Ingress update brings new fire mode, inventory sorting, portal hack animations, and more


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I have to admit, after giving Ingress a shot many moons ago, I just couldn’t find myself getting into it. That’s not to say the game isn’t any good, or that it doesn’t already have a huge following (a buddy of mine and his gf play every – single – day). For those unaware, Ingress is an augmented reality-based, king of the hill game where players compete in both the real and virtual world to gain control of locations on a map dubbed “portals.” Let’s just say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever played.

Still in closed beta, Ingress has been updated in the Play Store today to version 1.30.2, bringing a slew of new enhancements along with the usual bug fixes. The Enlightened and Resistance can now enjoy new inventory sorting controls, fire mode, portal hack animations, player welcome screens and more. To grab the update, head on over the Play Store right now. If you’re not already in, request an invite from the official website here.

[Ingress on Google Play]

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  1. If you try to play alone, you will get bored and quit. What really turns this game into something special is when you join a local community; it makes the game feel more real.

    1. How would one find this local community?

      1. Once you start playing, they will find you. The faction communities are private so you can’t see anything in them yet. Easiest thing to do is go on google+ and search for your city or county in the communities tab.

        1. Hmm… I may have more use of Google+. I just started and I can see that there seems to be some type of “chat” on the bottom showing things that has happened.

          I’ll go take a look on Google+ as well once I get this game started. I think I can see myself having something to do when I’m walking around.

          This will give me a reason to go walk the dog and ride my bike for some exercise. LoL!!

          1. As you level up you will find yourself walking further and further until walking around an entire city doesn’t seem so bad…and you won’t even realize it.

            Once you get to the higher levels you will become heavily involved with the people in your area and do large meetups at historic sites, bars, or festive events.

          2. “This will give me a reason to go walk the dog and ride my bike for some exercise.”

            Honestly, that’s the best thing I’ve found about the game. I walk all over the place now, and have discovered things in my city and neighborhood that I didn’t know existed.

            The dog is happy about it, too.

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  2. Hmm… Apparently I already had an activation code way back from this January. LoL!!

  3. Boring ass game…..This is for people who don’t have jobs, or families. If you’re a hipster skater, this is PERFECT for you.

    1. LOL there is a saying in our community that the Resistance side seems to be full of more of the kind of person you just described, while the Enlightened seem to be well employed and comparatively successful.

      I can’t say if this is true outside of my very small area, but it is bit of a local joke.

      1. Having said that, it is not nearly as much fun until you start meeting people, which is when the fun skyrockets.

        1. I think the problem with the game is that it depends on your area. If I could ride my bike around or jog around and play it would be a great exercise tool.

          I was lucky that there was one point close to my house but to really play you need to hit many many points and you also have to have opposition. Without either of those it can become pointless to play. I don’t’ have time to drive 30 minutes to play this.

          Living on the edge of a city is bad. Living in a rural area or small town is utterly pointless.

    2. I have a job and two kids. The game is what you make of it.

    3. You mean this is for people who don’t sit on their lazy ass all day?

  4. Ping me for an invite

  5. gave up on this thing months ago

  6. I just started playing and i’m enjoying it thus far. I can think of a few features though, that would add a couple of layers of complexity.

  7. Looks like 1.30.2 is not for every device. Neither my RAZR, nor Note 10.1 recieved this update.

    1. They do staggered rollouts, so not everyone gets it at the same time.

    2. It is a gradual rollout, you may have just not received the update yet.

  8. It’s not augmented reality. Also just going to the Play Store does not necessarily mean you can update. I visited the Play Store after the release and an update was not available for me. I did receive the update last night though.

  9. The group behind Ingress is obviously full of middle management types that have lots of meetings that go something like this:

    “How can we slow down and bloat this game further?”

    “Let’s make them drop and pick everything up one by one.”

    “Great idea!”

    “Oh! And let’s have them recycle everything one by one. Then later, we’ll introduce some fancy animation that slows it down even further.”

    “Oooo! Nice one!”

    “I know! Let’s introduce some fancy animation that they can barely see during the hacking phase.”

    “I love it! They’ll think we’re the greatest!”

    This game just gets more and more slower. Ugh.

    1. I’m level 7 and have never had to drop of recycle anything.

      I do agree that the new animations are pretty much invisible, particularly if you’re in an area with lots of activity. But I don’t see that anything’s become “more slower”, whatever language that is.

      1. Well, sounds like you need to play more then. ;)

        I’ve been L8 since December and I’ve had to drop and recycle constantly.

        As for the “language”, stop being a grammar nazi. No one likes that. ;) Which explains why you never have to drop anything because I bet no one wants to play with you. :P

        1. I play every day, genius, and am pretty active with the Enlightened Las Vegas community.

          Suck it.

          1. Obviously not enough if you can’t spot all the slowing down they keep inserting. Pretty much everyone who’s been playing this for a while sees it and points it out.

            As for not having to drop or recycle? I haven’t any idea why you wouldn’t. I know it is pretty common practice also.

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