Sony to unveil new smart watch at Mobile Asia Expo



Wearable tech is #trending, so Sony took to Twitter to tease their latest in smart wrist wear. As attention has turned to the likes of Apple and Google in regards to smart watch rumors, Sony has been quietly working on a new device of their own with an unveiling planned for next week’s Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. It won’t be their first time at the rodeo, however. Sony previously released the Android-powered LiveView and later the SmartWatch, which also tied into Google’s mobile ecosystem.


We have little to go off of in terms of specs, features, and the like, but chances are Sony will follow close to past releases and give us something Android-related in some way. Will it be a completely independent time piece or one that again relies on a smartphone to do much of the heavy lifting? I suppose we’ll find out in a matter of days.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I want something like the Motorola one but better thought out and executed.

  2. Still waiting for my pebble. If something more compelling gets announced by one of the big boys (not apple) gets announced soon, I will be cancelling that pre-order. Been too long of a wait already.

    1. Still waiting for my white Kickstarter backed one as well. Backed it in May of last year. Lord knows when I’ll get it, but like you, I’ll be looking for a refund if something better is announced before mine ships.

      1. wow you still haven’t gotten a kickstarter one? Is it because it’s white? I’ve been seeing some people on the pebble forums bragging that they’ve gotten their general public preorders already….those assholes. :)

        1. White is the LAST one to be produced. :(

    2. i got my Black Kickstarter Pebble 2 months ago and i really love it. i have my Phone always on mute now and see my notifications on my Pebble, it’s just a relaxing way of working with your busy life/PhoneLife. I can advice anybody to wait. It’s worth it.

  3. After owning the Live View, I’ll never buy another one of these smart watches made by Sony. It was awful, plagued by connectivity issues notifications often failed and it did a number on my phone’s battery life. I was shocked they released such crap.

    1. Still using my liveview I got last year for $15. It’s been running fine for me ever since the October update. Notifications never fail for me and no significant battery drain on either my GS2 or Nexus 4 using it every day. The only issue I have is it takes 3-4 tries to connect at first since android 4.2, but after it is connected everythings fine. Hoping their next watch has a mic or input of some sort for replying to messages though.

  4. I have the Motoactv (which I really liked but the battery life is horrible) and the Metawatch Strata (which doesnt have the best functionality…) but if Sony comes out with one in the style of the Xperia Z then I would highly consider it if the battery life was good enough to not have to charge daily.

  5. I’m all for more smartwatches; somebody has to get it right. I thought the sony one before was a good idea but poorly executed, maybe they’ll do better this time

  6. I have almost given up on pebble… I am ready for a nice smart watch to hit the market.


  8. This is great news for me. I just bought the LiveView for $22 on Amazon, so hopefully the SmartWatch will drop in price. I’m fine with staying one generation behind with this particular piece of technology.

  9. Kreyos is launching tonight. I’m rather psyched about it, but I almost want to see what and when Sony is launching there smartwatch before I take the plunge on Kreyos.

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