Jul 22nd, 2013

Chris Chavez Google Glass watermark

Google Glass is the hot topic when talking about wearable technology. If this new trend is to become popular, it should be because of Glass – and Google knows this. This is why the Search Giant has decided to go all in with Glass and has decided to make a major investment on Himax, the display manufacturer in charge of Glass’ screens.

The Taiwanese manufacturer says that Google will acquire a 6.3% stake of Himax Display inc. The acquisition is meant to put things in order and help Himax get everything ready for Google Glass mass production. With mass production expected to come sometime in 2014, we are getting pretty close and were expecting preparations to start soon.

Google Glass XE5 software update

Just how popular will Google Glass be, though? Will their investments prove to be beneficial for the company? Some believe Google Glass will be the next technology marvel in the industry while surveys say only 10% of Americans would use them. If we think about it, though, 10% of the US is still quite a substantial number of people.

We happen to love the product and see a lot of potential in it. You can see our opinions and reactions in our Google Glass Review. As for this deal with Himax, it is expected to close during the 3rd quarter of 2013. Just in time for production to get going! How many of you are buying your own Google Glass next year?


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