International Samsung Galaxy S4 powered by Snapdragon 800 shows up in benchmarks, where’s it headed?


Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A press

We’ve known for quite sometime now that Samsung has been planning a super charged Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A variant (SHV-E330S) inside its homeland of Korea. Today we’re learning that the higher-powered SoC could also be making its way to S4’s in other markets.

Samsung GT-I906 benchmark

Revealed in a benchmark, the boys at Unwired View discovered the all new Samsung GT-I9506 carrying Qualcomm’s new 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor scoring a whopping 31123 in AnTuTu (current Snapdragon 600 version scores around a 23500). As a quick refresher, the international Galaxy S4 with the Snapdragon 600 carries the model number GT-I9505, while the international Exynos 5 Octa version is the GT-I9500. Going by Samsung’s current naming scheme, it appears as if this model could launch outside of Korea, but specific markets remains to be seen.

Just as they did last year, Samsung will hold a pre-IFA 2013 event where we expect them to finally unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and maybe even a little info on this mysterious device. How PO’d would you be to find your recently purchased Galaxy S4 trumped by a better version only a few months after its release? Maybe Samsung can call it the Samsung Galaxy S4S (troll face).

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  1. Great move by Samsung, Great move! I am sure the early adopters of the original S4 are pleased!!

    1. They’re just trying to rake in the money, although people in shops, the majority of people will ask ” why is this S4 more expensive then this S4 ” So I dont think shops will be able to sell it off for anymore then for what its going for now, around £400-£500 here in the UK new

      1. The Exynos-variant (GT-i9500) doesn’t do LTE. I guess that this model will just be marketed as the “Galaxy S 4 LTE” to the people who are on carriers that only sold the Exynos-variant before.

        1. Wait, so they released a flagship phone without LTE.. what are you doing samsung, oh my god XD did the Snapdragon 600 variant have LTE or? If not, bad move samsung

    2. I don’t see why they should be too upset. phones only maintain “best in class” specs for a max of 6 months anyway. there’s always something better around the corner

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        If this is true, I’ll be waiting a
        few extra months the next time I go to buy a phone from them. If
        another company lures me away while I wait that’s all good too.

      2. It still feels a little shitty when you buy a phone and the company had the same phone with supped up specs in the pipeline.

        1. nah it does,but im just saying this isnt a razr maxx situation where its 2 months later and a huge tangible advantage like twice the battery life. Its only a suped up processor, obviously thats a big deal but its also released 6 months later in what i think will be limited markets? kind of like the One X+… not really that much of a jump over the One X to feel to burned about it if you got one 6 months ago, just sucks if you bought the old version like 1 month b4 the new one came out.

          1. I bought a One X and the One X+ burned because the one limitation of the One X (only offering a 16GB model with no SD) was resolved. Plus they got a bigger battery. The processor bump was a non-issue because as you pointed out it was 6 months later. But that 32GB internal did burn.

            But yeah the Razr Maxx was the king of F.U. customers.

        2. Android phones seem to stay top of the line of like a few months at best, getting upset about better hardware being released is just dumb, it’s always going to happen and in all likelihood, this won’t even be released as a phone with bands for your market. With Android you look at the upcoming phones place your bets and buy a phone and then watch as is quickly becomes outdated, constantly chasing having the phone with the highest specs is a fools errand. Does the device still work well for you and give you a good experience? that’s all that matters and I own an iPad 3 which was updated 6 months after it was released.

          1. It’s not about being upset about better hardware. Yes, better hardware comes out. For the Razr Maxx thing, it was 2 months and substantially better option. For the One X+, yeah it was 6 months but they didn’t offer a 32GB model of the original One X, and it became clear why. You think I’m ever going to buy another HTC phone that has a glaringly obvious shortcoming? Never again. Because they already have another phone in the pipeline fixing that.

            I also own an iPad 3, and the only thing I’m bitter about is the resale value lol.

          2. lol ouch on ipad3… only thing i will say in htc’s defense about the 16gb one X is that i think ATT specifically wanted that to be 16gb… The international One X and the One XL both had 32 gb… but yeah don’t have 2 phones too similar in the pipeline at the same time

          3. I think the Canadian One X’s are 16. The One XL is 32. IIRC.

          4. I’ll give you the razr max update, that was cheap.

            But with the One X+ it was six months which is pretty much the maximum amount of time any Android device stays on top and they released the One X+ because the S3 was killing them in sales, I don’t think you can blame a company for releasing a new device with better specs 6 months later, the fact that the didn’t offer a 32gb version of the one X doesn’t matter, because you bought the one X knowing it was 16gb and knowing it didn’t include expandable storage.

            As for the S4 discussed in this thread, the latest Galaxy phone is always sold in many varied hardware configurations, and almost never has more than one version per carrier in each market. The chances that this is going to be released on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile are slim to none so let’s wait before we get all up in arms about this rumored device. Most likely it’s going to a completely different market.

    3. But it would only be sold in such a small selection of markets. How many people will truly be upset? Like why would someone in the US be upset if it never came here?

  2. The easiest route would be calling it something like Galaxy S4 Pro

    1. Galaxy S4 Active Pro

      1. Galaxy S4 Active Pro 800 super plus

        1. …and the Japanese edition – Galaxy S4 Active Hyper Mega Pro Super Good Extra Plus

          1. ROFL, ill take the japanese one

  3. Tri-band Sprint?

    I can hope, right?

    1. I would be royally pissed, but I doubt it would be for Sprint so soon. They said by end of fall for Tri-Band phones, which really means like Christmas.

      1. I’ve been ready for an upgrade for a few months now. But now with the full network vision so close… I’m wondering if I can hold out for a Tri-band phone.
        If I think they can push one through late 3rd to early 4th quarter, I will.

  4. What about other specs? Will it be the same with the current S4?

  5. Anybody translate the Japanese better than I did?

    I came up with, “as/not yet, no comment”.

  6. way to go to fragment your S4 line-up even more (if true)

  7. Didn’t matter to me, I’m done with Samsung phones until touchwiz gets a far less bloated update.

  8. If this is true, I’ll be waiting a few extra months the next time I go to buy a phone from them. If another company lures me away while I wait that’s all good too.

  9. What a slap in the face to the people who just bought the s4 , the 800 chip is a beast. Now all the regular s4 prices will be slashed to make room for this s4s lol.

    1. That’s if it’s going to be sold in those markets.

  10. Would American S4 owners really have any reason to be mad if this phone is only released in South Korea? Should they? By the time LTE-A comes out in the US, it’s going to be pretty old…

  11. If sold in the US market it is pretty messed up. In fact the whole S4 rollout has been pretty messed up. First only 16gb models were available, then a week or two later some carriers got a 32gb version, then they announced the S4 Google Edition. I didn’t have an upgrade available so i wasnt affected but my brother first got the 16gb version then switched to the 32gb version after paying a restocking fee to return the 16gb but of course his return period is up at this point so no google edition(not a big deal) and no snapdragon 800 version for him

    1. They announced the 16gb version and the 32gb at the same time, they just weren’t available in stores at the same time, you can’t really blame samsung for the fact that your brother didn’t know the 32gb version was coming is hardly samsung’s fault.

      1. I didn’t say they announced it at different times, I said they released them at different times, which is a messed up way to rollout a phone IMO. You are free to disagree but please don’t put words in my mouth.

  12. Damn it I really wanted a smartphone with the Snapdragon 800, I just couldn’t wait. That thing is amazing. Quick charge 2.0, even USB 3.0 compatibility.

  13. This is the S4 I want. As long as it comes with 32gb of int storage with the sd-card. If no sd-card support then a minimum of 64gb of int memory. I will never buy a new Smart Phone without what I call adequate internal storage. The cloud is great but if you have no signal or a slow signal you are in trouble. The manufacturers can ad memory to these phones during the construction process for pennies. The Korean market doesn’t sell any new phones without a minimum of 32gb of int memory and usually the norm is 64gb and still sd-card support. Why does the Korean market get the great phones while the US market gets the scraps????

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