Red Motorola DROID Ultra for Verizon employees only, to cost $100 [RUMOR]


We all expect Verizon to announce the Motorola DROID Ultra alongside some other new, incoming DROID devices tomorrow. A leak last week tipped us off to a version of that phone with red-coated Kevlar backing, though it looks like those of us not working for Big Red might not get a chance to own that particular version.

red droid ultra

According to a document sent to us by a trusted source close to Verizon, the red DROID Ultra is a Verizon employee exclusive, meaning if you see anyone walking around with it there’s a good chance they work for the company. The document goes on to state that employees will be able to pre-order the device for $100 beginning tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any clue as to when those employees will be able to get their hands on that sweet red concoction of silicon. We also can’t say whether or not this means those of us who aren’t employees will be able to pre-order the regular edition of the device starting tomorrow. Employees will be getting the following goodies with their exclusive red-accented phone:

  • SOL Republic Jax in-ear headphones
  • Griffin Reveal case
  • Ingress invite code

It’s not the most comprehensive package in the world, but freebies never hurt anyone. The DROID Ultra is said to be coming with a myriad of different color options for folks to choose from. The device is said to be super thin and will come with a 10 megapixel camera (likely the same one being featured in the Moto X), but there isn’t much more concrete info than that to go around.

We’re just a little less than 24 hours away from the device’s big reveal, though, so it won’t be long before we know everything there is to know about this guy.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. anyone else not able to read any of the articles today? All I see on my laptop is the Further Reading and Comments section…

    1. I had that issue today, seems the AdBlock was blocking the articles. I disabled it on this domain and the articles started popping up.

      1. alright thnx… that fixed it

        1. I fixed it by removing Adblock (adblockplus was okay) and clearing cookies and cache.

      2. Chrome with AdBlock: fixed when disabled on phandroid.com domain.

    2. I turned off ad-block but it’s not helping and it’s affecting other sites as well. Links show up fine in explorer…*shudder*

      1. Try clearing cookies and cache. I had same problem as you but when I did that it worked fine.

    3. Yes, we are aware of the issue and are looking into it. Thank you!

  2. Seriously? If I was a Verizon customer, I would really consider this phone for it’s specs and it looks great…….in red. Yet another prick move by Verizon. Do they really hate their customers this bad? Happy to say that by my choice, I am not a Verizon customer nor will I ever be.

    1. Is it so bad that Verizon likes to reward their employees with 1 exclusive color?

      1. Lol seriously? I bust my butt for verizon and little rewards like exclusive verizon themed employee phones are nice.

  3. Looks like a giant used tampon.

    1. I’ll give you a “B” for effort.

    2. Do you come across used tampons often? And if so, how? Personally, I don’t use them and generally make a concerted effort to avoid them.

  4. If this is VZW’s answer to the Moto X then pathetic as always.

    1. …not a big fan of capacitive buttons but it blows the X out of the water.

    2. Why would they need an answer to a phone they are getting in thier lineup?

    3. vzw is getting both the X and New razr line

  5. come to an article about big red comments are all about how we fixed our ablity to read the aritcle.

  6. Coming to eBay in 3, 2, 1,….

    1. any employee who does that is asking to get fired it is in agreement not to sell these devices till they are out of contract so 2 years after purchase

      1. Good to know. Still, given employee turnover and Verizon’s employment base there should be plenty around.

      2. Verizon requires a two year contract for service from it’s employees?

    2. this is no longer possible with verizon employee edition phones. the ESN is locked down to the employees account and cannot be cleared for activation on a non employee line… sorry :/

      1. Verizon has hitler jr as their CEO.. if they know they have a hot device, it should be available to the masses. But then again, this IS verizon we’re talking about..

  7. I agree with poopoo tron! Most companies have perks that are exclusive to employees whether it’s in the form of discounted products/services or exclusive products/services. I wouldn’t say that Jamba Juice hates its customers because their employees have the advantage of concocting delicious secret special flavors not available to the general public. And here’s the thing, instead of getting bent out of shape over it, if I wanted those employee edition smoothies so bad, I wouldn’t complain about it. I’d get my butt down to jamba juice and fill out an application rather than bad mouthing the company for appreciating its employees! If anything I see special treatment for employees as a positive characteristic of a company. The company that has no special benefits or perks for its employees is the type of company I would dislike whether i worked there or not.

  8. It seems odd they are releasing this the same timeframe as the moto x, I mean i’m assuming it is a 1080p screen and maybe a snapdragon 600, but who knows it seems at a $99 pricepoint it would be lower spec’d (though maybe they are just getting it discounted)

  9. those renders still look incredibly fake to me.

    1. the capacitive buttons throw me off. they’ve been using on screen buttons for a while now. why revert back to the old school ways? I couldn’t imagine Google wanting them to do that.. who knows..

  10. the employee editions are always like 100 off I have a Employee Edition Droid DNA in red got for 100 bucks with fatboy wireless charging pad which we sell for 60 bucks so like 160 off with the free accessory. So this makes sense 199 for customer 100 for employees with free accessories and special edition red but the leaks from other sites seems more real with the red stripe because it has the limited edition branding on it.

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