Toshiba Excite Pro and Write now available – NVIDIA Tegra 4, 2560×1600 res display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean starting at $480



Announced back in June, Toshiba’s latest entries into the Android tablet arena have finally arrived. The Toshiba Excite Write ($600), Toshiba Excite Pro ($500), and Toshiba Excite Pure ($300) are all now officially available for purchase. Unlike most 2013 tabs, these give you a whole lot more bang for your buck.

Toshiba Excite Pure Write Pro front back

The Toshiba Excite Pure (AT15-A16) is your average 10-inch Android tab featuring a 1280×800 resolution display, 16GB internal storage (with micro SD slot), 1GB RAM, 1.2MP front facing camera (there is no rear facing shooter on this model), and runs on a “pure” stock version of Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. This is a great option for those that have been wanting an affordable tab, but needed something much bigger than 7-inches.

The Toshiba Excite Pro (AT15LE-A32) and Toshiba Excite Write (AT15PE-A32) are where things really get interesting. Both these devices are near identical, featuring the same super high-res 10-inch 2,560×1,600 resolution displays fortified with Gorilla Glass 2, NVIDIA Tegra 4 processors, 32GB of internal storage (with micro SD expansion), 2GB RAM, 8MP cameras, and thumpin’ Harmon Kardon speakers.


The Write differs in that it offers a Wacom digitizer/stylus that supports 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. What good would a stylus be without special software to take advantage of it? Well, the Write also comes pre-loaded with Toshiba’s TruNote and TruCapture apps to make note taking easy peasy.

The tablets are currently available from online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Adorama or even Toshiba Direct where the Pro and Write are $20-off. All the tablets also fit nicely into an optional keyboard dock, that wasLinks provided below.

Toshiba Direct

Amazon (Prime available)

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  1. Very nice options.

  2. wow need to order one

  3. I hope the new Nexus 10 ends up being a lot like this

    1. It won’t, no tegra 4, it’ll be way less capable/responsive.

  4. I been owning the excite pro since the 9th july. Pretty sweet tablet. Just wish the music app and widget was better, and wish there were a nice weather widget. On the other hand u do get a good bang for the buck. Not only does it have micro SD, but micro USB and HDMI port. Pretty sweet. Forward facing camera kinda sucks bad but hey I barely use that. Can’t wait to get android 4.2.2 or go straight to 4.3,

    1. Doesn’t it have the Play Store? Can’t you just get whatever music app and weather widget you want?

      1. I tried the music ones, they suck, but I haven’t tried them all, for weather widgets I can’t seem to find one I like

  5. They went all out on this thing…Excite PRO is a powerhouse! like to see a nexus 10 with snapdragon 800. same spec if not better between $400-$430…….Toshiba looking good right now…

  6. Been looking for a good tablet to replace my iPad (Notability app ROCKS) for notetaking in class. When I purchased my N10, I was hoping to find a robust note-taking app but have not come across anything that compares to the Notability app for iOS. Android FTW, so… might be giving the write a look! Thanks for the post!

    1. For active stylus, I’ve been using “Lecturenotes” it’s very robust and full of options, maybe a little confusing. However, once you get it to your liking it is like paper. Much better than any capacitive stylus that you’ve ever used. Just make sure to play around with the settings and you will fall in love with it.

      1. The person who made lecturenotes made it EXTRMELY CUSTOMIZABLE and functional without taking into account aesthetics. There is a relatively steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it is great.

  7. And let’s not forget, a tightly locked bootloader more than likely. Not an issue for those that aren’t into rooting and roming.
    Even though I love flashing roms and tinkering this is still a very enticing tablet.

    1. Just enjoy the specs. Tegra 4 processor, ultra high screen resolution, and the latest 4.2 version.

  8. Proprietary charger: skip!

    1. Wow. Epic fail if that’s true.

      1. No need to guess, believe or rumor, read from the previous news:

  9. These are very nice sounding tablets. I’m looking forward to reviews… Need to know how well the Tegra 4 performs before purchasing. And I’d like to compare to a Nexus 10 announcement before buying too.

    1. The Tegra 4 is the processor of the year so far graphically out benching all others.

      1. No, it’s not… It hasn’t been benchmarked yet. As of right now, the Snapdragon 800 is the ‘processor of the year’.

  10. With proper software support, the Excite Write could be a $600 10 inch Wacom Cintiq. And it has a higher resolution than the Cintiq 13HD priced at $1000. If the API is available to get raw pen input, I may just have to buy one.

  11. The excite pure is actually 250 on amazon.

    Those look like very good tablets!

  12. these are actually pretty nice looking piece of hardware…i been a nvidia fan so im interested in the tegra4s performance…curious what the dimensions are basically how thin n holdable these tablets are…kinda wish they went with an all black slate or a slightly dif design mostly all tablets look so similar inwhich makes them look like the ipad which i cant stand i dont want someone to mistake a piece of android glory for an ipad…when i first got the n7 and was in the airport waiting to walk on my flight reading off it some girl goes OMG IS THAT THE NEW IPAD!?…im like no i dont endorse nor use apple products this is the nexus7 from google…she was real impressed with it but looked like a hipster im sure she waited for ipad mini…i hate people…n hipsters

  13. wow $600!

  14. These certainly sound like very good options and alternatives to the other 10″ tablets available. However, I would have a great deal of reservation about picking one up given the terribly cheap build quality and abysmal performance of Toshiba’s previous tablet attempts.

    1. My feelings as well. Mainly the lack of software support.

  15. Old image: time is 4:20
    New image: time is 4:21
    I guess Toshiba caught that detail

  16. I’m intrigued. This could replace my note 10.1 once they start discounting these… My deal breakers are that it must be root able and I hope it includes micro hdmi as well because mhl is laggy and only mirrors the screen instead of outputting the display which is very noticeable in gaming.

  17. Nokia will adopt Android on 2014, here’s the possibility : goo .gl/NpwBj


  18. this tablet gives the nexus 10 a run for its money

    1. the pro, that is

  19. Why do articles leave out the most crucial parts, Ports? Full usb and hdmi? 4K Hdmi res?

  20. Can anyone confirm or not if this is the same display used on the nexus 10?
    I’m curious as to if it’s as good or better or the same.


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