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If you’ve forgotten that Samsung is holding a nice event in London today to show off new Galaxy and ATIV products, allow this to serve as your friendly reminder. We’ll be on-hand in both London and New York to get up close and personal with everything Samsung has to show, but if you wanted to watch the event for yourself don’t forget that Samsung is holding an official live stream over at YouTube.

The stream player isn’t live yet, but be sure to circle back to this post a bit later as we’ll be updating it with the embedded player as soon as it’s available. This event is said to be showing off the latest Samsung products announced within the past few weeks, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Rumors also suggest we’re going to be seeing  a new Android-based mirrorless camera launching in Samsung’s NX series. We’re not totally confident about that yet, but whatever happens we’ll be there to give you the skinny on any and everything. Things kick off at 2pm eastern / 11am pacific, or 7pm over in London.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Maybe they will actually start selling the Galaxy Tab 3 today? It’s kind of annoying how they have announcements and press conferences where they give release windows, but no specific dates or prices.

    1. “….will be coming out very soon, sometime in Q4!” (read: December 30th)

  2. The Galaxy Nx shared by Engadget

  3. Just give me my darn note 3 already!

    1. You beat me to it :)

      Would be nice if they surprised us w/ that today

      :holds breath:

  4. I’d like to see the Galaxy Note 3. I’ve been holding off on a new device since I bought my SG3 (just mere months before the Note 2 FINALLY released on TMO).

  5. Note 3 Note 3 Note frickin 3!!! but I haven’t seen any rumors that it is :'(

  6. Hopefully the event won’t be like the S4 launch. All theatre and no love for android.

  7. So far @2:20pm EDT….*YAWN*

  8. Samsung Galazy S4 Zoom, 16GB w/4GB available to the user due to the OS and set of features. #Pass! Does anyone else find these two guys lame when trying to throw in some jokes?

  9. Dr Evil clone: What kind of shutter speed can we expect? Tall guy: Very fast….lol. Very informative indeed.

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