. Oh, the one that looks like a black Macbook Pro?

        1. Oh, I thought you were referring to the Blade:

          1. Oh my bad, I should have been more specific

  4. It’s definitely interesting but I think I’ll stick to a smart phone for my gaming needs. After all, it’s not going to be that much different.

  5. vote for no but personally i’m more interested with Tegra 4 based tablets even for android gaming. but for gaming purpose i still think Nvidia Shield will come out top with smoother experience than Tegra 4 based tablet

  6. for a portable remote that can play games and isn’t all that comfortably portable, also that price? hell no.

  7. I don’t have the room in my Android arsenal to add this to it. Games are not THAT great on Android, so I don’t see the need for dedicated device. I think I can cover what games I do play perfectly fine on my phone or tablet.

  8. heck no! buy a real nice bluetooth controller and spend the rest on hookers and blow

  9. I don’t see the facination with making a gaming console for Android worth $400 or even more and still why it will generate a profit. Why would a 6 yr old want a Shield over the Xbox One or PS4 or some dedicated gaming machine with sophisticated games?

    1. It is clear nvidia did not expect this device to be one of their main product for profit in the future. In an interview JHH mention that the main purpose is to promote tegra platform. Nvidia will not competing in the android console market. The shield price alone clearly dictate this. What nvidia want is company like OUYA and Mad Catz to use their processor. So in short Shield is simply nvidia marketing tool for their Tegra and other related tech to it (such as Geforce GRID)

  10. I will save $300 add $200 to it and buy the xbox one.

  11. I am on the fence about this thing. Been reading about it since it was announced and have been fairly excited, but seeing a lot of negativity about it before it even out.

    I have a N4 and N7 I dont care for gaming on the phone at all and I do sometime on the N7 but not a whole bunch. One of the reasons is the controls with touch screen.

    I have a pretty good gaming pc that would be compatible with the shield so could stream games from my PC to the shield anywhere in my house.

    There are other options that can probably do all the shield can do individually but no device that can do them all together with a tegra 4 chip. At $299 its not that expensive for a new device that has a lot of options but its not an impulse buy.

    After its released and the reviews come in I will make my decision same with the xboxone I cant say Im sold on this new one and I have had the last 2 generations.

  12. Well that’s a big shocker. I know i’m not buying one price too hefty. might as well buy the PSVITA

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