Jul 22nd, 2013

We all expect Verizon to announce the Motorola DROID Ultra alongside some other new, incoming DROID devices tomorrow. A leak last week tipped us off to a version of that phone with red-coated Kevlar backing, though it looks like those of us not working for Big Red might not get a chance to own that particular version.

red droid ultra

According to a document sent to us by a trusted source close to Verizon, the red DROID Ultra is a Verizon employee exclusive, meaning if you see anyone walking around with it there’s a good chance they work for the company. The document goes on to state that employees will be able to pre-order the device for $100 beginning tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any clue as to when those employees will be able to get their hands on that sweet red concoction of silicon. We also can’t say whether or not this means those of us who aren’t employees will be able to pre-order the regular edition of the device starting tomorrow. Employees will be getting the following goodies with their exclusive red-accented phone:

  • SOL Republic Jax in-ear headphones
  • Griffin Reveal case
  • Ingress invite code

It’s not the most comprehensive package in the world, but freebies never hurt anyone. The DROID Ultra is said to be coming with a myriad of different color options for folks to choose from. The device is said to be super thin and will come with a 10 megapixel camera (likely the same one being featured in the Moto X), but there isn’t much more concrete info than that to go around.

We’re just a little less than 24 hours away from the device’s big reveal, though, so it won’t be long before we know everything there is to know about this guy.

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