Rumor: Moto X will feature customizable materials including wood, ceramic, fabrics



There has been much speculation as to how customizable the Moto X will really be, but things are getting a bit more interesting as a rumored launch draws near. While we are fairly confident that customizations will remain in the realm of aesthetics and not allow for configurable internal hardware, a new rumor suggests more than just color will be up for decision. Taylor Wimberly, the man that has had the inside scoop on the Moto X since reports first surfaced, says the material of the handset’s backplate also will be customizable.

This will include everything from wood to fabrics, with ceramic and metal also available as options. Plastic will be the default choice, and certain materials might arrive as carrier exclusives. It sounds like things are about to get pretty interesting, no? A woodgrain finish would definitely be unique.

It all begs another question. With the Moto X’s high degree of external customization, it certainly will encourage folks to go case-less to show off their personal style. But I digress…What material do you want for your Moto X?

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  1. Umm… no. Not a rumor I would believe for a second.

    1. It’s obviously not true if Taylor “I’m a massive liar” Wimberly said it.

  2. This rumor does NOT give me a woody

  3. I would take one in a nice dark green wood, with Andy carved into the back plate.

  4. “Raises the question”.

    “Begging the question” only applies when a statement made and there are questions surrounding the facts / premise of the statement itself.

    /grammar nazi off

    1. That is more of a usage issue then grammar.

      /usage nazi off

      1. Than, not then.

        1. touche :-)

          1. In your defense you’re a usage nazi, so while correct grammar is nice, technically, it doesn’t have to be expected. ;)

      2. Nazi is capitalized.

        /capitalization Nazi off

  5. And indestructible rubber feeling bouncy material that has sticky characteristic when held in Android Green.

    1. Flubber?


  6. Adamantium. Obviously.

    1. Weapon X Moto

    2. Kryptonite

    3. Makes sense.. If it was vibranium, no sound would ever come out of the speakers.

  7. Yeah, now THIS is customization where it really matters :P From
    aluminum fashion accessories like the HTC One to phones made out of
    wood; this is probably just fallout from all the iTards migrating over to Android.

  8. Carbon fiber!

    1. BRO….What if I told you…..that Carbon Fiber is already in use by Motorola? would that blow your mind?

      1. Ruined it with the picture.

      2. I thought it was kevlar..

        1. some are kevlar, some are carbon.

  9. I’m beginning to think.. with all the customizable options coming out of the woodwork…. Is it taking attention away from the fact that the specs aren’t up to the normal amount of current high end parts. I know this isn’t a”high end” device. But if I buy on contract, this phone must have lasting appeal. Having a rotation of backplates and custom signatures is only going to hold my attention for so long. I really want to try this phone out… But the optimus g2 is looking good as well. Well see come 8-23.

    1. Yeah I agree with you. The great thing about this device is the customization. If this was just a normal smart-phone the specs wouldn’t be very impressive. Some people don’t care about specs though! I know I certainly do, so I’m going to keep waiting.

    2. I’ve seen rumors that the price point on this phone unlocked is going to be very affordable. I hope they’re right.

  10. Still hoping for BAMBOO.

    1. I agree bamboo looks nice, but so would a nice cherry wood stain.

  11. Just as Apple got away with wood and fabric.

    1. Hey, Japanese Zeros had fabric ailerons to reduce linkage weight.

      1. Say what?

  12. Titanium. Kevlar is strong and energy absorbent, but has terrible heat transfer properties. Magnesium would be a close second for the same reasons — although in alloy form, as otherwise those occasional exploding battery problems would turn your phone into a thermal grenade.

  13. Are most people really not using cases (which would render customizable back plates moot)? Although I like the idea of protecting the phone, I use a case primarily to have a kickstand (which, I learned from my Thunderbolt, is indispensable for me.)

    1. i stopped using cases, only got one on my nexus 4 for obvious fragility reasons.

      1. I had a Motorola DROID and I never felt like I needed a case. My current Galaxy Nexus on the other hand I used for a week before deciding to get a case and screen protector. If the Moto X is built like the DROID or Razor I won’t get any extra protection for it.

        1. yea my previous 2 phones were htc EVO’s n i felt secure going caseless as well.

    2. Using a case on a phone is like wearing a condom; it’s usually a good idea, but it will never feel as good.

      1. You have just given the best description of why to use cell phone cases.

      2. Continuing with the metaphor…I always buy a case but don’t always use it. I only put it on when I need the protection. There’s not much point in having it on while you’re just sitting around the house, now is there?

    3. thats why bumper cases are the best…hopefully google releases one with this phone like the n4

  14. Well… If it’s wood, I’ll bet that people would complain/sue that their Moto X caught on fire, “without their involvement,” of course.

  15. A Mahogany Phone? Ron Burgundy would be proud.

  16. Either he has really big hands or that screen isn’t 4.7 inches. My HTC One is narrower than a Nexus 4/Samsung S4 and it still doesn’t look that small when I hold it in my hands like this one does. And i have pretty huge hands. It looks more like a 4.3 inch screen

    1. it could still be a 4.7 inch device, i have average.. in my opinion slightly below average sized hands and my n4 fits in hand not exactly but similarly to the image above. But perhaps you are on to something, however i would assume 4.5 inch before 4.3 inch. Especially with onscreen buttons.

  17. The phone looks nice being white and textured. Very HTC like. good design Moto and Google

  18. woodgrain to match my benz’s interior!! giggitty!

    1. I’m with you on this one

  19. I’ll take a cotton, pre-shrunk Moto X please.

  20. Im just going to wait till its finally released, i learned my lesson with rumors, they over hype things, then when the actual announcement happens your left with a feeling of disappointment, so im just going to keep my expectations low.

  21. Dilithium Crystal? We won’t “force” the issue….

  22. Wth? If Googlerola is gonna play fashion show with the exterior, it might is well do the same thing with the interior.

    1. It is a bit different ordering and placing different chipsets in a phone vs some colored/textured plastics(which is all this is likely to be, people are getting their hopes up way to high).

      Chipsets are expensive enough that bulk discounts are a must and diversifying into too many chipsets hurts your chances of getting that discount you need. Where as a couple of different backs is still only going to cost you a few cents each.

      1. I understand about cost and expenses about the hardware. My point is if you are going to advertise about the choice of the exterior finish only, then you’re filling the footsteps of Nokia. Give the customer a true choice. I would.

        1. I agree that the whole “first phone you can customize” is a let down/down right false since changing the back is what we’ve already seen.

          Realistically though interior customization was never going to happen beyond maybe 2-3 storage options. The costs are just too high to actually pull off in smart phones.

  23. Unobtainium

    1. Are you willing to destroy an entire alien civilization? Thats exactly what the Europeans did when they came to America.

  24. one thing im curious about is that since this phone has such a curved backplate how well will it sit still when laying down on a desk or table during use…if it rocks side to side it would DRIVE ME CRAZY

  25. make the whole case out of that super ball material

  26. Glass!… oh, wait..


  27. And….

    This is why you have a CNC mill!

    3D Printers Rejoice!

    1. POACHER

  28. Platinum

  29. its looks small …iphone small

  30. Headphone jack on top…..oh boy I don’t like the look of this

    1. Headphone jacks are supposed to be on top…. It would be dumb to put it on the bottom.

      1. Well I personally put my phone top down with the screen facing my leg. So when you take it out its already right side up in your hand. The galaxy nexus was perfect for that but oh well

  31. Palladium

  32. Particle board!

  33. Please let this be at least a 4.85″ display.

  34. Swarovski crystals in a Hello Kitty design.

  35. That could be too much choice actually… For the simple fact that you won’t actually know how your choice looks until it arrives. If true, I would need video samples of each material available to make an intelligent choice.

  36. Obsidian would be cool! Or Granite…

  37. Diamond

  38. Soft-touch black plastic

    anodized aluminum

    black leather

    Oh, and I hope the front glass is curved around the edges like my S3. Makes swiping for pie controls awesome.

  39. I’ve always said wood would be great

    1. Thats what she said.

  40. Would love wood. Pleased to do bamboo. Metal? No signal. Cloth? SHAG!

  41. Seriously………………………is this a late April Fools joke? This is worst fake rumor I have ever heard. At least tell us something believable, SMH, I want the 60 seconds back I wasted reading this.

  42. carrier exclusives, this sounds really great…

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