First ever Viva Movil store opens in Brooklyn


viva lol

We weren’t quite sure how far off we were from the launch of Jennifer Lopez and Verizon’s extremely ridiculous retail experiment, but the time has finally come — the first Viva Movil retail store has opened. The location is Brooklyn, New York, an area quite close to miss Jenny’s hometown of The Bronx.

The stores will be catered to the Latino crowd here in America, offering a “unique” retail experience for those who fit the bill. Viva Movil stores offer little more than just going to Verizon and getting your phone straight from the horse’s mouth. I guess there are J-Lo cases. That’s great, right? And who could possibly go on a phone-shopping quest without the advent of indoor playgrounds?

OK, that sounded much less ridiculous in my head. Regardless, if you’re willing to support this seemingly pointless, potentially offensive retail concept then be sure to stop by starting today

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Only way I’d go there is if J.Lo was actually there selling phones……….in a bikini.

    1. hahaha exactly!!

    2. not if she laughs like she did at the presentation

      1. Headphones man, headphones.

        1. Looks like Verizon (or Viva Movil, rather) might actually have some success selling accessories this time around.

  2. Sensing the fail is strong with this endeavour.

    1. exactly

    2. I’m guessing due to the only real differenciating item from this & VZW is 12 phone cases:

  3. I think the title should read store vice story.

  4. Cool story bro

  5. The only thing that I remember from Viva Movil is: “WHERE THE HELL IS MY HTC ONE VERIZON???!!!””

  6. Brooklyn is another world to the Bronx. New Yorkers will tell you that. From the moment they announced this it wreaked of greed to me. They are trying to make Verizon attractive in areas where Boost, MetroPCS and T-Mobile slaughter them; where latinos live and are price sensitive.

    1. They should’ve open a store in the Bronx first and then take it from there. She’s is from the Bronx why not start from home, but I don’t see this going anywhere…….Heck vzw doesn’t even have a unlimited international calling/text plan to begin with…That’s where tmobile and the MVNO look more appealing to those who have relative outside of the US.

  7. What-not El Paso?

  8. In my opinion this is ALL bull $#! +

    1. Bullshit*

      It’s okay to swear on the internet… especially if you’re going to use characters that look like the letters anyway.

      1. Ohh ok, thanks for the tip. So yes, in my opinion this is ALL bullshit! O_o

  9. I live in SO CAL Mexico north im guessing we will see these pop up in Santa Ana East LA I would never go into one or a Verizon store for that matter but im not the demographic anyways

    1. i would go just to see how different they act when i walk in. will they greet me in spanish or ingles? but i will not buy. I changed to tmobile and paying a lot less for service. since i am in Las Vegas, i get LTE and 4G unlitited no throttle on the $70 monthly plan with 3 lines total i still save over $120 a month. so i bit the bullet and left verizon.

    2. Los Angeles County is 48% Hispanic (and very proud of Chicano culture), so I’m guessing that they’ll pop up there very soon. Orange County is at 34.1% and San Diego is at 32.5%, so I’m sure that our local Hispanic areas are likely to get a couple. I know that the strip of San Diego I live in won’t get any lol. 341,000 people in a dozen communities stretching from the coast 20 miles inland that all have between 3% and 15% Hispanic populations. It’s a sizable strip of San Diego that is super white (60% to 80%). It’s like living between Mexico North and Old Mexico.

  10. File this one under WGAFF:

    Besides,who would purchase something from a company whose spokesperson is totally out-of-touch/out-to-lunch & clueless about the product line-up:

    1. You linked to a definition of your own anagram. I don’t even.

      1. Drunk post much?

        I’m flattered you’d think it’s my creation……….. ;-)

        1. I think you misunderstood.

          1. I think you’re still drunk & should listen to yourself before posting…

          2. pr0tip: I was pointing out the absurdity of linking to a definition of an anagram in your comment. If you didn’t think people knew what it meant, why not just spell it out?



            See how weird that is?

          3. Still drunk/comprehension fail…..

            Obviously you don’t know the difference between an acronym & an anagram………

            Put the bottle down….. ;-)

        2. ps: I don’t think it’s your creation. I meant to say you linked to a definition of the anagram you used in the comment.

  11. Does it include a free taco with every purchase? or else id be wasting my time..

  12. Silly Phandroid your missing the point – there is 14 million + illegals in this country, many existing on forged or stolen identities.

    And here comes a service that speaks Spanish and doesn’t require a store visit for sign up and account maintenance.

    To give you an example of the buying power for illegals it was estimated that if they were allowed to group loan IE 20 individuals to a loan there total buying power would be around 1.5 trillion in new housing.

    1. Zeb, is that you? WE, THE PEOPLE!

  13. I wish I was Latino so I could understand what the allure is. Is it like a Verizon store in PR only not in PR? But with photoshopped pictures of JLo strewn about?

    1. even as a latino i still don’t understand

    2. First generation American here and I can understand this, it’s Verizon’s ineptitude and J-Lo’s classless attitude. She’s as ‘Latina’ as George Bush is black. We’re meant to integrate the people in this great enterprise we call America.

      Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile retail locations already staff Spanish speaking employees where they are needed. This Movil is ridiculous.

  14. Still scratching my head over this one.

  15. It’s a latino campain

  16. Pandering crap.

  17. Well if they are targeting the Hispanic market they are doing it wrong. Nextel had a big chunk of this market because of the low cost direct connect to Hispanic countries. What they are looking for is international calls without getting raped on the bill. Rebranding Verizon is not going to work unless they offer cheap or free international calling.

    1. They already do offer international calling. I see ads for it in Spanish often. It’s a $15 dollar fee on Share Everything for a 1000 minutes or $0.35 a minute for Mexico or Canada. I remember it being cheaper before…I know it was a $5 add on that we denied for my own family plan, but that might just be a special thing for San Diego since are right up against Mexico.

  18. So when do we get a Whites only store?

    1. Soon as you put on your white sheet.

      1. See that’s what I don’t get if any group gets a business that is almost exclusive to them its a good thing. If something is supposed to be white exclusive it is suddenly racist.

        1. Have you not read how many comments believe it is a racist concept? There is also no evidence that this store is exclusive to Latino customers, it will appeal to people who need some place for their kids to play that has air conditioning this summer.

          1. The name of the store is evidence itself. Not only are they not trying to invite Black, White, Asian or Indian customers, they’re practically telling them to go elsewhere. This is a bad move and a commenter below said it right: we are supposed to integrate people, not segregate them.

        2. Liberals have no sense of humor. Which is why they think Stephen Colbert is funny.

          1. I think Stephen Colbert is funny but yeah I get your point liberals are way too serious they need to learn to lay back and take a joke just look at my comments on the post on here about the phones getting stolen from the T-Mobile store a few weeks ago I think you will get a good laugh

  19. LOL thats literally the worst location ever for a mobile store. A sex tape wouldve been more profitable than this

  20. I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban and this offends me. A store full of tacky, sparkly J. Lo cases for folks who don’t speak English, and mobbed by a bunch of unruly kids screaming in Spanish and climbing all over shit. Great.

    Yes, this caters to me and makes me want to buy stuff. *eyes roll back so hard I see my brain*

  21. While, don’t understand this, I think its good, if to give some people jobs, I’m for it.

  22. hmmm, “Viva Movil by Jennifer Lopez”. I do chuckle at the idea of a “Livin’ Cellular by Halle Berry” in Black areas or “Mobile Living by Lucy Liu” in Asian areas. It sounds so much more racist when you frame it like that. Targeting a specific demographic can tread on those lines pretty easily.

    1. WHERE YOU AT?

  23. Finally I can get that burrito ringtone :)

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