Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own? Answer & win a Galaxy Note 8.0!


CSR Racing is the latest work of art from NaturalMotion Games, a drag racing juggernaut that features top cars from some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers. You have cars from the likes of Chevrolet, Audi, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Dodge, Nissan and more all at your finger tips, complete with the ability to customize the both aesthetically and under the hood.

The cost of admission is free to start, which is great for getting your feet wet. Of course, you can enhance your game through the advent of micro-transactions if you don’t feel like putting in the work and going through the grind of unlocking it all. The graphics are quite nice for a mobile title, and you can tell NaturalMotion wanted to do these car manufacturers justice. We’re not sure how this game would run on lesser hardware considering we don’t have lesser hardware to test it on.

While we’d obviously love more modes than the exciting, classic drag race CSR provides, we are at least glad that it does drag racing quite well. The difference between winning and losing is that split second you forget to shift gears or finding the right time to hit the NOS, something that is true to the real world of drag racing. It’s a really nice game, and one that you should definitely check out in the Google Play Store (especially considering you don’t have to pay anything get started). Be sure to watch our hands-on video above!

So with that, we want to know what your favorite car from CSR Racing would be. If you could own just one car featured in CSR Racing, which one would it be? And why? Answer that question, and you could find yourself winning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8! Before we can get to some fun in the comments section, let’s go over a few rules and regulations:


  • One lucky winner will receive one (1) Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.
  • To enter, leave a comment answering the following question: “Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own, and why?” Note the link to the list of all the great cars in the game — your entry won’t be valid if it doesn’t include one of those. Also note the “and why” — be sure to tell us what about your choice moves you.
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM Eastern on Friday, June 28th, 2013.
  • We will only accept one entry per person.
  • The winner will be selected at random following the conclusion of the contest. Please use your real email address (only viewable by us) when leaving your comment. We can’t contact you in case you win without it!
  • This contest is open to anyone in the world!

csr racing

Simple right? Be sure to give CSR Racing a try in the Google Play Store if you’re having trouble deciding which set of wheels would be perfect for you. We’re looking forward to your comments so make no hesitation in letting us know which one of these roaring, metallic palaces on wheels you wouldn’t mind having in your garage. Get to it!

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  1. Personally I would own a corvette. It has been and always will be my dream ride.

  2. Huayra – RWD fell in love with it from Top Gear would so love to own it lol big dreams

    1. agreed.

  3. bmw m3 coupe. practial car that is fast, sporty and great looking

  4. I wou love to have a mustang because I’ve always wanted one and I love the way that they Roar

  5. I’d love to have a Corvette ZR1. Looks great in just about any stock color, and its a lot more powerful than my current car, an old 02 Altima.

  6. Corvette

  7. R8 LMS Ultra. Who wouldn’t want to drive the race version of the sexiest car on that list?

  8. I’d go with the Mustang. Since the brought back the droop eyed front end and throwback to the 70’s look, the stang is no longer a chick car.

  9. I’d love a GTR. I’ve always been a fan of those cars ever since watching Initial D :)

  10. I would love a NISSAN GT-R, it is a true super car, but can haul the family on weekends.

  11. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, because it’s gorgeous and I need something better than a pair on inline skates to take my girl to KFC.
    It moves me with its supercharged V8 engine, 4 wheels, and a variety of other car parts I don’t fully understand.

  12. Mustang!

  13. The M3 ’cause those are actually sorta usable as an every day car.

  14. Easy for me. I have always wanted a Nissan Skyline R34, but knowing I would never be able to get one years from now was disappointing. Enter the GT-R, an amazing car that actually made it to the US. Loaded not only with power but technology to back it up, this isn’t a stoplight to stoplight racer like most American made machines. It isnt an exotic made for wealthy oil men to pick up their courtesans. Still to spendy for me, but in my reach in the future unlike many cars and able to keep up with them for less $.

  15. chevrolet camaro because it’s own by BUMBLE BEE and it has the highest horse power super car in car loved it in yellow yea bumble bee rocks

  16. Don’t know if it’s in there, but the C6 Corvette Zo6

  17. Id would love to own a Camaro ZL1. Its a fucking awesome car, good looking, fast, and just amazing.

  18. Is there a Lamborghini

  19. I want the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, because it’s an American icon that is awesome and fun to drive. I’ve always wanted one. It’s a sexy beast.

  20. I’ve always loved the GT-R lineup. Amazing machines.

  21. The Ford Mustang, no doubt. It’s the car I wanted most as a kid and it’s still my favorite among supercars.

  22. An Audi because my father used to own one, but his was a top down coup.

  23. Bentley

  24. Definitely, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is the car from the list I’d most like to own, because it’s a beast and I’ve always been a Mercedes enthusiast, and this combo with McLaren is simply…ugh…

  25. I’d ike to own an Audi R8 V10 FSI – AWD so I could feel like Iron Man everyday !

  26. I’d pick the Nissan GT-R. It’s the most car you can buy for under $100K

  27. I already have a Mustang GT. I would love to get behind the wheel of that Mustang Cobra Jet drag car though! So so fast and the sound it makes is music to my ears.

  28. Corvette ^_^

  29. Challenger SRT8 because my dad had an original 1970!

  30. I would go with the Mustang….classic car re-made.

  31. The NISSAN GT-R o/


    i like cars that use technology to go faster and accelerate faster

  33. Ford Mustang GT for sure…

  34. Audi R8 for sure. Classy , sexy , and has all the handling and power needed. Great car.

  35. I’ve always love the R8. Low, sleek design. powerful sexiness. but not too flashy. Beautiful sound! I actually drag raced an R8 in my dad’s ’66 Chevelle SS. I took it off the line, but it smoked me in about 1/8 mile! What a beautiful sounding machine!

  36. I would go with the Mustang. American muscle

  37. Maclaren MP4 for sure. Beautiful looking car and fast as all hell!

  38. without a doubt the corvette

  39. Bentley, b/c I’m such a classy guy. ;)

  40. Challenger SRT8, because of the retro flare to it and how awesome it looks. Sure, other cars drive better, but it’s a classic.

  41. Nissan GT-R….I love those cars

  42. Definitely the Audi R8.

  43. I’ll take the M3. I’ve been a BMW guy since my first 2002.

  44. I would have said SRT Viper but it’s not on the list of cars so i would have to say the Corvette ZR1. That car is a beast!

  45. Bmw z4

  46. The Vette, I’ve always wanted a Vette.

  47. For sure the Nissan GT-R. Its Mad Sexy plus Fast as H3LL

  48. Nissan GT-R. Why? This is a tech site full of tech people and that car is oozing tech and gizmos! That and it just looked like fun on Top Gear!

  49. Chevy Corvette. Have an El Camino (my first car, was 15 when I got it) and am bound to Chevy by honor. Corvettes are classic and that’s what moves me. Plus a 6.2L V8 helps.

  50. Definitely the Nissan GT-R, it’s one hell of a car.

  51. I would have to go with mustang.

  52. There can only be one car for me: M6 Coupe – RWD. I grew up loving the BMW M-Series. (always wanted an M5) Why? The M6 is the epitome of performance luxury. It kicks tail and is beautiful as a night on the town car. It is the Ultimate Driving Machine!

  53. Corvette ZR1

  54. Audi R8 V10! Its the Iron Man factor!

  55. I’d have to take the Ford GT. That sucker is just full on beast. I’d love to take one for a spin around a track a few times.

  56. I would pick the Nissan GT-R since it’s a sexy car that doesn’t look ridiculous. Plus it gives you the best bang for your buck.

  57. I would chose the Challenger SRT8, I love the new body style and it was one of my favorite cars as a child. I had quite a few matchbox cars that Were challengers.

    1. That 392 (6.4L) Hemi makes an amazing exhaust note.

  58. I’m a Mopar fan, i will play with the Dodge Challenger SRT8.

  59. odd that no one picked the recently added Pagani Zonda R, that’s my dreamcar!
    for daily use, the Dodge Challenger SRT8

  60. I would want the BMW M6 Coupe – RWD because I bet I could sell it for a lot

  61. Ford GT – RWD because the first crush of my life came from money and her father bought her a Mustang GT-500 for her sixteenth birthday. Wow! did I pick someone way out of my league to be infatuated with.

  62. I want the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, it is a beautiful car.

  63. Of the cars featured in CSR Racing the one I would most want to own is the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren – RWD. And why I chose Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren – RWD because I’ve always wanted to own a Benz for their premium quality, especially the Benz SLR McLaren whose beauty moves me so much I want to jump behind the wheel and take it for a spin.

  64. ZR#1

  65. I’d like to own the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, my dream car :)

  66. Audi R8 of course. thats my dream car

  67. i would take the M3, my grandfather had 95 BMW M3 which he passed down to my father, it was going to be passed down to me but…lets just say the bad economy took that away…still planning on buying an M3 to make it a tradition….

  68. Nissan GT-R…because its one of the best and fastest production cars ever made!
    Can’t forget to mention the “Coolness” factor for owning one of the greatest Japanese super cars!

  69. Ford Mustang Cobra Jet , I like the way it accelerates from 0 its front raises all

  70. Camaro SS – RWD
    I used to own a 94 Camaro back in highschool and I loved that car! I wish I still had it!

  71. I’d like the Corvette ZR1. Why? Because I’m tired of having old ladies pull up next to me in them while I drive my “not as awesome as a corvette” car. Why old ladies for crying out loud, whyyyyyy?

  72. BTW M3

  73. I would want the camaro. I like the big doors and bucket seats. Everything about that car screams classic muscle :)

  74. Camaro zl1 because it is the same type of car as my first car, a 1980 z/28 camaro, which i just sold yesterday so I can pay for my tonsillectomy. I had the car for 13 years and am very sad to see it go but what good is a car if im not alive to drive it?

  75. GT-R – AWD
    It looks phenomenally awesome! *drools*

  76. McLaren MP4- 12C because it is to damn expensive

  77. Charger RT. Love the classis styling, muscle car power and I have 3 kids so have a back seat to taxi them around.

  78. Corvette ZR1. Because it’s one of the fastest, and definitely the best bang for your buck; like many Samsung devices!

  79. Nissan GT-R. Twin turbochargers and AWD, need I say more?

  80. Definitely the Audi R8!

  81. I would want the Camaro ZL1 – RWD. For why … I love Camaros, I’ve had two in my life so far, and that would be the logical choice as the fastest production Camaro. Gotta love American muscle cars.

  82. Nissan GT-R-AWD for sure is the best choice.
    AWD with one of the best car engine in the world. When acceleration meets superb transmission!

  83. BMW M6 Coupe because it’s the ultimate driving machine…

  84. Nissan GT-R. Because it’s really a supercar( the gtr’s performance has been critically acclaimed by the media) and it’s also very convenient for daily drive( it has good visibility for a supercar). I LOVE the Launch Control of the GT-R. And i like its price.

    [email protected]

  85. Ford GT, one of the best and most overlooked cars of the past 20 years. Although, the GT-R is a close second.

  86. BMW M6
    Because I’m a huge fan of beauty, and that car is powerful, big & sexy, also describe the BMW philosophy. I just love it

  87. I just posted a comment. I deleted it because my email address appeared in the comment. how to make not appear.

    Should i sing in with disqus using my email address?

  88. As someone who has grown up with a love for cars (dad owns an auto shop I worked at for 6 years) there were certain vehicles that always intrigued me and sparked my interest more than others. One of these is the Nissan GTR aka Godzilla. Every generation of this car also known as a Skyline has gotten my adrenaline pumping from the beautiful looks to the aftermarket support and awesome performance out of the box. They are not very common and I have only seen a few in person. It has been my dream to own one of these since I was about 13 years old and I fully intend on buying one a little later on in life once I have the money to do so. The newest iteration of this car featured in the game is an absolute animal (hence the nickname Godzilla) and has broken many world records in real life and I happen to have a poster of it on my wall in my room. Even though there are many great choices in this game I would say personally the Nissan GTR takes the cake for me. Sorry about the long post but yall happened to have a contest that involved my absolute favorite hobby.

  89. Nissan GT-R, but probably not for the reasons you’d expect. These are all sports cars, so they probably don’t have the greatest reliability. I’d go with the brand I’d expect to break down the least. Even if I won this car for free, I could never afford the maintenance. So, I’ll take the one I believe I have the best chance of being able to use before losing all my money on it.

  90. Nissan GT-R, because it’s outperfoms the Ferraris yet, it’s much cheaper. I love this car

  91. Nissan GT-R. Because it’s really a supercar( the gtr’s performance has been critically acclaimed by the media) and it’s also very convenient for daily drive( it has good visibility for a supercar). I LOVE the Launch Control of the GT-R. And i like its price.

    [email protected]

  92. Definitely the ford GT. American made FTW!

  93. I’d start of with the Charger RT. Plenty of power, all wheel drive, big V8 etc. for drag racing it should be great!

  94. Corvette ZR1 – I need the compensation.

  95. Ford GT.. Grew up in a Ford family, and always loved them bringing this supercar back.

    (though looking at the list in the link, I was tempted to go for the “Ford Camaro SS” just because it seemed the most impossible car on the list..)

  96. I would have to go with the Ford GT. It’s the most iconic muscle/super car from the past to present. The body style has not change in decades.

  97. Audi R8 LMS Ultra… for sure

  98. It would have to be the Audi R8. Got to sit in one of these this weekend at the local races. Absolutely awesome car.

  99. I would like to own a Mustang Boss CS, for two reasons. number 2, it is a sports car that has back seats (the wife seems to think that it has to be practical and be able to transport kids), and the number one reason is, it’s a Mustang! Enough Said.

  100. Nissan GT-R has been my dream car for a very long time!!!

  101. Easy answer: Pagani Huayra – RWD. The only car on the entire list that can’t be had easily in the US and would need to be imported.

  102. My husband loves racing games, so I’ve got to download this to his phone and on my Nexus 7 for him to try! As for which car, the CorvetteZR1 – RWD because it’s one of his favorites and mine wasn’t on the list :)

  103. The R8 but only if its the V10. The GTR is great and all but its not nearly as beautiful as the R8.

  104. Definitely a Ford GT, I’ve always loved the original gt-40’s and the GT is the perfect modern American supercar!

  105. Got to be the Audi R8. I’ve had a love-on for these bad boys ever since I first laid eyes on one. I have to admit I’ve never been privileged enough to sit in one, but I have seen them on the street. After reading up on the comfort level, performance and amazing Audi AWD capabilities, this supercar has passed the Lambo Aventador as my favorite dream machine.

  106. Challenger SRT8. It’s a great looking car.

  107. BMW M3 FOR SURE!!!! Perfect blend of practicality and amazing racing machine. LOVE IT!!! I’d trade my wife for it. Who am I kidding. I’d trade my wife for a used Vespa motor scooter.

  108. Audio R8 ..the Tron inspired R8 West Coast Customs tricked it out made me fall in lust with it

  109. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren – RWD

    Don’t know a thing about cars but I do know that it’s expensive. I just chose whatever

  110. Camaro ZL1 in yellow and black cause im a big fan of Bumblebee :-)

  111. McLaren F1 GTR or the Zonda R. The McLaren is the father of modern hyper cars….what self respecting car guy wouldn’t kill to drive one. The Zonda R is my tossup….that thing is just raw and bad ass.

  112. Audi R8 V10. Beauty, power and refinement in a single, spectacularly built German package.

  113. I’d have to go with the Audi R8 V10 FSI. I just love the style, and I love that it’s a no-nonsense, purpose-built race car that can handle curves. Followed closely by the GT-R and the GT.

  114. Maclaren mp4 . Its 12 cylinder indy inspired . Probably one of the best and fastest production cars made . And its totally bad ass .

    1. You realize the MP4-12C uses a V8, right?

  115. I think alot of ppl Choose the Nissan GTR because of its old siblings. These cars are built with performance in mind but giving it to the common man. I would pick the Nissan GTR hands down. Its a vehicle meant to be maintained by the Nissan experts themselves which they stipulate before owning one. One of the most fascinating facts about that vehicle that impresses me is the amount of torque that pumps thru to those wheels. Rims that are ribbed to keep the wheels from spinning in place within the rubber, are needed. Im sure other Exotics might employ the same technology but for a vehicle with that kind of power, with a price tag that screams affordable for the middle class man making close to 100,000 p/y…i think that it is an awesome piece of technology that Nissan made. It’s revived the hearts of GTR lovers around the world to either own the old models, or new one. Nissan hands down holds respect from me for a vehicle that can compete, even with Ferrari’s…..

  116. Audi R8 would be my pick.

  117. I would like to see a 1969 427 COPO camaro!

  118. Mustang GT. It’d be great to pick up chicks.

  119. Definitely the Camaro SS in black! I grew up idolizing the old school IROC-Z back in the 80’s! Plus this would look bad a** sitting in the driveway next to my black Silverado! Chevrolet for life!

  120. Definitely the Challenger SRT8. Gotta love a muscle car. What a great blend of old school feel with new technology.

  121. I already got the R8.. you can time hack by changing date. It worked on ios before not sure if it’ll work on android.

  122. This Audi is my car of choice all the way R8 LMS Ultra.

  123. I would have to get the Camaro ZL1 – RWD. Totally regret selling my Camaro that i owned in college! Love the look of the new ones!

  124. Nissan GT-R, because chicks dig it.

  125. It’s all about that R8 yo! Way too sexy to pass up

  126. I’ve definitely got to go with the Pagani Huayra, it’s just a beast of a car.

  127. Mustang Boss CS

  128. ”Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own, and why?”

    Hands Down the Mini Cooper S because for a dense city like NYC, you’ve got to go compact with style!!

  129. In reality, believe it or not, I would actually choose the BMW 125i coupe out of all those cars. It’s small and economical but still a true “driver’s car” that’s a lot of fun and on top of that I should actually be able to afford insurance on it as opposed to most of the other cars listed.

  130. I would go a bit of a different angle. The A1 S line. Compact, sleek,sporty,and FAST.The perfect combo for me. I’ve never been one who is too into super cars (not that I don’t enjoy them).Just something simple,that’s can go when needed, go then some.Only thing that would be better would get the car and the tablet.

  131. Challenger SRT8. This car has nostalgic stylings with a modern twist that brings this car back from the 70s, like a Phoenix being resurrected from the ashes. Add in the top notch engine, and Mopar wins the race hands down!

  132. I WANT THEM ALL! Well because they’re all nicer than my care :P. Oh and I want a Galaxy Note 8.0 please :D!!!

  133. Ford GT…Big Ford fan and I have admired the GT since they brought it back. See them up close and would love the chance to drive a real one!!

  134. Gotta go with the Audi TT RS (though I’m only interested in the US version, the extra power is nice, but I gotta have 3 pedals)! It’s cheaper and more practical than the R8 but still manages to beat it around a track. Turbo means you won’t lose as much power at higher altitudes, and usually means a car that will be cheaper and easier to modify to outrageous power levels.

  135. Audi R8 V10. I’d look damn sexy driving that thing while holding a cigarette.

  136. Yeah, I’d go with the McLaren MP4- 12C – RWD… and why you ask? What do you mean WHY!? have you seen this car? It is a thing of beauty!

  137. Definitely the Mustang Cobra. I’ve always wanted one

  138. Most def the NISSAN GT-R , the style , power and sound is crazy awesome. On top of that you never see a NISSAN broke down on the side of the road…. [email protected]

  139. Corvette ZR1 in blue because it is powerful and beautiful.

  140. R8 all the way!!!!!

  141. R8 LMS ULTRA CSR for sure. By far the sexiest car in the game.

  142. I’ll take me some McLaren MP4- 12C. Legendary car. Plus, if I didn’t kill myself driving it, it would have great resale value!

  143. Chevrolet Camaro SS: my unrealistic, unafforable (for me) dream car since the first Transformer Movie. Long live bumble Bee!

  144. I’m going to say the McLaren MP4- 12C – RWD! It’s just HOT as HELL!!!!

  145. Grew up in a family where everyone had some kind of Ford, So I will go with the Ford GT.

  146. The Nissan GT-R, I can only imagine how awesome it would be to drive a Nissan GT-R. Of course to be 100% honest, I would be happy with either of these cars. As a kid growing up in LA, I used to walk by a nissan dealership, so that i could stare and drool over a rust color Nissan Z. So, just to satisfy that feeling, I would love the Nissan GT-R.

  147. The BMW M3 coupe – because I love my 3 and the M3 is a hot f’in car. While the Audis and Pagani might be more expensive, fast, exotic, I love the M3 as a daily driver.

  148. The Audi R8 because who wouldn’t want all that sexy engineering and power?!

  149. The Mini Cooper, its the only car in the roster that ive actually driven

  150. I´ll take the the Audi R8 because of its performance and sharp looks

  151. The Vette ZR1…cuz ITS THE VETTE! :-)

  152. The Nissan Gt-r. My favorite car by far great power in a sub 100k it’s every tuners dream car. I’ve owned the Nissan Latina and Nissan maxima this would be a huge jump up in performance. Thanks

  153. Hi, I would choose the Nissan GTR because of the almost clinical way it is put together, it’s built in a clean room the same a most top notch smart phones and who wouldn’t want to own a car with tyres inflated with nitrogen and apparently sticks to the road like ‘poop’to a blanket, lol, a display that that has been put together by the people who gave us Gran Turismo and also hand a hand in designing the mark 2 version.
    Yes please.

  154. Audi R8

  155. I have always wanted a Corvette so I pick the CorvetteZR1.

  156. ChallengerSRT8. Pure muscle, would love to drive one down the street in my hometown!

  157. Audi R8, it’s beautiful. Also Chris, the app is crashing on me too, so it’s definitely not your phone.

  158. Challenger SRT8 – RWD, just a fantastic looking car!

  159. I would want an Audi R8, I just love the look of the car.

  160. I would have to take the Ford GT. I love those cars. Too bad I couldn’t afford to keep it, but it would be fun for a day or two until I had to sell it. :)

  161. AUDI R8 LMS ULTRA! Stunning looks with ample power.

  162. Gotta go with the Challenger SRT8. I’ve loved the re-done look of this car since it came back on the scene and I think it really suits me.

  163. Nissan 370z– Sexy car, you don’t see them everywhere, not the fastest in the bunch but very good smile factor. I love my 370z and it’s an AMAZING car. Perfect to have some fun but not have to pay through the roof for gas/maintenance.

  164. I’d go for the BMW M6 Coupe. Great style and power combo.

  165. Have to go with R8 LMS ULTRA CSR – AWD. It’s a perfect blend of power and sexiness.

  166. Nissan GTR because it just owns the other cars in its class.

  167. Ford Mustang GT for me. It looks like a beast.

  168. The mustang gt….because nothing says kick ass like the style and sound of a mustang….period

  169. Without a doubt the bmw 1m, it’s the note 8 under the sports cars, not too big, fast, light, relative affordable and hugely entertaining!

  170. Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR. I likey my big spoilers. Honestly any of those would be fine for me as long as it can go fast. All of them better than my crappy Corolla/

  171. I love the Challenger SRT8, such a great looking car!

  172. The Pagani Huayra- 7.3 litre V12 AMG bonkers engine.

  173. I would choose the Nissan GT-R. It is a great piece of art, I would put one in the living room just to look at, also it might be the easiest car on the list to drive fast. AWD and a dual clutch clutch transmission make even a novice looked like a race car driver.

  174. The Ford Mustang GT.

    Had models of the car as a kid, loved (and still do) the design, especially the recessed front! Very few have that kind of design.

  175. Z4 sDrive35i Great looking car that you can cruise with the top down

  176. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren … Sexyness that when Gullwings opened up when some ladies walking by and will totally get me laid!

  177. R8 V10 FSI – AWD- I love the look of this car. Fast and Sexy.

  178. I’d most want to own an Audi R8.. lots of power, Quattro and I love Audi´s designs.

  179. Mustang Cobra Jet — Modern Mustang with a beefed up engine that wears the badge of old nostalgic racing engine. Thats the car for me!

  180. Definitely the corvette zr1, THE American sports car.. have always wanted one…plus the parts would be actually readily accessible where I live

  181. Audi R8 V10. It’s beauty and a beast. Mid engine, all wheel drive, and all around great.

  182. Ford Focus ST. Not too flashy and it’s the one I’d realistically own irl.

  183. My dream car is the Corvette ZR-1. The car proves that you can get exotic car performance without the exotic car price. I love the sound of the exhaust notes belting out 638hp. It has been the car I’ve wanted since I was ten, going on 28 now.

  184. Audi R8 all day.

  185. Challenger srt8 I would love to own a new classic car like that.

  186. Corvette is the only choice. Who doesn’t love raw American power?

  187. I’d choose… the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, because, knowing very little about cars, I assume it’s the most EXPENSIVE at around $500,000. I’d then turn around and sell it, invest the money, and buy a self-driving all-electric Tesla car with some of the interest in a couple years! :)

  188. corvette

  189. Ford GT, I’ve always liked Fords and it is a true supercar.

  190. Audi R8 for sure. Beautiful and awesome performance.

  191. No doubt the Audi R8, all wheel drive monster of a car.

  192. McLaren F1

  193. wouldn’t mind that Nissan GTR to take it to the track and you just can’t beat a 6 cylinder twin turbo all wheel drive car!

  194. Audi r8 or corvette for sure

  195. I will go for the Nissan GT-R. because I love the feature of the dual clutch transmission and the 6 cylinder twin turbo car will be very difficult to beat in the race if a good driver is in the front seat…

  196. Ford GT because It looks awesome and has lots of power!

  197. Camero zl1

  198. Audi R8 LMS CSR since it is an upgraded version of the actual car and I have wanted an R8 ever since it was released

  199. R8 V10 FSI – AWD. The more I look at it, the more I start to visualize it in my driveway. I just dont know how long I can hold out. The car is just so amazing.

  200. I’m torn between the two I want to pick but if I had to pick just ONE I’d have to go with the McLaren MP4-12C. The reason why is because of how awesome this car is overall for performance, speed, and especially it’s design it’s just a head turner anyway you look at it.

  201. Z4 sDrive35i – german engineering, amazing looks and a lot of power with RWD, as any sport car should have.

  202. Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR. I love this car. When it accelerates when you can feel the roar in your guts :)

  203. Ofcourse camaro my dream car,
    surely i will own a camaro

  204. Audi R8, deep red with black side blades. It’s been my dream car ever since 2006 when the R8 was unveiled. The V10 option just added sex(and some nice tweaks) to the package. Practical performance, every day dream car for only ~$160K USD? Hells yea, if I could ever afford it.

  205. Definitely Ford Mustang Gt ! Powerfull, classic and great looking car!

  206. To actually own in the world I live in… Dodge Charger RT. It would be everything I love about my WRX but better (low-end torque, top end power, looks, gas mileage)

  207. I was first going to say one of the McLarens of the Pagani, but then I realised I wouldnt actually be able to afford to drive the damn thing (and not many things are as sleezy as having an expensive car just to show it off on the driveway). So then I thought the BMW M6 Coupe, subtle sexyness and probably extremely fun to drive, so I’d go for that one.

  208. American Muscles…Mustang. giddyup!!!!

  209. I would love to own the Corvette ZR1, it’s just a ridiculously sexy car and that 6.2L Supercharged V8 is a beast of an engine. Can I win the car instead? lol

  210. The Pagani Zonda R, hands down. The car’s a lightweight zipper, and the looks are ravishing *_*
    The best part is it was my first Pro car, a proud owner :’)

  211. I like Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, it is simple to say it’s “my dream car”, imagining how it roar in the racing ground…xciting isn’t it! ?

  212. Dodge Challenger RT because I like the retro ’70’s look, and have always been a Dodge fan.

  213. The Nissan GT-R… I love how quick that car is off the line!

  214. Definitely the Audi R8 WHY? Great looking car slick, stylish, and fast wat else could you ask for.

  215. R8 LMS ULTRA CSR is the way to go – AWD and a light weight vehicle

  216. I’ve been playing for a little while now and have gotten to the lady stage of races using only Ford cars.

  217. My money is on an Audi R8 LMS ultra CSR or BMW Z4 GT3

  218. Audi R8 V10 FSI. The combination of a V10 with supreme cornering ability, plus when you buy one they will pay for you to learn how to race it

  219. Nissan GT-R. Beautiful.

  220. Truthfully, I want the R8 LMS Ultra CSR edition. I love the color, and the decal is actually really cool looking. Plus its just powerful!

  221. R8 LMS ultra, cause if ur not first ur last!

  222. There are so many I would like to own… I hate choosing just one!!!!! LOL

    I would LOVE to own an Audi R8! It has power, 4WD, its eye candy; looks so sexy like yet fierce! It has that effect where if someone looks at it they do not want to even think about racing against it. But in reality I know I can not afford one so to be real about it, I would get the Audi TT RS! It sleek and sexy. I also like it cause it has an uncommon engine, a straight in-line 5 cylinder that is also 4WD! These things are dependable!

  223. PAGANI Huayra – 6.0 liter, twin turbocharged v12 engine that pumps out 700hp, with 738 lb-ft torque. Oh, and that sexy jet style exhaust design.

  224. I am going to go for the Mercedes Benz SLR. I’ve always been a MB fan.

  225. AudiR8 LMS Ultra would be the one that I would love

  226. Definitely the Audi R8. Easily the most advanced car and beautiful.

  227. the BMW Z4 sDrive35i – RWD its affordable, pure driving pleasure, safe, stylish, compact….and above all the power… a big fan

  228. I’d love to own a McLaren MP4- 12C because it is a beautiful, exclusive and technological car. State of the art vehicle combining british power and finesse!

  229. Dodge Dart RT, because of the look, though not the best.

  230. can i just have the note 8.0 plz :)

  231. Audi R8 V10 FSI cuz it’s just beautiful., hugs corners, and screams.

  232. Camaro ZL1 black and yellow

  233. Definitely the Audi R8. Because 525HP.

  234. I would beat someone’s grandpa for a BMW M1. Crazy fast and crazy small, nothing better for driving like a maniac.

  235. Audi R8. Cuz it’s bomb.

  236. Audi R8 V10. AWD would be great in Finnish winter.

  237. Corvette ZR1 because it’s a daily driver/supercar with deep racing roots, and heritage!!

  238. Chevy Corvette…an American Icon…pure muscle!

  239. Nissan GT-R – AWD, Godzillaaaaa, can’t beat this piece of Japanese engineering.

  240. Not being a big “car-guy” there were only a few cars that ever sparked my interest due to how they looked. One of those being the Corvette Stingray. The closest to the Mach 5. Lol. The other being the Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, the Corvettes of today just didn’t keep that sexy that the Stingray had. The Mustang, on the other hand, went from being a sexy car to being a freakin’ hot sexy car. That is why my choice would have to be the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet.

  241. Audi R8. From damn near all reviews I’ve read, this thing is as precise as a surgical knife.

  242. Nissan GT-R – AWD, because it has power, good handling, brakes, not heavy yet not that expensive like big name cars.

  243. Audi R8. It’s STILL one the sexiest headturners EVEN though its basic look is going on 6 yrs old

  244. Corvette, Corvette, Corvette!

    Love ’em!


  245. Audi R8 please!

  246. Absolutely the Pagani Zonda in the game. The Zonda always reminds me of Le Mans prototype racers, the sexiest things on asphalt. What a beast mobile!!

  247. My pick would be the Audi R8 hands down. Controlled power, AWD, great braking (not that you need it in CSR), and highly sophisticated styling. LED’s everywhere and the new S tronic seven-speed dual-clutch make it an easy everyday driver with over 540HP. Styled mine online at audiusa… Phantom Black pearl with black rims. Looks radar proof to me.

  248. I’d have to go with the Audi R8, because the Audi DSG transmission is the best combination for enduring the morning commute as well as snorting it up on a backroad.


  249. Don’t really care for this game but I would love the Camaro in red.. I’d call it Cliffjumper :-)

  250. pagani zonda r, i love that engineering xD

  251. Ford mustang.I love muscle cars

  252. I’ll take the Nissan 370Z. I’m a sucker for the Z badge. I love that the car focuses on a unique balance between handling and power. I’m not all about horse-power and acceleration yet this has plenty. I had the pleasure of driving a friends and it is definitely something I would love to get into every day.

  253. Bentley Continental of course!!!! Why not pay 10000x less than the real price of one to have it in your hands and drag race it against these full of attitude ricer bosses in CSR?

  254. Audi R8 V10, the reason why is that its a sleek design reminding me back to my audi TT days, its not a normal supercar design where its cheese wedged shape or anything like that, people know you mean business if you get this!

  255. BMW M3. I’d actually drive it in real life. I’d drive the hell out of it.

  256. R8 V10 FSI – AWD for me, because I have always loved the looks of the R8 and the power it packs. If I had the money it would definetly be the car for me.

  257. Audi R8. Very fine example of German engineering.

  258. McLaren MP4- 12C – RWD, just beats my Ford KA hands down lol. Love at first sight.

  259. Without a doubt, an Audi R8 LMS Ultra v10. It combines the best of German and Italian engineering. Its basically a Lamborghini Gallardo with Audi sheet metal and carbon. Who wouldn’t want a 562 bhp beast that comes from the factory geard to smoke 0-60 in 3.8, all for half the cost of a Gallardo.

  260. Id take the dodge viper :)

  261. Good engine and car

  262. Id love the camaro ss tier 2 because i love that car its my dream car and its also BUBLEBEE :D

  263. Mustang cobra jet

  264. I choose Challenger SRT8 – RWD, Dodge. Its amazing design, motor and power makes it so attractive to me!! Just by hearing the power of this car, makes me crazy.

  265. R8 LMS ULTRA CSR – AWD. I love the way the Audi engine sounds, from its sleek design to the get up and go, this car purrs like a kitten, yet has the power of a cheetah! Even sweeter when playing CSR Racing on a Galaxy Note 8! It is like driving the real thing!

  266. I’ll take the GT-R. I knew a guy who managed to get a Skyline imported years ago. Fantastic vehicle.

  267. Gotta be the mustang cobra jet. yes please

  268. Ford mustang 5.0

  269. Pagani Zonda R.
    Best car in the world

  270. Ford Mustang GT because grannies gotta rock muscle cars too :)

  271. Nissan GT-R, it has the best lines….

  272. would love to own that R8 LMS ULTRA – AWD….sleek sexy yet strong lines and 570 hp. So it’s a lot of muscle in a sexy build.

  273. Ford mustang GT, and why? nice muscle car and not so frequently seen around Belgium ;-)

  274. Nissan GTR. Its an easy to drive every-day super car.

  275. Definitely the Huayra!!
    I would open the doors and fly with that thing!

  276. McLaren MP4-12c because this car is just an engineering marvel. It’s just an all around amazing supercar

  277. Audi R8. It’s everything, sport car, track car, daily driver. absolutely beatiful

  278. Ford Mustang GT because it is an American classic and the ultimate muscle car!

  279. As long as I have loved cars I have always wanted to own a Nissan GTR. Its a beautiful balance of art and science.

  280. The Nissan GT-R! I like the fact that the GT-R has a unique look, AWD, and a dual clutch semi-automatic transmission. The Nissan GT-R is a revolutionary supercar for all of us!!

  281. I will surely want audi r8 V 10 cause its a beauty with power

  282. Pagani Zonda R is the best as it literally flies on the road with rapid 20 millisecond gear shifts and pulse racing acceleration of 0-100 in 2.7 seconds …. De ONE

  283. nissan gtr, ever since i saw it almost break jeremy clarkson’s neck on top gear i was sold!

  284. While I love the Nissan GTR, I feel, look, and drive better in a Chevy Camaro ZL1. Nicer all around than the SS. 95% of the time in street racing cars, it’s the driver who wins more than the car.

    Too bad they don’t have the Z28 on the game yet.

  285. any of them!!

  286. The Bentley Supersport!! I’ve always wanted a Bentley and the supersport is just fantastic

  287. Mustang, Reason? My whole family was and still is a mustang family. My dad had a 800hp 93 Foxbody, Mom had a 03 cobra(Terminator) and my brother has a 91 LX. Mustangs are just absoulutly Beautiful in every way. The sound they produce gives me chills and they look like monsters. i just cant wait to get mine. im going for a 2013 Boss 302. but Mustang would be my choice.

  288. I would most want to own a Corvette ZR1. The ‘Vette is the classic American muscle car that my friends and I always lusted after as kids. Owning one would be like a lifelong dream come true.

  289. The Corvette because my uncle had a poster of one while I was growing up. So I fell in love with that car.

  290. The Pagani Huayra of course. While admittedly not the perfect drag racing car, it’s gorgeous and with it’s active aerodynamics faster than most cars on a track. It’s also rare, so rare in fact nobody on this forum has probably ever seen one at this point and if they did manage to catch a glimpse at a car show, they sure haven’t driven it. I’ll take mine in a nice dark charcoal. I’m not greedy though, I’d settle for that nice little note 8, I hear they even have it a nice black-brown now!

  291. The Pagani Huayra, because it’s sound is a musical symphony of power

  292. I’m gonna have to go with the Audi R8 V10. The aesthetics of the audi are second to none… and that V10 wouldn’t be too shabby either!

  293. The Nissan GT-R. It’s a beast.

  294. Nissan GT-R.

    I’m not a huge fan of gaudy, over the top super-cars because they carry with them a pretty hefty social stigma now-a-days.

    But the GT-R is different.
    It’s purpose built and priced right.

  295. TT RS – AWD, The Audi TT is a cool little card and a lot of fun to drive.

  296. Definitely the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 for me. That beautiful piece of machinery embodies the soul of American muscle cars of days past in a way that brings me back to my childhood. It has a healthy mix of old school looks and new school technology.

  297. Challenger SRT8. I like the power with the low-key, everyday driver.

  298. Dodge Challenger SRT8. Mopar or nothing!

  299. Audi R8 – hands down this car has it all – styling, good lines, and probably a sweet a** ride.

  300. I would love to have a Audi R8 cause it is a high performance car but you could also use it on a daily basis ;)

  301. Call me an heretic, but I like the mini Cooper S -FWD. I always loved the retro design of the Minis.

  302. A Nissan GTR because it is cheaper than most for the speed and control levels, but also because it would mean I’d have more money left to set up a multimedia system in the car itself to increase the enjoyment for passengers and road trips.

  303. The BMW 1M. A small fast saloon that delivers plenty power on demand. And it looks damn good in that orange-ish color ;)

  304. Audi R8. The AWD would be helpful in with the ever-changing Midwest weather. Not to mention it is stylish (in all black) with it’s V-10 Engine power.

  305. Ford GT. So much history, so much sexy!

  306. Challenger SRT8 I’m really a big fan of the modernized muscle car look. Went for a test drive in one and just fell in love with it.

  307. Definitely the Camaro ZL1. I’ve loved and owned Camaros all my life and that ZL1 is one hot, mean machine!

  308. Ford Cobra jet. That rubber and launch.

  309. The Audi R8 of course! That car is the most aesthetically pleasing out of the lot!

  310. I would go with the Ford Mustang GT because, I’ll be honest, my ’98 Mustang is looking rather dated in comparison.

  311. Looks interesting
    but not THAT interesting

  312. CorvetteZR1 – RWD – this is the only American option that is a refined, race-tuned, ridiculous ride.

  313. Nissan GTR!!!
    It “was” the fastest car for below 100k

  314. R8 V10 FSI – AWD! Audi is the definition of beauty.

  315. Dodge charger. its pretty sweet even if it guzzles gas like crazy

  316. Huayra – one simple chaotic word describes it… INSANE! it’s one of the purest forms of auto perfection.

  317. Ford Mustang. One of my best friends in High School had an old 60’s era Mustang convertible that she drove around in. Awesome car, and I’ve been obsessed with Mustangs since.

  318. Blue Nissan 370 for sure….

  319. Have to go with American Muscle, Corvette. Power, style, handling. Yep.

  320. Umm…McLaren MP4-12C is the obvious choice. Is anyone actually reading the list of cars they have?

  321. I want the Mustang. It’s superb!!

  322. Audi R8. Power and Beauty in a single package..!!

  323. Audi R8. Power and beauty in a single package..!!

  324. I’d love the Corvette ZR1. My grandfather had a ’67 Vette that he passed down to my dad. But years of neglect turned it into a pile of glass and rust. I can’t help but think of how sweet it would look today if he just took the time to take care of it.

  325. I’d have to take the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. I’m not a massive fan of the looks, I think the GTR is nicer looking, but that engine, the exhaust note, and the power are very enticing. I want that type of power in my life.

  326. Pagani Huayra. Exclusivity. The lines on that car are amazing. And the power to weight ratio with the RWD would knock your fillings out…

  327. Corvette zr1, All black. If it was a 2014 i would be so happy.

  328. Ford Mustang GT RWD because it was my dream car growing up. [email protected]

  329. Ok, so it’s nitpick time: It’s not the BMW 1M Coupe. It’s the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. But yeah, that’s the one I’d go for. That much performance in such a small nimble package? Sold!!!

  330. I would pick the Audi R8 LMS ULTRA because it is just beautiful and has 4-weel-drive wich is good for acceleration.

  331. Pagani Huayra – RWD

    That thing is a pure racing beast for the road! I’ll be lucky to ever even SEE one in person :-)

  332. The Mustang. It’s been my favorite car since I was a young buck.

  333. audi r8 without a doubt is my choice

  334. Audi R8 all the way .. I own an A4 .. R8 is the dream!

  335. The Mustang Cobra Jet is amazing! There’s All-American muscle in that beast.

  336. I want to own the most Audi R8 V10

  337. I would love any of the Audi R8. Why? That thing is beautiful!

  338. Mini Cooper S -FWD . They are small and can maneuver into narrow streets. Plus cute as a button!

  339. Love the Audi R8 but I think I’d have to go with the Mustang GT; my husband had a 67 Mustang and it would bring us back to our roots!

  340. Nissan GTR.! My dream car since ever. :)

  341. Although I’m still at the beginning I would love to get the Pagani Zonda R is unfortunately too expensive for beginners yet but that will go at some point you have the money and buy it. Distinguish it from all other cars in TIEP 5 because it is a separate fast and very good at the start compared to other cars in its class.

  342. Easy: MacLaren F1. Is a real racing car for streets, no one will miss you :D

  343. BMW M3. Why? I could actually the afford maintenance of this beauty for starters. The car itself drives like a dream, the balance is something I recommend everyone to experience. Bonus is the high revving V8 that thing packs around!

  344. I would go for a Mustang as it always was my favorite car.

  345. Challenger SRT8, Awsome car that mantains the looks of the good old american muscle cars!!

  346. Challenger SRT8

  347. Of all the cars featured in the game:, I would own the Nissan GT-R. This car surprised everyone when it debuted with its fierce acceleration and handling, and of course it’s undercutting price costing almost half as less as cars it would easily outrun. Everything about this car is moving, from its easy driving experience to its mean track presence, nothing could be more fun to drive.

  348. Corvette ZR1 here. My 12 year old had to chime in and say she’d prefer the mustang, but both the wife and I agree.. ZR1 :)

  349. I’d first say a Mustang Cobra Jet since that car is really the bees knees. But after driving a Charger rental when my car was in the shop I wouldn’t mind having that car as my daily driver. The power behind the wheels was so much fun to use when I needed it. Plus the gas mileage surprised me for the car. I even overlook my original hatred for the new version being four doors now.

  350. Corvette ZR1. American all the way for me. Dont get me wrong, I like everything else too, Im a car guy.

  351. Dodge Challenger SRT8, love that car. And of course I love the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0!

  352. Only the mini cooper s will do for me. It has captured me emotionally.

  353. PAGANI Huayra. My reason is simple while I prefer the Audi R8 or BMW M6 I see those cars around already… how often do you see a Pagani though? Yeah buddy that’s right people turn heads when you drive by in something uncommon. Plus it’s fast sleek looking and if I did get tired if it I could sell it and buy the other two :-)

  354. Challenger SRT8. Always been a Dodge fan, and love the design.

  355. I’d love to have the Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR – AWD! It is a version of Audi R8 LMS with CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) doors with high-energy absorbing new crash foams, new PS1 safety seat developed by Audi, updated transmission provides additional reserves on long-distance runs, increased engine power to 570 PS (419 kW; 562 bhp) (depending on restrictor regulations) with higher torque at lower engine speeds, a larger engine oil cooler and transmission fluid cooler, relocated steering hydraulics oil cooler to the vehicle’s midsection, enlarged air vents, improved air flow to radiator and interior, front 12-inch wheels with Michelin 30-65/18 tires, optimized brake cooling at the front wheels, uniball joints transverse control arm mounts, weight-reduced compression and rebound-adjustable gas dampers from Bilstein, wider front hood with louvers, new wider rear wing with larger end plates, new front plate with optimized diffusion under the front end.

  356. Mustang GT. My wife used to drive a convertible v8 in high school and I would love to make her jealous of it and get favors from her for letting her drive it. ;-)

  357. McLaren MP4- 12C…If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big….and expensive. ;)

  358. Audi R8 V10. I like the ironman style it reflects in his driver.

  359. Gotta be the Corvette! Closest thing to an affordable supercar there is. Pure American muscle!

  360. The Audi R8 V10. I’ve always had a thing for Audi cars.

  361. R8 V10 FSI – AWD – great looks, fast

  362. I’d like to have the McLaren MP4-12C because it looks cool and it’s value is not available on KBB because it’s priceless.

  363. Mustang Cobra Jet – flat out screams power and muscle…not gonna lie…I lack both which is why I love the car.

  364. Ford GT. Did I win yet?

  365. I would like a GTR because it’s pretty and G,T, and R are three off my favorite letters

  366. Nissan GTR. No other car has the perfect balance of power, technology, and price.

  367. Nissan GT-R.
    You just don’t #&^% with Godzilla.

  368. The TT RS – AWD… have always wanted this car.

  369. The GTR because of its raw power.

  370. want. free. stuff.

  371. Ford GT–because it’s built in America and FASSSSSST!

  372. Camaro. Use to have a ’69 and really miss it. Like the design of the new one.

  373. PAGANI Huayra all day…this is the fastest and most exotic car in the game

  374. Lets face it, all the cars are awesome and exactly why I cant afford them at the moment :(

  375. Doesn’t matter, I would take any one of them, always loved sport cars

  376. The Audi R8 Coupe’ 5.2 FSI quattro because it’s fast and holds to the road!!!

  377. If I was to own one of the cars… It would most likely be a Chevy Camaro SS. Why? Because I like them.

  378. BMW M6 Coupe – RWD , Because of its 7-speed M-DCT gearbox, BMW S63 TwinTurbo V8 engine email : [email protected]

    1. I can see your email address too, Pranjal.

      Why are some displaying? The article said they wouldn’t be viewable.

  379. The Nissan GTR! I have always been in love with it and will one day own one! ariannasma216 @yahoo dot com

    1. I can see your email address, Heather. I wonder if it has to be formatted correctly to be hidden . . . I can see my address in my post as well.

  380. M6 Coupe its fast and luxurious

  381. Challenger SRT8 for sure. My Father-In-Law has a 69 that he’s the original owner of that we’re restoring for my son. It would be great to have the old and the new for a father and son weekend cruise.

  382. Wow, they’re really giving away a free car??? J/k. The Audi RS3 would fit me just fine though.

  383. Ford Mustang Boss 302 -RWD. I like good old American muscle. I love how it retains that classic look. Representing USA in CSR online(in good fun)

  384. I would have to say the Dodge Charger RT since that would be the only way I will ever be able to drive such a car due to insurance!

  385. Cooper S -FWD. Turbo-Charged 1.6L 16-Valve Alloy Engine 6-Speed Automatic/Manual Transmission with impressive gas mileage. it makes a huge impact on driving plus more fun — friendly to the environment

  386. Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR – because I’d be able to kick everyone’s a** and look cool doing it.

  387. Gt-R all the way :)

  388. Nissan 370Z. I’ve always loved the lines on the car, and I would be a reliable be daily driver.

  389. I would want to own R8 V10 FSI – AWD from CSR Racing the most because I Like its Great Design and Its Engine Power. And I’ve Love Audi Brand

  390. I would love a Nissan GTR. I have been a huge fan of skylines for years, ever since the r32

  391. I would love an Audi R8! I first saw them in video games and on TV on Top Gear when I was younger then seeing it in the Iron Man series, even though a different version, made me want it even more.

  392. The Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR. Those cars look mean … like a road shark!

  393. Mini Cooper S. I have a great dane/mastiff mix puppy. He needs to feel the need for speed too. :-)

  394. Mustang Boss 302 – May not be as fast as a newer sports car, but nothing beats a good ‘ol American vintage muscle

  395. R8 for sure. Iron man agrees too.

  396. Corvette…. classic. Besides, I’d use it to get on my father in law’s good side… He’s a Corvette collector!

  397. Thats easy, I would love to own the BWM M6 Coupe. Being stationed in Germany for 5 years I always wanted to drive one and put it on the Autobahn to open it on up. German engineering with beautiful body lines and a motor that runs and sounds magnificent.

  398. Z4, perfect car for a perfect day–when you have to drive to the water.

  399. The McLaren…mmm sexy beast! Turnin heads as I roll on by.

  400. I’m not much of a fan when it comes to American muscle cars but the Dodge Challenger is a thing of beauty. New or old, I want it…

  401. camaro. i just like how they incorporated an element from the old classic look into the modern design. plus, the car is not that expensive in relation to the others so it’s realistic for me to own one lol.

  402. I would love to have a mustang. Its hardcore and heavy duty.

  403. Without a doubt the McLaren MP4-12C.

  404. I’m looking forward to the MINI Cooper S most, because it is such a fun, light car.

  405. BMW Z4 GT3; just because this baby roars good, and the performance is unbelievable. Having this to a rave party would turn heads!

  406. Nissan GTR!Wroom wroom!:)

  407. Mazdaspeed 3!

  408. i’d like favorite :)

  409. dodge challenger Srt8…because Dukes of Hazzard that’s why

  410. Of cause Nissan GTR, the real sprinter on all road. Not necessary to decorate to this square/edge design.

  411. Nissan GT-R, the best accelerates.

  412. BMW M3……working for BMW I get to see these cars often and they are awesome machines…

  413. The Pagani Huayra is my favorite. It is a real beauty.

  414. BMW M3 Coupe. I’ve always loved M3 series. Beautiful, powerful, elegant, what more can i say?

  415. Nissan GT-R; AWD, good looks, functional. What’s not to like?

  416. The Nissan 370Z looks really cool.

  417. I’d want a Mustang GT. The new American muscle car, plus the redesign is full of attitude

  418. Audi R8 V10. Still can drive to a local dealer and talk to them about the car without truly being able to afford it. The Nissan would be a close second. Every car would simply be amazing.

  419. R8 V10 FSI – AWD – good enough for tony stark good enough for me.

  420. The Ford Mustang is the car for me

  421. Mustang Cobra Jet – RWD because it would be faster than my husbands car!!

  422. I’ve always been a big fan of Audi.

  423. Nissan GT-R. It just looks fast sitting still.

  424. Gotta be the R8. Great reliable super fast car that is sexy as all hell.

  425. I’d take the Nissan Z bcuz not only is it sexy, but don’t see them too often!

  426. Cool game. I would choose Audi R8 because of looks primarily :)

  427. Ford Mustang GT. I love it!

  428. I’d want the MINI JCW – FWD. I love the style and the compactness. [email protected]

  429. Call me crazy, but I think I would take the Mini. It is a functional car with good MPG, and the lowest insurance coverage cost. Don’t get me wrong a lot of these super/muscle cars are amazing, but not practical in the long run.

  430. The Audi R8 LMS Ulra CSR. It’s a cool, smart and sleek car with it’s striking colours and it’s glossiness. It’s also because it’s a tier 5 car with all the power and energy you need to win the game.

  431. Ford GT! Grew up with FORD great supercars making a smoking comeback.

  432. R8 LMA ULTRA CSR would love to own an Audi

  433. Gosh, there’s not a car in the bunch I wouldn’t want. My first thought was Pagani, but that is not a practical choice. Would I love to drive it? Sure. But I’m not so sure I’d want to own it. I’m not quite that over the top kind of guy.

    Then I thought, Mini Cooper is a solid little car. I could certainly own that. But really, it’s far from a dream car.

    Then I saw it on the list. The Audi TT. It’s a fantastic looking car, but still in the realm of one I could see myself driving, and loving to drive every day. Not to mention it’s got plenty of sporting power and driving fun.

    So that’s my choice. I’ll take the Audi TT, in a grey metallic, please.

  434. I’d like to own the Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR. In the game it’s a beast, I can only imagine what it would be like in real life. It’s fast with class.

  435. I’d take a Mustang any day. It’s an American classic and it would just be cool to drive around in a car with a horse on it.

  436. R8 LMS ULTRA CSR – slick, fast, ok, I don’t really know much about cars, but I do like Galaxy Note 8s! It does look nice, though.

  437. Ford GT-RWD
    When I was a youngster , I built dozens of these models from any co.
    who had them (Revell, etc.) in various colours and paint schemes.
    Still makes me drool to see one in pics or (once) on the street!

  438. I’d like to have the Focus RS because, well, horsepower would bring the speed I need in a tight turning car.

  439. Zonda R – Lots of power, with very little weight.

  440. The Audi R8 V10 for sure, having owned an audi in the past I am already a huge fan, but this car blows me away with it’s clean lines, perfect curves and racing stance and performance!

  441. Would own three beauties:
    Dodge Challenger SRT8, NISSAN GT-R and the Audi R8 and the why ?.?.
    The Challenger because it’s the closest to a 71′ Chevelle body out of all the cars on list. The GT-R, they didn’t call it Godzilla for nothing before it came to the states. The R8 because that’s the car Iron Man drives when he’s not suited up, that’s gotta be one hell of a ride.

  442. I would like the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. Combination of class, performance and the quality of German engineering – unbeatable!

  443. I would take the Audi RS3 Sportback because I’m a family man with a wife and 3 seeds!

  444. I would want the McLaren MP4-12c because LOOK AT IT.

  445. R8 LMS Ultra CSR – It’s a work of art!

  446. I love the Nissan GT-R, I can’t believe how fast that thing is off the line, I don’t care if it has a lot of electronics to help you drive. It still has to be amazing to drive. So sign me up!

  447. It was tough choice between McLarens vs. PAGANI for me. And I will raise PAGANI Huayra – RWD hand with just a slim margin. Many of the sports cars listed can be had or driven but It’s a pure hyper/super car/ that I want. A car that I could never allow myself to buy one even if I win a lottery in game or reality. And this is car I want…

  448. Audi R8 its fast and by far the best looking.

  449. Huayra- RMD. (in red preferably.) Completely unattainable I’m afraid, but it is superior in appearance and drive. I would love to own it!

  450. Nissan GT-R. Because I’m curious to know if performance and maintenance cost live up to the reviews :-)

  451. Nissan GT-R. Because I’m curious if its performance and maintenance cost live up to reviews :-)

  452. I would definitely go with the Pagani Huarya. It looks like Tony Stark decided to redesign the Batmobile. If it were any faster you’d need a pilot license to drive it. It has enough torque to beat all the other cars while towing the Altima to give it its first second place. It’s also the considerate choice because at least the other drivers will have a beautiful view when you are beating them. I thought Pagani overdid it with the Zonda, but looks like he was just getting started.

  453. Ford Mustang GT… need I say more! The epitome of best in show. Ferrari, who? Le Mans, what? To experience that V8 engine in such an iconic car would be a dream!

  454. Ford Mustang GT – it’s my realistic “dream car”.

  455. Im thinking the McLaren F1 would be a fun to try and top it’s 243 mph record. Besides if I totaled it I could salvage the gold covered fire wall to pay for my medical bills.

  456. Easily the Nissan GT-R: It has the raw beauty, power, control, tech, not some big boat, and can probably keep me from killing myself with all that tech (The Pagani comes in second, losing points due to the unpronounceable name)

  457. I would pick the Nissan GT-R. Since it is a super car, but one you could still drive around day to day. Amazing technology mixed in with brute power. it is an awesome car!

  458. Always had a thing for the ford gt. Raw muscle and awesome lines.

  459. ”Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own, and why?”
    I most want to own the Ford GT. Why? Because it is pure car nostalgia, it has a history to boast about, it takes it to the most expensive supercars in the world and it is one of a kind, you wont be seeing many others on the road and be thought of as a sheep.

  460. It would have to be the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. An amazing combination of a beautiful gull-wing Mercedes with a sprinkling of McLaren F1 derived magic.

  461. great game for a great tab.

  462. If my tablet allowed to play CSR Racing I’d go for CorvetteZR1 – RWD ’cause it’s a muscle, it accelerates too fast (0-60 mph in only 3,4 seconds!!!). I consider it a perfect car for a drag racing.

  463. I’d love a Ford Mustang for the style and power!

  464. I’d love to own the ford GT just for its sheer good looks

  465. Love to have the Ford GT. Ive always been a Ford guy and the GT is the car they made to honor the GT40 that helped Ford win it all in the 70’s. Its a gorgeous car and I would love to drive it much less own it

  466. None of them there is and will only be one car to ever own………MK II Escort if someone came up to me right now and gave me any of those cars in csr i would only take it to get me an escort and take the left over cash to make it the best looking, sounding and running MK II the world has ever seen.
    End of discussion :D

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