Jul 3rd, 2013

Moto X back

Yesterday we saw Motorola’s latest print ad teasing the arrival of their upcoming Moto X device as part of their new “Google owned” makeover. In the ad, there wasn’t a picture of said device or even its “must have” features, only that it was being assembled in the US, and the real kicker that got everyone’s undies in a bunch: a device that users would be able to “design” themselves.

What did this mean exactly? Well, no one knew for sure. Many suspected that they’d be able to customize a device with the appropriate specs to meet their needs (and wallets), as well as a few color options. Well, if the latest news coming out of ABC pans out, you may be left disappointed.

According to ABC News, Moto X buyers will be able to hop onto Motorola’s upcoming website where they will be able to choose a variety of color options — one for the back of the device, and another for the “trim.” From there, users can engrave the device with a name or special message, whatever they like. After that, they’ll be able to upload a photo to be used as a wallpaper. And…. well, that’s about it.

Of course, nothing is set in stone but we’d imagine those mid-range specs we’ve been hearing so much about are true, and will be the only model available for the Moto X. Of course, this could leave spec chasers and hardcore Android fans looking elsewhere. Anyone disappointed by this (alleged) news?

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