Jun 25th, 2013


Samsung told us to expect the developer edition of its flagship device to come to Verizon and AT&T “soon,” and at least one of those carriers have gotten the release out of the way. Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition is now available for an off-contract price of $650. This version of the phone is nearly identical to the subsidized version, save for the ability for you to unlock the bootloader and make the device as free as you want it to be out of the box.

It’s quite a big deal for those who want to be able to run custom ROMs on this thing, though community-developed bootloader unlock methods have already made their rounds. Unfortunately Verizon users won’t have quite as much choice as AT&T folks, who can expect an AT&T-compatible Nexus Experience Galaxy S4 with stock Android 4.2.2 to launch in the Google Play Store tomorrow.

Still, we’re happy Verizon is still open to allowing a developer edition device on its airwaves and we can’t wait to see what developers end up doing with it. Head to Samsung’s site today and put your order in for the 16GB version if you’re interested.

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