Android dominates Europe with 70% market share, iOS shy of 18%



A report out of Kantar Worldpanel ComTech is showing Android utterly dominating Europe’s mobile market share accounting for 70.4% of all devices. This is in stark contrast to iOS where it’s holding onto a mere 17.8%, and Windows rounding out 6.8%. This can widely be attributed to Samsung devices, which account for around half of all smartphones sold in Europe. Pretty insane.

When compared to the US, Android is still coming out on top with 52% market share, but iOS tailing closely at 41.9%. While Microsoft’s Windows Phone is nearly last, they are still able to boast the fastest growth. WP has been growing steadily at 4.6%, faster than even Android’s .1%.

Even overseas, Samsung isn’t completely in the clear where they face growing competition from Sony, who’s sees 38% of Xperia users as ex-Samsung owners. After riding high and saturating the market with a near endless variety of hardware configurations, Samsung must now focus on keeping their customers from jumping ship if they hope to stay on top.

[Business Insider]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I bet Apple is gonna sue in Europe because they don’t have over 25%. I think they patented the number 25 along with the lower case ‘i’ a few years ago.

  2. I didn’t know there were so many losers in Europe, who would like the fragmented PITA POS android based phones. Those folks who buy android phones have IQ less than 100.

    1. Boring life, huh?

    2. I feel bad for you. Were you not loved as a little kid? Yes Europeans are stupid…. You are such an idiot.

      1. I thought the iFanboi talking points was that Android was only for nerds but iPhones are for ‘ordinary’ people. Guess the nerds have taken over the earth…not that that’s a bad thing…

    3. There’s nothing worse than a retarded Apple fanboy…

    4. Only a sheep would spell boy with an I

      1. Or a shiep. Haha.

    5. Kevin? Is that you incognito?

    6. hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

    7. come on…I mean seriously. you people don’t even try anymore.

  3. I just left Samsung for HTC. So far no regrets.

    1. I left HTC for Samsung, so far no regrets.

      1. I left my Samsung for LG, so far, no regrets.

        1. There will be

          1. I left iPhone ignorance for Android amazement. I never will have a regret.

          2. The only downside is that I don’t have LTE (Nexus 4) but I don’t care because I’ve never had an LTE phone, not to mention it’s almost non existent in Australia except in the main cities.

    2. I stayed with HTC after my last HTC. So far my only regret is staying with Sprint.


        I jumped ship from a Sammy GNex to a chinese clon of the yet to be announced iPhone 7: the Zopo C2

        I like to stay ahead of the competition, or what else this might be…

        Anyway just fund me!

  4. I’d be happy with a Sony xperia Google edition phone.

  5. Beat it Applefanboi. People in Europe are a lot smarter than people in the US. Most speak three languages. They are not to lazy to read instructions or learn new technology. Just because you are not intelligent enough to master android doesnt make ios better. Many versions of windows exist at a time and that doesnt make it fragmented. Apple will eventually get its ass handed to it in the US as well if it keeps up the litigation because right now it has absolutely no innovation.

    1. You do realize you are comparing a continent to a country don’t you?

      1. He’s comparing the people of a continent to the people of a country. Not saying I agree with what he’s saying or not but it’s a fair comparison.

    2. “People in Europe are a lot smarter than people in the US.”

      ummm note that Google is an American, not a European company. Nokia, on the other hand, is European and not exactly kicking @$$ right now.

  6. Now if we can just get Apple down to 0% in the US.

  7. Interesting. It’s been 10 years since I been to Europe and I didn’t see a big Apple presence. I guess some things haven’t changed.

    1. 10 years ago apple had just started rebranding it self so I would see why you did not see them 10 years ago. But living in Europe for the past 2 years I have seen a lot more iPhones then any other device but numbers don’t lie. I also think the Android manufactures do a much better job marketing their devices overseas then they do in the US, and they release some devices early in Europe before their US release date which is a good business move for them.

      1. iphones all look alike.
        It’s easier to spot 100 clones than 1000 family members.

  8. Strangely enough here in the states, you can buy accessorys like cases for iOS far easiler then you can for android.

  9. Winning

  10. “but…but…iPhone is only losing out because it’s on AT&T. When it’s on multiple carriers, it will destroy Android”-every iPhone fan from a few years ago

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