Jul 16th, 2013


With  T-Mobile announcing its new early upgrade options and Verizon expected to do the same sometime next month, AT&T didn’t want to miss out on the fun. The company has announced AT&T Next, some exciting new plan options or those who don’t want to be tethered to the same smartphone for two years. This is quite the undercut, if I do say so myself. Here’s why: you can upgrade every year with no strings attached. That includes:

  • No down payment.
  • No activation fee.
  • No upgrade fee.
  • No financing fee.

The customer can trade in the device after 12 months, or they can keep using their device and have no more installment payments after 20 months.  Beyond the monthly device installment, there’s no additional monthly fee required to participate in AT&T Next.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the program and keep their plans intact — yes, that also includes those who are still fortunate enough to be rocking unlimited data

It does require trading in your older device if you want to take advantage every year, but that’s a small price to pay when you consider you’ll be up on the latest and greatest devices in mobile tech each and every year. It’s easy to see why all these carriers have switched to 24-month upgrade cycles — they all seemed to have cooked up similar early upgrade schemes just as fast as the next carrier has.

AT&T next launches July 26th nationwide, though the company will begin piloting the program today at select Las Vegas locations, and possibly others as we approach the launch date. Anyone looking to ditch their old smartphone for something new in a week and a half?

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