Jul 1st, 2013


A report out of Kantar Worldpanel ComTech is showing Android utterly dominating Europe’s mobile market share accounting for 70.4% of all devices. This is in stark contrast to iOS where it’s holding onto a mere 17.8%, and Windows rounding out 6.8%. This can widely be attributed to Samsung devices, which account for around half of all smartphones sold in Europe. Pretty insane.

When compared to the US, Android is still coming out on top with 52% market share, but iOS tailing closely at 41.9%. While Microsoft’s Windows Phone is nearly last, they are still able to boast the fastest growth. WP has been growing steadily at 4.6%, faster than even Android’s .1%.

Even overseas, Samsung isn’t completely in the clear where they face growing competition from Sony, who’s sees 38% of Xperia users as ex-Samsung owners. After riding high and saturating the market with a near endless variety of hardware configurations, Samsung must now focus on keeping their customers from jumping ship if they hope to stay on top.

[Business Insider]

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