Verizon releases FiOS on-demand app for Android


verizon fios android app

Verizon Wireless is finally giving FiOS customers a good way to enjoy their service on the go. The company has launched a new FiOS on-demand app for Android. You can watch up to 75 channels of live TV while you’re at home, or watch select on-demand content while on the go. The app will even allow your smartphone or tablet to double as a remote, just in case your dog has hidden it in another one of its annoying hiding spots. Of course, the device is free for FiOS users, though some device restrictions do apply.

To be specific, you’ll have to be on at least Android 2.3.3 to take advantage. This shouldn’t rule out a great deal of people, but there are sure to be a few who haven’t bothered to upgrade within the past couple of years. Oh, and Verizon even created a Vine video to go along with the news — I guess that makes them trendy, eh? Watch the short 6 second clip if you want, but if all you’re worried about watching is your FiOS content be sure to get the download over in the Google Play Store.

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  1. Is the iPhone version called FAndroid?

  2. Its crap now. The old remote was pretty nice but now they jammed everything together in one app and continuously paste your bill in your face 20 days early. Plus the remote lags now or freezes. The content on the go is crap and wtf would you watch at home when you have a led 55 inch? One of the worst apps on the market.

  3. Finally!

  4. Why wouldn’t Verizon do this? It means more data revenue for them if you’re off WiFi.

  5. says it incorporates functions from Media Manager and from Mobile Remote. Can I get rid of both of those apps now? Seems these should have been removed automagically…

  6. Kindle Fire?

  7. Dammit……only on 2.2

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