Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail album free (72 hours in advance) for Samsung Galaxy owners


The below Samsung commercial, first aired during Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs, plays more like a mini Jay-Z documentary and includes the #MagnaCarta hash tag, pushing people to visit MagnaCartaHolyGrail.com.

On the actual website, you learn that the album will be available 72 hours in advance for up to 1 million Samsung Galaxy customers. More specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2. A related app will be available on June 24th and the actual album will be available on July 4th at 12:01AM Eastern.

The app will only be downloadable through the Android App, which we assume is the method they’ll use to limit downloads.

Samsung has a few other new Galaxy products in the pipeline including the Galaxy S4 Zoom, but it doesn’t appear these new devices will be included in the offer. That may suggest these new devices will not yet be available by the June 24th or even July 4th launch of the Magna Carta Holy Grail Jay-Z album. I’m a huge Jay-Z fan and am outrageously excited for the Galaxy S4 Zoom, so I’m hoping to get in on this action.

Samsung must have dropped a huge amount of money on the advertising spot, lasting 3+ minutes. There was no branding in the commercial itself, instead focusing on Jay-Z making music and commentating, with some guest appearances by artists and producers most likely featured on the album.

Can you name the other artists spotted? In honor of father’s day, I’ve got to give a shout out to my dad who correctly identified the white bearded dude as Rick Rubin.

And just because we like to keep this bad boy alive, check out the OG Android song from yours truly:

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  1. Timbaland, Pharell Williams and Swizz Beats are the other artists.

    1. Don’t forget Rick Rubin.

      1. I didn’t. They just had already named him in the article.

  2. I had G1 Love as my default ringtone on my G1 the entire time I owned it.

  3. What about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus users? >_<

    1. It’s a nexus. Much more related to Google than samsung.

  4. If I had a Samsung Galaxy device, I would not download it.

  5. Even though it’s free I still wouldn’t download it

    1. I think the idea is for people who appreciate it to download it…so I think it’s cool that you don’t.

  6. songs/beats were pretty good in the video, well see.

  7. What an obnoxious choice of a star for Samsung to align with.

    1. I don’t see why Jay-Z is so obnoxious. It’s not like he is Kanye, lol

    2. Would you have preferred Justin Bieber??

  8. Samsung really needs help to sell more S4, i heard sales estimates were slashed by as much as 30%. But anyway i am happy to have my note 2 and i will enjoy this app. spybubblepro

  9. I’m pretty sure the racist phandroid fans are coming. Sales drop? Because Samsung hired Jayz.

  10. You stated no branding in the commercial, but they did show them using a galaxy tab 8 that had lyrics scribbled on it.

  11. i thought to myself will this work with my galaxy nexus??? then i remembered that i had an HTC
    One now :D

  12. Niice! Basically they got Jay to usher in paid streaming music subscriptions.

  13. He is a gansta bum.

  14. Won’t download it for free.

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