Jul 11th, 2013


When Verizon Wireless announced that they’d soon be carrying the HTC One on their network, many customers let out a sigh of relief. Arguably one of the best Android devices on the market, it was comforting for most to know that it was, in fact, coming… we just weren’t given any solid date other than a summer time launch.

Today, a leaked Verizon Wireless roadmap may provide us with some clues as to when Verizon at the very least, hopes to release the HTC One. According to the roadmap obtained by PhoneArena, the HTC One could launch as early as August 1st. Still a little later than some would have liked, we’re sure Verizon is busy tramp stamping the device with their trademark logo.

What’s more is we’re also seeing the Moto X appear on the leaked doc, showing an August 23rd launch date for Verizon. Keep in mind that while we’re sure you’ll be able to purchase and “design” the device online direct through Motorola, the device appearing in stores will most likely be your standard all black/white model. While none of these dates are set in stone (you’ll notice a complete absence of the Droid Ultra line), it could give us a better indication on when to expect these devices. Start saving those pennies!



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