Study says Galaxy S4 is the ‘most loved’ handset on the market


galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

If you were to take sum up the sentiments of folks across the internet following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the consensus would be that individuals far and wide are enamored with the handset. That’s what the findings of We Are Social suggest, anyway. Trawling the depths of social media, the blogosphere, and forums, the group found that only 11 percent registered as complaints, according to The Daily Mail.

Compare that to the iPhone 5, which actually ranked as the “most hated” handset on the market. 20 percent of posts about the phone were complaints. That goes for 18 percent of posts pertaining to the BlackBerry Z10 and 15 percent of those for the Nokia Lumia 920.

We’d say the study is far from conclusive, but it provides a glimpse into popular reaction to the launch of four major smartphones for four major platforms. But the internet has spoken. They love the Galaxy S4.

[via The Daily Mail]

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  1. hey! check evleaks!!! they clarified the names and their number/letters

    1. Wh..what… Dude, you’re in the wrong thread. Maybe send them an email next time, or something like that?

      BREAKING: Kanye West’s sister’s husband names his dog North South East West. Spread the word!

      1. wow…lol, when did i post that on this website? recently? i don’t even remember…

        1. Alcohol is fun? :-P Yes, let’s go with that one! :-P

      2. I guess your brother would be Nuclear Thingamagidget

  2. I wonder what the numbers on the HTC One would be. :) I love this phone

    1. Yeah, wife got the One, I got the S4, only because of the removable battery and expandable storage. But boy am I jealous of her phone, anyway!

      1. Yes, I really do miss the external storage. And how easy it is to switch between phones.

    2. I don’t have the One, i don’t even intend to buy it (i’m a phablet guy), but i love it.

  3. I can’t believe iPhone 5 is most hated?

    I’m no Apple fanboy (but was back in the 1980’s and 1990’s).

    I would have expected the Windows phones to be the most hated.

    Oh, wait.

    In order for a Windows Phone to be hated, it would have to be owned by someone who is not a Microsoft fanboy.

    No matter what flaws a Windows phone has, they are features, not flaws to the owners.

    Nevermind. :-)

    1. dont know why the windows phone hate…i think it has the sleekest coolest looking ui…just to simplistic for me…huge android fanboy here

      1. ditto exactly

    2. Have you ever tried a WP8? Or the ignorance is using your fingers to type.

      1. I have. And I stopped.

        1. You probably cant handle the speed and smoothness.

          1. Sure, if that makes you feel any better. But my Quad-core Nexus 4 would disagree with you. Or maybe it was having to “Bing it.”


          2. My Nexus 4 lags.

          3. Or the lack of features

    3. You’re showing your age. It’s time to get off!

      1. Imagine an app that checks your GPS location and obtains from the cloud a
        list of bounded rectangles or polygons describing nearby areas.

        As you move, the app could update the list of bounded polygons so that
        it maintains an up to date list of these areas within, say, a mile radius. That
        way it doesn’t have to update very often.

        By comparing your current GPS coordinates with the nearby polygons, the app would be able to alert you, in advance, that you are
        about to cross onto an unwelcoming older person’s lawn. The obvious title would be the “get off my lawn” app.

        This should be easier than an app such as Grindr, because the nearby polygons are stationary.

        1. What.

          1. I’m showing my age. Get off my lawn! :-)

          2. Lol, alright mate.

    4. Have u ever used windows phone? It’s actually a very slick OS with less lag than Android most of the time. Plus it has this great performance normally only having dual core unlike android that relies on quadcore now to deliver best possible performance. I love Android but don’t knock Windows if you haven’t tried it.

      1. I have and it has an annoyingly boring UI. It also uses Bing (the MySpace of search). It doesn’t perform any faster or smoother than my Nexus 4, and it’s app store is terrible. Let’s not even talk about the fact that it’s best phone- the Lumia 920- is a heavy, chunky brick.

        Oh, and let’s not forget that the live tiles aren’t nearly as flexible or functional as Android’s widgets. There are reasons why WP8 doesn’t sell.

        Other than a few Microsoft fanboys, most people don’t want it.

  4. It’s just a bias. If anything then iPhone is the most hyped phone on the internet, but actually most loved by its users. I hear Samsung owners (yes, even those with S4) complaining about their devices and I can see why. Ugly non-cohesive UI, bloated Android, ton of unuseful features nobody uses in real-life… Software is the main thing. It’s the main thing because all the time we interact with our phones, it’s the software that is crucial to our experience. And I’m saying this as a Android fanboy. I actually owned all Nexus devices and I still freaking love ’em (and owned a lot of Galaxy devices too).

    1. I partly share your view on the software front. It’s important but I’d say it’s 50/50 for me. Software/Hardware features and other capabilities. The hardware needs to be solid, reliable and a bit future-proof. Software on a device can be improved/fixed/updated.

      That’s why I made the switch to Android two years ago after using an iPhone since the 3GS. I grew tired of waiting for the latest exploit for the current iOS so that I could Jailbreak it and get my iPhone the way I wanted.

      I can take a great device like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and if I’m not completely satisfied with the out-of-the-box look of the software I can root and flash a custom ROM I find to be stable and fun to use. Dev support is so big now for these flagship Android devices that you can spend a good amount of time researching different custom ROMs and testing and ultimately sticking to one that suits your needs/wants.

      It’s fun. It’s a learning experience. It’s consumers getting what they want. Cheers Android.

      1. Same here, switched from iPhone to Android last fall and don’t see myself going back. Couldn’t stand jailbreaking anymore and I wanted to be able to customize my phone. Although now I find myself being annoyed that my phone doesn’t have the latest version of android (do not want to flash a custom ROM)…

        1. I can understand that as well. I’m perfectly happy with my 4.1.2 ROM. It’s just so damn stable and battery life has been so good to me.

        2. Don’t worry too much about it… 4.2 was more of a downgrade to 4.1 Bluetooth stack somewhat crippled, CIFS completely broken, USB OTG severely gimped, etc.

          1. It’s silly, but the only feature feature I want out of 4.2 is the lockscreen widget :). I’m on 4.1.2 right now.

      2. I completely share your view as a Android enthusiast and yeah… Projects like CyanogenMod, for us, are a salvation. I just don’t think that I expressed myself clear enough. I think about this, what we’re talking about, from a standpoint of an avarage customer. And yeah, consumers should really choose and know what they really want, but let’s be honest, most of the time, they don’t.

        We live in a world, where the marketing has the final word. I really liked Samsung, but for me, since the introduction of S III, they just throw same looking devices (for me insanely ugly) with no more design ideas, same looking drugged Android with their don’tcallitTouchWiz Nature UI, all graduated by 0.001 inches from 3″ to 10″. And in the last year, i got really bored of Samsung, same as once, lot of other got bored with iPhone. Yeah. And I see this changing mood about Samsung all around me. And I also see a lot of people returing and sending their Samsung devices on RMA. Still, love my Nexus 4 :)

        1. Yeah that Nexus 4 sure is perty.

          I’m not too bothered with Samsung’s current designs on their flagships. Similar stuff for quite some time now your right but their products are still fulfilling me needs/wants so I’ll continue using them.

          If I can have a new, sleek, lovely design like the HTC One with all the capabilities Samsung has giving me in the past (removable battery/SD Card support) then I’d buy that.

    2. non-cohesive UI? yeah….. so you don’t know what cohesive means. Because it’s the most cohesive UI Android has.

      1. Lol sure it is.

        1. Thanks for agreeing. Because it is undeniably the most cohesive version of Android.

      2. Cohesive through their Nature UI and those amazing Samsung Apps that everybody uses, yeah. In terms of Android design guidelines? Nope dude. If you love it, I have no problem with it, keep on loving it ;D I’m just saying how it is…

        1. How many apps follow the “design guidelines,” precisely? Not many you say? So yeah, the menu button – the only nonconforming thing, is still quite required… Since, ya know, they’re for app designs and really are meant to draw system resources instead of running a full framework. But yes… Cohesive in that things flow together like they should, where stock doesn’t. Cohesive in that notification toggles work like they should, a single tap. Simple things like Facebook contact syncing out of the box instead of requiring additional apps. Yeah… Cohesive. As in, it actually makes sense and is easy to use. Something stock continues to improve on, but is a long ways away from. As in different time zones far away.

          1. I actually care about that how many apps use these guidelines. There are a LOT of them and more and more developers follow them. Of course, there are also many big developers, who don’t give a damn about it, they still use their own shitty lagging frameworks without menu button, and they didn’t release an acceptable app to date (yeah, Facebook). When there is a system nav bar, the menu button appears as 3 dots in right corner, but on awesome phones without nav bar like the One, it’s a shame… Come on developers… Make us love Android as it is. Aaaand stock Android has NOT any simple “notification toggles” like Samsung did on their phones. It’s Quick Control and each of the buttons work differently. And I like it.

            Still doesn’t change anything about the fact, that when you switch apps and browse in system in Samsung devices… It feels so… inconsistent… unaesthetic… tasteless… Funky colors everywhere, weird animations, there isn’t really a system in it. Noncohesive. Everybody knows it and feels it.

  5. I own an iPhone, a windows phone, a blackberry, and a few androids since I work in tech support. I recommend the windows phone to all the disgruntled iPhone users I talk to, and I recommend androids to everyone else.

    1. I can understand that.

    2. I don’t thinks you should recommend any phone to someone who can’t understand an iPhone. Both of my 70+ year old grandmas figured out theirs.

      1. That’s not what he said

        1. He is in tech support so he helps people who can’t understand their tech. So what are you saying “that’s not what he said” about?

          1. disgruntled, not confused, not clueless. People who used to like, but are no longer happy with, the iPhone.

          2. That’s definitely not what tech support is for. They’re for helping fix issues with devices that are malfunctioning.

          3. Wow, you have a narrow view of tech support. Anyone who wants their electronic device to do something that they don’t know how to make it do would revert to their company’s tech support guy. So, yeah, he’d have to explain to the poor iPhonies that no, they can’t attach whatever they want to that e-mail, or no, they don’t have a file browser, or now, getting THIS over to THAT is a 12 step process because iPhone has no intents. That sort of thing would make them disgruntled, but not having to deal with a malfunction.

            I’m not a tech support guy, but I am a known techie at work. I get asked how to make smartphones and tablets do all sorts of crazy stuff. One guy dropped a tablet off of the roof of his truck, destroyed the screen, and wanted to get the data off of it. I pointed him to Android Lost, and he was able to retrieve all of his important docs and photos via WiFi.

          4. Tech support fixes things, not recommends things. I think he means people outside of his work, such as friends and family.

        2. 75% of tech support is telling someone they can’t do something or walking them through something they can do. The other 25% is actually fixing something and most tech support companies outright forbid their reps from recommending anything to end-users, so Pr0xidian is likely talking about off-duty recommends.

    3. I love Android, but I really don’t know any disgruntled iPhone users. Sure it lacks a ton of power/features that Android has, but the average person doesn’t care about them.

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  6. The phone is newer, so it’s stands to reason, A lot of people are in the honeymoon period. They haven’t seen other, newer phones come out, triggering buyer’s remorse.

  7. Wait….If the iPhone is the most hated, why did people wait in line for hours to buy one? That would just plain stupid…….Oh wait.

    1. They don’t know they hate it until after they buy it.

  8. Kevin keeps posting here even though he moved to iSource a few months ago. Why aren’t Phandroid editors writing for iSource?

    1. I’m guessing apple news isn’t doing so good

  9. I really don’t understand continued posts about how a phone looks. The first thing I do with my $400-$700 investment is buy a protective case.

    I almost never see the exterior on my phone.

    1. if imspending 4-700 on a device i expect build quality…not a bunch of cheap parts bunched together hid by a big pretty screen

      1. +1

      2. My S4 looks and feels great in the case I have for it ;)

      3. So what $4-700 indestructible phone do you have?

        1. Its called not dropping it.

          1. I guess you don’t have car or homeowners/flood insurance because it’s called not crashing it and not letting it burn or flood?

      4. I will go for the phone that has cheaper Polycarbonate body vs Aluminun rather than having a neutered phone by company choice.. Having no SD card slot, no replaceable bigger battery, thick, heavy and having big bezel is not actually what I call $400-700 phone.

    2. That doesn’t mean everyone does. I’ve yet to use a case on any phone i’ve ever owned.

  10. I’ve had a HTC one and its so over rated. Besides the point its made out of metal or whatever is why so many people love it. But other than that there is nothing about. It doesn’t feel good in the hand and the button arrangement is terrible. Why have a home button at the top when the phone is already that big. Its just over rated I got rid of that phone quick!

    1. First person I’ve seen to bash the One on this site, good job my friend.

  11. Well, we can’t seem to love thy neighbor…I guess fixating and obsessing over hand held rectangles is the next best thing.


  12. Limited sample size.

  13. Kevin Krause, please stop posting on Phandroid. You Apple troll!

  14. An article by Kevin that isn’t anti-Android? Something fishy is going on here.

  15. In shocked….. Really I am. I that the iPhone would be the most loved.

  16. just watching tennis at espn 3 this morning, my gnote2 consume 30% of battery for around 2 hours,
    while my hTc One at 36% for 47 minutes. So Samsung still friendly phone for me.

  17. Let’s be honest here, Samsung has a fine handset with the GS4, regardless you like plastic or not.

    1. Agreed, it’s the top Android phone IMO (I can’t get over the bezel on the One). However I still can’t stand TouchWiz and the Google Edition really seems like the way to go, if only it had a $199 on contract option.

      1. Really? TouchWiz is what makes the S4 great in my opinion. Stock and it’s just another featureless Nexus..

  18. The best phone ever. Love it.

  19. Yep… I loved my S4 Active so much that I returned it today and got a black HTC One.

  20. I would like to know where the HTC One ranks on this list…

    1. You’ll probably find it on the list of ‘most loved fashion accessories’, where it belongs :P

  21. Samsung LIKES this.

  22. I sure LOVE my Note II (LOVED TO BITS my OG Note) and wouldn’t change it for anything on the market today even if I was paid to…

  23. Not sure about the methodology but the S4 is a terrific little conputer/communicator. Just switched from an iPhone 4s and couldn’t be happier with the choice. The big screen alone is worth it.

  24. ppl suggest htc one to everyone b’coz of the premium build with aluminum uni body shell but consumers place a plastic case on it just to maintain the premium-ness of it so my point is whats the use of buying it when u r gonna place a plastic case anyway it just adds weight nothing else..

    1. I have a book cover type case on it. It protects but still allows the beauty of the One to show.

  25. I guess i’m a little bit confused on the context but it seems to me that there are alot more iphone 5’s out there than all of those other phones combined so it seems like an odd comparison. I’m not sure if the percentage is all the complaints as a whole or just all of the comments on the specific phone as a whole.

  26. Hire a copy editor.

  27. Biggest load of crap! We are social are actually a PR company, in other words are as honest as a politician talking about his financial donors in my mind!
    Sent from my xperia z

  28. “We’d say the study is far from conclusive, but ”

    Once again Phandroid using sleazy tactics to get people to comment on their articles…

    1. There’s only one way to make it stop and you failed to do that.

      1. Fully expected someone to say that; now I can say in response: it’s worth seeding the idea.

        1. I’m afraid the field is infertile.

          1. Why is that?

  29. The g4 is totally amazing. Does everything. 3 months never froze or had any problems

  30. If it wasn’t for the lag on the home screen and lock screen I would get the s4 It also spent seem that Samsung is pushing the update that fixes storage issue 16gb only has 8.66gb free for apps and game yah it has an sd card but you can’t move games and apps to the sd card.

    1. I have no lag on lock or home (unless a half-second is “lag” to you) and it’s ~10GB for sd card and internal (it’s shared). The rest of it is system and cache (2GB each) and a few other things with less than 100MB each.

  31. Samsung Galaxy S4 is most popular smart phone in the year 2013.Samsung had recently clarified that the company might be launching Android powered NX cameras, and here is the next logical answer. TheSamsung Galaxy NX is Samsung’s answer to a market that does not yet exist; AnInter-changable lens camera with Android 4.2 to boot.It’s street price Rs.- 40,990/- on shopbychoice .

  32. hey i am using galaxy s4 no doubt it’s a phone i can’t express in words.i own an iphone before,i can never understand why people are crazy over an iphone.starting fromthe screen size,it’s just 4 ” that will not make your experience great with watching high-end videos or photography or gaming.1.3 ghZ processor is relly like nothing against galaxy 4’s 1.6 or 1.9 GHz processor.
    but now a days i m mad over nexus 5 and surely replace my s4 with n5.i have never think of 2.3 Hz processor,4 gb ram,insane camera with gps support ultrahd video recording.these features are driving me crazy.i have found these great features on http://www.nexus5us.com

  33. I’d never recommend a Windows Phone. Not because of its features, but because of Microsoft’s history of updating phone OSes that are incompatible with hardware that’s only six months old. And creating phone OSes that make purchased apps obsolete, so the developers stop maintaining them. Microsoft even closed an app store once, screwing everyone who had a Windows phone. Never again!

    When they prove that they are committed to customers who sign on with their OS for the entire length of their 2 year contract over a couple of generations of OS, I’ll consider a Windows phone again.

  34. LOL this is so biased. Every neutral tech website says iPhone 5 is the most loved smartphone and the highest ranked phone in customer satisfaction studies.

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