Amazon offering Sprint and AT&T HTC One for $80 tomorrow only


HTC One Poetic Borderline case wm 4

Looking for a list minute Father’s Day gift? Amazon is offering up the HTC One for $80 starting tomorrow for folks on both Sprint and AT&T. There is one catch, though — the sale will only last a day! You’ll want to wake up bright and early tomorrow if you’ve been waiting to see the device get down to a price this sweet. We should also note that the $80 price is only for new customers. Those upgrading a line are still in for a treat, though, as you’ll only be asked to pay $20 more.

The HTC One is one of the hottest devices of 2013, with the Taiwanese company turning many heads and enjoying their best sales in a long time on the back of this stud. We reviewed the device recently, giving it high praise for finally delivering the HTC device we’ve been waiting for since the EVO 4G was still the best thing in town.

You’ll want to act fast as we’re not sure if stock is going to last very long during the day. The Sprint HTC One silver can be found here, and the black is here. As for you AT&T faithful, you can grab the silver version here and the black one here.

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  1. This phone is seriously making me want to pay the Verizon ETF, so I can upgrade now rather than waiting until March 2014 (the new upgrade policy pushed my upgrade date out over 6 months).

    1. Stop signing contracts!

      1. But full price on new phones is over $600 on a phone like this. Breaking an ETF, and signing a new contract in this case would be around $275 + $80, which is close to the non-promotional price.

        1. Soooooooo….

          How many times have you actually done this?
          Also,how often are/would you be able to do this w/o burning any bridges w/the carriers?

          Unless you’re using aliases &/or fraudulent personal info,I doubt the carriers would allow for such a gaping loophole to exist………………

          1. Not something I would do consistently. Probably not something I would do at all to be honest. Just stating that it is possible, and tempting.

          2. I hear ya,……..

            Phones are indeed expensive.Crazy that they’re more expensive than a decent desktop or laptop computer.

            At least every major mfg now has a flagship phone worth keeping for quite a while once the contract is over.

            I didn’t mind buying my HTC ONE off-contract,as any normal person should be pleased w/it for many years of use.

            On the other hand,here is a phone I also paid full price for:


            Not one of my smartest decisions by a long mile. ;-)

          3. I did buy mine off contract from HTC.

      2. Exactly. Buy the phone or finance it @ T-MOBILE for $99 down + installments to pay off the balance. No ETFs. Of course check for decent coverage on any carrier beforehand.

        1. That’s still paying full price, plus interest. Contracts, or even the work around I listed below can allow you to cut the cost in half.

          1. There is no interest on the finance.

          2. 427 for a nexus 4 …come on

      3. Problem is to stop signing contracts with the CDMA carriers…they wont allow you to even come on as a brand new customer with a phone you bought full price…they make you sign a 2yr anyway. At this point im considering rolling off to T-Mobopcs or some other mvno…

        1. eh brah T-Metro

  2. Don’t forget the other obvious catch…..A 2 year contract, that by the time it ends, this device will be outclassed by another device.

    1. That’s the case with every phone now given the required 2 year contract/upgrade period.

      1. I’m not on contract……haven’t been on one for over 3 years.

    2. For Android, you can expect your new phone to be outdated within 6 months… No point in waiting around trying to get the best phone possible, when it’ll get outdated soon.

      1. Either a phone becomes outdated, or its support from the carrier dies. The Galaxy Nexus that I’ve had for a year and a half is starting to struggle, and I’m tired of the abysmal battery life.

        1. The Galaxy Nexus always had battery problems. Good thing it has a removable battery though, so you really shouldn’t have an excuse for the abysmal battery life

          1. Unless you want to carry around 2 batteries with you every day, or if you don’t have a charger on you, battery life problems are inevitable.

          2. I’m assuming you’re talking about your Nexus…. Here’s a solution for you


          3. Extended batteries are the shizzle.I loved the ZEROLEMON 7000 on my S3,INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE battery life!

          4. 7000? Damn man, that can last you for a week! I think the only down side of having that is that it makes your S3 look like a brick… But it’s function over form right?

          5. to be honest the function over form part…you kinda get used to it if you enjoy the device…for all the draining its done on the standard battery the Gnex with an extended is quite enjoyable…playing around with Roms and stuff it beats the part about horrible batt life…..its just a phone that Google tanked so hard with on part of internals. and its overheating and battery drain is just the result of that tanking. I once mentioned on a product review only the hardcorest of the hardcore googlers and tinkerers will find a way to find the phone useful without the battery making you smash it.

          6. It actually felt real nice in-hand,as the battery cover served dual-duty as a protective case.

            Check it out in the S3 forums or AMAZON.

            There’s also a ZL 9300 for the GN2………

            Or here……


          7. Oh cool that’s good

          8. Shoot i had no choice but to get at 3800mah batt for my Gnex on sprint….Its made it tolerable but its still a horrible battery eater. its overheating problems keep the phone from charging anyway when at max temp

          9. Yeah.. It really wasn’t a great phone…

          10. Perhaps the CDMA/LTE version of the GNex did, but the regular GSM/HSPA+ version (I9250) is just fine. With light usage, I regularly get 1.5 days of battery life, and with heavy usage I generally have no problem making it through the day. I’m still rockin’ this phone, and I’m quite happy with it. Though the processor is starting to show its age a bit, it’s still a very capable phone, and runs the latest & greatest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 quite well.

        2. The Hyperion battery is the shiznit.

        3. I had my note 2 for over six months and its still.supported and is NOT outdated at all.

          1. that’s because the note 3 didn’t come out yet

          2. Whatever I’m getting an iPhone 5S.

    3. that’s pretty much technology across the board

    4. And you would think they offer this superior phone at $80 without obligations?

  3. What gives it still shows the full price?

    1. The sale starts tomorrow.

    2. Reading comprehension fail.

  4. Its not signing another 2 years with at&t.

  5. Screw the one! Nexus 4 is only a little bit worse spec wise and even then the nexus 5 is out in 6 months which will be better. Hell I bought the 4 and I’ll buy the 5 for the price I could of got for one HTC one. Of course my coverage isn’t the best since T-Mobile doesn’t have the best coverage but the more and more people who go to prepaid will make companies rethink there strategy. Don’t buy the one buy the nexus 5 or moto x

    1. When?!? Waiting another 3 months, while you can enjoy hTc One right now. By the way, is your opinion, and I respect that

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