Taylor Swift ports Android 4.3 “Google Play edition” to Sony Xperia Z — No, really


Taylor Swift rom

Chatting it up on Twitter, I noticed a conversation between my peers that Android 4.3 has been successfully ported to just about every phone on the planet, with, oddly enough, the exception of the Nexus 4. This was more or less confirmed after hitting up XDA and discovering an Android 4.3 ROM running on the Sony Xperia Z.

The port — still extremely beta — is being handled by none other than Taylor_Swift (not that Taylor Swift… I don’t think) and while these builds aren’t being built from source, thanks to leaked Google Play edition system dumps, they’ve found a home on many GSM devices such as the Sony Xperia Z. One of the sexier Android devices on the market, the Google Play edition ROM transforms the device into the Robin Thicke of Android devices thanks to a stock Android experience, and a few bugs.

Most issues involved in the ROM can be fixed by flashing a simple zip file (root), or by removing and reinstalling an app or two (Chrome). Nothing too difficult for your average ROM flashing addict. Anyone with an Xperia Z manage to get this ROM up and running on their device?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. ^^ what a douche

      1. “Subzero is now just plain zero”

        1. zero fuks i give XD

          1. It shows


          3. Yet you reply.

          4. yet you butt in..

  2. chris, you REALLY like robin thicke, don’t you?

    1. Why do you think Chris’ got his hair style?

  3. Honestly if the *singer* Taylor Swift did this, she’d really be my dream girl

    1. Until she broke up with you and made a song about it.

      “All he ever did was flash
      So I said bye and left his ass”

      1. All he ever did was root
        But he never gave me a root

      2. :)

        1. “Song noise song noise, penis!”

      3. worth it

    2. She’s crazy……I wouldn’t touch her with ANYONE’S d*ck

      1. bull

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            No. They’re PR stunts. Both parties benefit from the press attention and is usually when the guy has something to promote.

          2. Well she’s definitely made a truck load of money from songs she wrote about her ex-boyfriends….have you seen this video? http://youtu.be/JnaZW5Hf9_0

      2. I would

    3. “So I married my dream girl, I married my dream girl, but she didn’t tell me her credit was bad…”

  4. Will it domesticate me? o_O

  5. did you even read the thread. the ROM is broken the links have been pulled and people are questioning his skill.

    1. Guess Taylor Swift should stick to singing.

  6. Some people will be Taylor Swifting after it…

    1. I’d rather Faith Hill it.

  7. Who is Taylor Swift?

    1. shame on you right now… bahhhhhhhhhhh

      1. ANd who are you?

  8. I’m suddenly forced to re-evaluate my stereotype of blondes. Or at least I must remind myself not all blondes hail from the land of Nokia.

  9. Probably the weirdest headline I’ve read in awhile

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