Jun 12th, 2013

viva lol

We weren’t quite sure how far off we were from the launch of Jennifer Lopez and Verizon’s extremely ridiculous retail experiment, but the time has finally come — the first Viva Movil retail store has opened. The location is Brooklyn, New York, an area quite close to miss Jenny’s hometown of The Bronx.

The stores will be catered to the Latino crowd here in America, offering a “unique” retail experience for those who fit the bill. Viva Movil stores offer little more than just going to Verizon and getting your phone straight from the horse’s mouth. I guess there are J-Lo cases. That’s great, right? And who could possibly go on a phone-shopping quest without the advent of indoor playgrounds?

OK, that sounded much less ridiculous in my head. Regardless, if you’re willing to support this seemingly pointless, potentially offensive retail concept then be sure to stop by starting today

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