Sony Honami breaks cover in new photo, coming to market by the end of this year


sony honami leak 1 i1

While Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra is a very interesting and juicy-looking device, another rumored phone of the Japanese company’s has us just as intrigued. I’m speaking about the Sony Honami / Sony Xperia i1, a Snapdragon 800 phone that is said to be coming with a 20 megapixel camera sensor, a 2 megapixel front camera, a 5-inch 1080p HD display, 2GB of RAM, a 2,700mAh battery and more.

That device has been leaked in new photos, giving us a look at how sleek and slim the device will be by the time it hits store shelves. The phone is drenched in white, and seems to have external ports as evidenced by door-looking mechanisms on the side. This could indicate that the battery won’t be user replaceable, but we’ll have to wait to see it for ourselves.

This beast of a phone will supposedly be here by the end of the year, too. Sony’s CEO is said to have mentioned that much to Korea Economic Daily. It’s certainly plausible, though we’ll have to wait on official word before we determine just how close to 2014 we’ll get before seeing it.

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  1. I just really like the name Honami it sounds so smooth, but the Moto X is the device for me this year.

    1. As I said on another board, it sounds like a Sharknao of Prostitutes.

    2. Even with the low specs for the Moto X ?

      1. yes, what do the specs even mean? really?

        1. It means more intensive games and apps to make your mobile device a true laptop replacement…

          1. But I don’t need a laptop replacement

          2. Then buy a mid-range spec’d phone, but for some of us, the ultimate goal is to eliminate devices by consolidating tasks onto a phone or tablet.

          3. That is exactly what Jerel said from the very beginning. Do you understand his words “for me”? What is the point in your attitude?
            From my experience with Sony, their specs don’t mean anything. At the end their custom UI turns what could be a top-in-class phone into a mediocre MP3 player.

          4. I am and I will, but can I show love for device I cant afford nor need? It would be nice To have it but you know ” life”

          5. It just seems the specs are last years specs I try not to go backwards

          6. I am not going down. in all aspects the moto X is an upgrade. I am on a phone with a 3.5 tft screen dual core phone clocked in 1.5 GHz 5mp camera. I don’t have a contract phone I am all prepaid. So it fits me as an upgrade and the personality I can give it is nice as well.

          7. I have a Nexus 4 besides the fact that you customize the hell out of it i’m a bit disappointed because I have not been able to get a beast Motorola because of being on T-Mobile

          8. I’m sure Google & Moto have spent their time with the hardware & have this X phone optimized to it’s right potential.
            My (now) OG Razr Maxx sure made big improvements just on the last updates. Include the less bloatware include with each iteration that Moto included.
            I’m ready to see this Moto X that I’m sure has had Crapple & Sammy in their sights the whole time. Just look @ the marketing alone they are dropping.

  2. Sounds good looks like the upcoming Note 3 will have some good competition this year, by the likes of the honami and the htc one max

  3. Honami it sounds Tsunami = flood.

  4. Might be my next device if they release it soon enough. Sony has been really good about supporting open source developers.

  5. Lots of bezel on that phone.

  6. how big to manufacturers think our pockets are?…i mean…come onn

    1. Pretty big after we buy it lol

  7. Hopefully they improve the screen from the xperia z

  8. So. Much. Bezel. Everywhere.

  9. Why the large bezel on the bottom…

  10. Take my money

  11. “end of this year” = too late. was aiming for the honami, but will most likely go with the LG G2 now.

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