Jul 22nd, 2013

NVIDIA missed its mark on its original launch window for the SHIELD, unfortunately. The company faced some quality issues with a couple of the device’s components, and had no problem delaying the device’s launch to ensure they got it right. Thankfully, the delay didn’t last long as the Santa Clara company has told users to expect it in just a week and a half from now.

The SHIELD’s new release date is July 31st, which is the shipping date for pre-orderers and should be the date it shows up in retail. Pre-orderers get an awesome t-shirt to commemorate the launch, too, if that’s your thing. As we learned last month, the device costs $300 to walk home with it.


NVIDIA’s also giving folks a chance to try SHIELD out at several SHIELD Experience Centers, which are found inside GameStop, MicroCenter, and Canada Computers. You can also order online at Newegg.com, as well as NVIDIA’s site itself.

So, we’ll ask you again — are you buying it? We know we’ve asked you before, but a lot can change in a few weeks’ time. Knowing that NVIDIA is so committed to this project that they’d be willing to delay it to make sure it meets everyone’s standards is nice.

It’s quite the testament to how much they want this to succeed, so you’ll be comfortable knowing your $300 is going behind a product that won’t become abandonware in a year. Drop a vote and leave a comment no matter which side of the tracks you’re sitting on.

[via NVIDIA]

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