Roadmap leak tips possible HTC One and Moto X release dates on Verizon Wireless



When Verizon Wireless announced that they’d soon be carrying the HTC One on their network, many customers let out a sigh of relief. Arguably one of the best Android devices on the market, it was comforting for most to know that it was, in fact, coming… we just weren’t given any solid date other than a summer time launch.

Today, a leaked Verizon Wireless roadmap may provide us with some clues as to when Verizon at the very least, hopes to release the HTC One. According to the roadmap obtained by PhoneArena, the HTC One could launch as early as August 1st. Still a little later than some would have liked, we’re sure Verizon is busy tramp stamping the device with their trademark logo.

What’s more is we’re also seeing the Moto X appear on the leaked doc, showing an August 23rd launch date for Verizon. Keep in mind that while we’re sure you’ll be able to purchase and “design” the device online direct through Motorola, the device appearing in stores will most likely be your standard all black/white model. While none of these dates are set in stone (you’ll notice a complete absence of the Droid Ultra line), it could give us a better indication on when to expect these devices. Start saving those pennies!



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  1. Saw this list on another site but decided to look again. Yup, it still sucks!

  2. Droid Ultra destroys them both.

    1. Oooh, you must know something the rest of us don’t… Care to share, or under NDA?

  3. Just in time for the release of the HTC One+. :P

  4. Just in time for the next HTC device to be released on all other major carriers with a Snapdragon 800.

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      Saw this list on another site but decided to look again. Yup, it still sucks!

    2. if htc is smart the next device they release will be the butterfly… not a One device… and they should maintain two separate flagships

      1. Butterfly S? That one is so hot. I had been hoping that VZW would have released this. They never fail to disappoint!

  5. At first I was excited…and then I saw it was the same date as the NFL app. Awesome, now I can have the bloatware forced on me for my next phone just like on my Droid Razr. Super =|

    1. It’s still Verizon, what did you expect?

      1. Lowered expectaaaaaaaations. At least they have the best coverage =|

        1. but u have to pay through ass for it

          1. You gotta pay to play on the best coverage.

          2. If you want the best, you have to pay for it. If you can’t afford it, then move along.

        2. I’ve compared T-Mobile and VZW for months. In city limits, outside on the street, they are usually comparable. Inside buildings, Verizon usually wins by at least a generation (4G vs. 3G but usually 2G). Outside of city limits, you may not have anything at all on T-Mo but still be rocking 3G or even 4G in some small towns on VZW.

          I hate the red devil, but he is the best at the game he plays.

          1. Yep, I’ve found the same!

    2. Hey hey I’m actually forward to using the nfl app

  6. Nice that the release of the One and Moto X are 3 weeks apart…right outside of the return window

    1. So don’t get the One in the 1st week. Right?

      1. No way in hell could I wait knowing it’s finally freaking here.

  7. Soon, soon my precious comes. Those tricksie verizionees, gollum gollum

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