Feedly Cloud is ready for Google Reader refugees, comes with Press and gReader support


Some more “Google Reader is about to die” related news for you guys today. Feedly, perhaps one of the biggest to step up to the plate and take the torch from Google in the online RSS reader front, has announced availability of Feedly Cloud. Feedly Cloud is essentially the standalone service we’ve all been waiting for — the one that’s completely independent of Google Reader, and based on code Feedly has written from the ground up.


Feedly Cloud will have a web app (simply head to, or try the simplified version at and features a simplistic, familiar interface for curating and consuming your online news. The app was built with scalability in mind, giving users and developers the freedom they need to use Feedly however they want. This meant a powerful slew of APIs to tap into, some of which developers are already implementing into popular apps.

One such app is Press, the beautiful RSS reader for Android that nearly became obsolete following Google’s announcement. Another is gReader. We’d hoped the developers behind these apps would have created their own standalone services, but we understand not everyone has the same sort of backbone, infrastructure and support that is needed to keep a service like this going fast and smooth.



That’s why we couldn’t be happier with Feedly taking the charge and rallying the troops behind its platform, and we can’t wait to see how many more developers start to hook into its power once Google Reader closes its doors July 1st. You can find Feedly, Press, or gReader in the Google Play Store.

[via Feedly]

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  1. I hope Google Reader is being shut down to make space for something better

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