Samsung, Apple to rekindle the flame with new silicon agreement



Samsung and Apple may still hate each other’s guts when it comes to competing in the mobile space and in the courtroom, but the two can’t seem to live without each other. Apple attempted to stray away from Samsung for SoCs in its future phones, but it looks like Apple is realizing just how important the Korean company was in that regard.

Korea Economic Daily is reporting that Samsung and Apple have entered into a new agreement that will see the former producing chips for the latter’s smartphones beginning in 2015. The report suggests Samsung will produce a 14nm process die for the iPhone 7 — whatever that may turn out to be.

Apple’s desire to get away from Samsung from components didn’t last long, though the company is still not willing to do business in other areas. Specifically, Samsung-produced displays and RAM for Apple’s devices are still being shunned. Rumor has it Apple will be looking Samsung’s way in the future for tablet displays, but nothing is certain right now.

With Samsung’s displays touted for quality in all walks of technology, and with its expertise in producing systems-on-chips, Apple seemingly can’t resist going with the best possible product in the long run, even if that product is coming from its worst enemy.

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  1. they should charge some ridiculous amount per unit

    1. Samsung would be foolish to overprice selling things to Apple. At the end of the day, Samsung is another company trying (lol) to make a profit. At this point, Samsung is making a fortune b/c they’re selling the crap out of Galaxy products and also supplying parts to the number one selling phone in the world (single phone, not OS version). Why would ANYONE looking to make money pass up an opportunity to make parts for Apple?

  2. This makes me laugh

  3. Ahhh, the love and hate relationship!

    1. More like “I hate you for all the bad stuff you said about me, so please climb back into bed and let’s be friends with benefits again!”

  4. The more the iPhone/iPad is made by Samsung the better.

  5. Because they kindled, they no longer have any more humanity. :(

  6. Samsung has their cake, and they’re eating it too!

  7. “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead”.


    i think the companies don’t like each other as they are competitors, but know they are the yin to each others yang.

  8. aw this is cute to see them playing nice :-

  9. I’ll never understand corporate politics.

  10. That’s good to hear. Let’s stop the silly lawsuits and let the friendly competition thrive.

  11. Samsung should leverage Apple to stop all of the torts.

  12. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you…

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