Geohot releases quick and easily root app for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active [DOWNLOAD]


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active rooted Geohot

Following up with yesterday’s post where you told you about acclaimed hacker/modder Geohot rooting his Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, well, it looks like he can finally claim that bounty. Mr. Hotz has done more than simply reveal the root method, he’s actually provided a handy app that roots the device for you. No mess, no fuss. Simply sideload the apk, run activeroot, and you’re good to go.

If you’re viewing this on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, hit up Geohot’s download page here to sideload the app. Keep in mind that this is only for root access in the stock ROM, and is only a starting point for those that want to install custom recoveries and ROMs onto their S4 Active. Enjoy.


Chris Chavez
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  1. This is the Idiot who stopped me from using ubuntu on my PS3 !!

    I didn’t start to hate or ban Sony products but I started to hate this arrogant Idiots attitude whose only job is to boo Sony !! Retard !!

    1. He was too busy getting taken to court by Sony to take down PSN, you’re haitng the wrong person

      1. Not for taking down the PSN but for exploiting the Linux option given by Sony to mainly enable pirated games, but he sidetracked that and said he did that for Homebrew and PS2 Emulation.Such a looser was he that he still continues to campaign ‘Not to buy any SONY products’.

        1. as Keith explained I am blown away that a mother can earn $5899 in a few weeks on the internet. have you read this site w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

        2. Dude…he made it where you could put your own homebrew stuff on there. On what he released, he specifically made it be difficult to pirate games. If you chose to go further to make it easy to run pirated games, then you are the person to blame, not Mr. Hotz. I don’t know what you are saying he is looser than, but I do agree with him and I refuse to buy any Sony products. Sony is notorious for screwing over their customers, and the customers are silly enough to just bend over, spread their cheeks, and take it. Let’s see here, Sony committed tax evasion(sold game consoles as “computer entertainment systems” in order to dodge the higher tax rates in many countries, which the gaming console could no longer be considered after the firmware update), theft(taking away either OtherOS or the ability to play any new games, which were things you had paid for), false advertising(still selling models stating that they could run Linux on the box when the functionality had been stolen by a firmware update), refused to honor warranties(this was on an older console, but the disc drive on the PS2 was known to have common failures, yet Sony would do nothing to help the customers), and a whole plethora of other pretty messed up things, and you defend them. Yet, Mr. Hotz gives you more functionality than that company you are defending, he did it for free, and somehow you think he is the bad guy? Seems to me that he is just helping people get the most out of the things they have paid for. Maybe you should take a look at the two parties in question and really think about which one is the bad guy. Take a look at ALL the things Sony has done to screw over their customers. After you do, it becomes pretty clear why we should let the losers at Sony suffer horrible sales. It is just a way of saying “thanks” to them for screwing over their loyal customers.

    2. He’s not the reason sony did away with OtherOS. Linux sucked on PS3 anyway w/ no hardware acceleration.

      1. That was not true !!

        1. whats not true? That it didn’t have hardware acceleration? It didn’t. I used Linux on my PS3, and it wasn’t that useful since Sony locked it down and limited it’s access to the hardware – GPU.

    3. Here’s an interesting comment from a similar article in Android Central !!

      1. Not that I care much, but he didn’t steal code for the root. He said he used a known vuln he didn’t find. He created a simple app so people can root their phones, which was what people wanted – to root their phone. Stop hating because you didn’t do it, or can’t.

    4. I’d like to see you hack an un-hackable console.

  2. Geo a beast I don’t care how much you hate him. He is one person I would surely ban from coming near my comp lol

  3. Question… Does this root method work with the gs4 non active?

    1. That’s what I want to know as well

  4. Saurik, geohot their all coming to android :D

    1. Is Saurik onto the Android scene now?

      1. yep Saurik got some stuff out for Android, now.

  5. GeoBeast #lad

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