Sprint officially announces new Unlimited My Way and All-in plans



After finding itself leaked only yesterday, today Sprint is ready to make their new “Unlimited, My Way” and “All-in” plans official. For $80 a month, Unlimited My Way will nab you unlimited talk, text, and data, for a single line on Sprint’s network. As highlighted yesterday, customers can also enjoy discounts when adding multiple lines to an account.


All-in will get you unlimited everything (just like Unlimited My Way), but adds 5GB of mobile hotspot for $110. What’s interesting is Sprint’s new “Unlimited Guarantee” which allows customers to lock-in these prices, not just for the length of their contract, but for life. Seems Sprint might have other plans for “unlimited” data in the coming years? The plans and the guarantee goes live tomorrow.


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  1. I hope they make it easy to determine what your bill could be if you switch over….between all the nickles and dimes everywhere, I don’t even know how it would compare to my current bill. I guess I could get a fairly close idea if I got out the calculator.

    1. Yeah, pretty much these new plans are an improvement in that you can add up to 10 people for a family plan (as opposed to 5 previously), and instead of 1,500 shared minutes, you get unlimited, including calls to landlines.

      1. But the 1500 shared minutes only applies to landlines/800 numbers (from 7am-6:59pm). Everything else is unlimited – any mobile to mobile (regardless of provider), Unlimited nights 7pm-6:59am and weekends (mobile or landlines).

    2. It would be around 150 or 160 including taxes. If you have two smart phone and two basic with no data.

      1. It is $150 for two smartphones…. if you add two more non-smartphones it would be $190-$210 depending if you wanted data on those non-smartphones.

        1. Ya I was wrong on that one. The plan are weird. I will just keep upgrading my family plan. They honor existing plans

  2. Apparently they are also allowing up to 10 lines on a single non business plan

  3. Now that people use less minutes and more data, carriers are making voice minutes unlimited….go figure….

  4. The value is in adding multiple lines. They want to get all your friends and family hooked on the plan. Smart move by Sprint.

  5. You mean one drop at a time with a plastic bag over your mouth.

    1. One splash at a time.. And you have to catch it through your nose and hope it passes through.

  6. Looks like we’re finally leaving Sprint/Nextel after 15 years of combined loyalty in some capacity.

    Currently paying $149.54 for 2x unlimited lines after 18% corp discount (-$19.80) and all surcharges, fees, and taxes ($19.85).

    With the new plans we’ll bee seeing an increase of $108.12 a year/$9.01 a month.. No thanks, not falling for their games again. We were patient and paid the Wimax fee, which we never saw.. The rules changed and we paid a “premium data” fee.. 3x LTE devices later we finally receive 4G LTE but we’re seeing speeds of 1-3 Mbps at best during off hours.. Which is spotty while being very close by, EVDO comes in at > 350ms and 0.5 Mbps at best. Also worth mentioning they passed our area during LTE deployment and came back, ended up being 8 months behind schedule.. and it’s still slow. LTE 800 capabale devices are Q3-Q4 and I bet we’d go through 2-3x devices again before we actually see it.

    $50 Line1 + $40 Line2 + $60 UnlData – $10.80 18% Corp Discount + $19.35 Surcharges, Fees, and Taxes = $158.55

    Sprint is effectively cutting my corporate discount in half. We’ll transition over to Ting (Sprint MVNO owned by Tucows) as our contracts end and then look closely at a T-Mob or supporting MVNO.

    1. You sure are right bud…That data everything plan was wiped out from their plan section. I’m so pissed because they havent specified their stance when it comes to upgrades that are currently on my line. If my best friend or his girlfriend were to upgrade I take a huge chance in this crap going up. I did a rough estimate for my plan and im looking at another 10 to 15 as well on the bill and i dont have a corporate discount….so if we spend 73.77p/m aprx between 3 im looking at $83-86p/m if i was to take this. if i were to remove the TEP program i’d find it cheaper….but dammit….They are on the road to taking away unlimited data……i just called both my friend and his girl and told them to not due upgrades under any circumstances

      1. You know if you upgrade you can ask for your current plan. This new one is only good if you have more people or if you had the unlimited everything before. I would switch to t mobile but they have bad service in MI.

        1. My bill with sprint with the Everything data 1500 for 3 lines is apprx $221 TEP & taxes included…already tried calculating as a new customer and found my bill jumps to $243. thats with TEP plan included for all 3 phones. now add taxes and its going up to 255-265 somewhere around there….I dont think its gonna be any cheaper for 4-6 lines. They took off the Premium data fee officially on the my-way plan, but im guessing they realized based on 3 lines you can collect the premium data fee & TEP anyway and add on another 20-35 bucks on the bill and make some more. whether you have tep or not included your going to see the bill rise regarless for you.Those who have 4-10 lines need to just calculate and compare and let me know if its cheaper…

          1. The the 4 phone and beyond is 50 dollar. The family plan only support up to 5 line. I have a 20% discount, so I am is a lot cheaper cor me.

          2. Glad it worked out better for you friend….As long as the plan helps some ppl.

          3. Liar.

          4. And what might I be lying about my great trolling friend.

          5. I’ve got 5 lines on a 1600 Everything Plus plan and my bill runs about $230/month all in.

      2. Wow yeah, I just saw that too! If the past has shown us anything they will attempt to phase out our plans in two ways. The first way is they will not allow us subsidized prices on new handsets. The second way comes a bit later but they will restrict our ability to activate certain handsets (newer) on our type of lines. I believe since online activation are possible you can get away with the second one but if you were to call in they would like to you about not being able to activate the device on the line due to the type of line.

        I don’t think Ting would be a good choice for you as you have friends on your account. Going to an MVNO requires you to monitor your usage but you do stand to save a bunch if you succeed. I would see how T-Mobile service is in your area and recommend you try them out. In our area we have 42 Mbps HSPA+ and actual 4G LTE just 20 minutes away. The coverage is solid and the data rates are sick on my friends devices.

        1. Idiot.

  7. i like these plans…to me they seem better that what sprint was previously offering

  8. So, these plans are not really better I think. my current bill for a 4 line, 4 data is probably 220 when it’s all said and done for smart phones. With this new model, it’d be 40 more before you include things like fees and taxes.

    1. Wrong

  9. user with employee discount get screw with this plan ,because they just apply the discount to the $30 data . Not good .

    1. Wrong.

  10. Looks like Sprint is pushing me to T-mobile if they ever get better coverage in my area of MD. I couldn’t even get service half the time when I had T-mobile a few years back. WOuld be right beside a kiosk in the mall and couldn’t dial out.

  11. When I compare these prices to T-Mobile’s there really is no comparison.

    Sprint 4 line family plan w/ unlimited data:
    $50+40+30+20= $140 plus $30×4 for data = $260 (before taxes & fees)

    T-Mobile 4 line family plan w/ unlimited data
    $50+30+10+10 = $100 plus $20×4 for data = $180 (before taxes & fees).

    This isn’t even comparing LTE rollouts. T-Mobile appears to have passed Sprint very quickly, and left them in the dust in both LTE markets and data speeds. It would probably be wise for folks to test current T-Mobile coverage in their area, as it is much improved over even just a year ago.

    1. Wrong again asshat

  12. I wish they’d offer a low-minutes plan with unlimited data. That’d actually be something I use. I have 4 phones on my plan, and we seldom go over 200 minutes of actual talk time to land line phones.

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