As Galaxy S4 sales lose steam, investors lose confidence in Samsung


Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Samsung took a stock hit on Friday to the tune of $12 billion as prices dropped 6 percent on fears of slowing Galaxy S4 sales. While the handset got off to a hot start, analysts now recognize that sales of high-end Samsung smartphones are falling short of expectations. Orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 units from manufacturing partners will reportedly drop 20 to 30 percent in the coming months as third-quarter sales are expected to miss initial projections.

Despite strong sales of low and mid-range handsets, investors worry that Samsung will face thinning margins and a drop in overall growth. One potential factor is the Korean company’s decision to dilute sales of their flagship phone by offering lower-priced variants such as the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active.

Samsung has painted a much different outer-facing picture, publicizing sales figures for the Galaxy S4 prominently. As of Friday, however, stock values closed at their lowest in four months.

[via Reuters, WSJ]

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  1. i mean isnt it kind of expected. Its a mid contract phone. Most people who bought the S3 (and thats a lot) aren’t breaking their contract to get the S4.

    1. Truth. The S5 will hopefully be amazing. Going to stick it out with my S3 for another year.

      1. Same here.

        1. Are you both still in contract?

      2. The S2 was amazing.. and so is the S4.. the S3 on the other hand ;)

    2. I think you are right. It’s almost like iPhone 4S, it’s just a mid contract phone. That’s why it didn’t sell as well as 4 or 5. However, Samsung needs to make some design change to the phone or it’s going down the road of iPhone…

      1. The way of the iPhone? They wish. The iPhone still outsells the Samdung S4. And Samdung presented the S4 as a brand new innovative phone, which is not.

      2. For the S5 they’ve already started working on a new design “Design 3.0”. I think they change their design every 2 years like how the S & S2 are pretty similar and the S3 & S4 are similar.

    3. Plus the HTC One is a huge hit stealing the S4’s spotlight.

      1. People at my office were excited about the S4 because of the TV commercials. After I started showing them my HTC One most of the ones that were going to buy the S4 ended up getting the One.

        1. I wonder why?

          1. The HTC One will still outdo Samsung. Even in the Google edition. Word on the street is the HTC One Google Edition will still have Beats and the Camera software.

          2. No it won’t. The s4 has already sold more than twice as many HTC Ones and it has only been out a few weeks.

        2. Why? I would think the unibody construction without being able to swap batteries would be a deal breaker from the gitgo

      2. No. Just No.

    4. While you’re probably right, I hate everything about the reality you’re describing. That people buy phones based on where they are in their contract period is just a terrible lack of freedom and we should all be fighting this business practice. Kudos to Google and T-Mobile for fighting the contract tyranny and giving consumer more freedom. We should all demand that freedom!

      1. The extra freedom you get on T-Mobile is just the right to pay off your phone early and then start paying for another one whenever you want. I’m not sure a whole ton of people are going to buy top-end phones more often because of that… after all, they still have to pay for it.

        I myself don’t buy phones on contract… but I also don’t buy top-end phones. In the last month I’ve spent about $12 of my prepaid balance on voice and data… at 5c/min and 10c/MB.

        1. I agree that freedom wouldn’t necessarily make people buy phones more often. But it would remove the 24 month pattern that people use to reason for their purchase. Freedom would make you keep an awesome phone longer than a phone that you don’t like. It simply makes it your choice.

      2. You can fight this business practice, pay full price for the phone and there’s no mid-contract. The nature of a discounted phone is that the company offering it wants something in return, that something is 2 years of your life under a contract.

      3. I personally think the contract was is better. I do not want to spend $600 on a new phone… So in return ill promise to stay with the same company for two years. T-Mo is really no different. Since you only put a down payment if you leave before you pay the full price on the phone you still have to pay the rest… Basically the same thing as an Early Term Fee.

        1. Not true. A subsidized phone on contract has it’s cost split over the two year contract period. However, after the two years the monthly service will not be reduced so you will continue making payments on a phone that is already fully paid for. With T-Mobile, you can spread your phone cost over a two year period, but you are done paying for your phone after your phone is paid off.

          Seriously, I can understand why most people accept the contract scheme. Who wouldn’t want to have an excuse to get a new phone every 24 months? Having the freedom to choose when to upgrade puts a lot of pressure on you for having to have an actual reason to upgrade. Freedom can be so frustrating…

          1. Actually, this is not true in all cases. I am on a family plan with AT&T, and brought my Nexus 4 with me; I pay $40 a month. If I bought a new phone on contract, I’d still be paying $40 a month.

          2. Family Plans are a little different no? Price is kind of set no matter if subsidized or not. I don’t mind tho, i pay $40 a month for unlimited data on my s3. never ever leaving my parents family plan

          3. Gideon, thanks for your input. I assume that you are not in one of those special plans where other customers are covering your costs. Okay then, we can agree that AT&T are not getting their phones for free? And since money has to come from somewhere, where does AT&T get the money to subsidize a new phone if a plan costs you the same with or without subsidizing? Yes, from your monthly bill! So you are still paying for a subsidized phone – without getting the phone.

          4. Yeah that is really true. Its only $40 MAX for another line on a family plan.. so really your making out pretty good on that with the contract.

          5. $40 may seem cheap, but T-Mobile is charging $10 per extra line for unlimited talk/text/data (500MB high speed). What is AT&T offering to charge 4 times the price of T-Mobile? Could it be that part of that extra $30 was going towards subsidizing a phone? If so, why are you paying for a phone if you brought your own?

            I know it’s a jungle out there – they want to keep us misinformed…

          6. ‘What is AT&T offering to charge 4 times the price of T-Mobile?’

            How about cell service that actually works when you drive outside of city limits. I’m more than happy to pay 4x for that. And even at the whopping 500MB of high speed data they offer with the $10 plan, it wouldn’t do me much good, since I was on Edge most of the time with T-mo anyway.

          7. In my case, for $40 a month, I get unlimited voice and text, plus 3gb of data a month, for which I usually use less than 1gb, and coverage in my area that’s a hell of a lot better than T-mo. I’m not complaining :P

          8. Because AT&T charges the same whether you have a subsidized phone or not, making people who bring their own phone or who have finished their two years pay extra for nothing.

          9. Haha. That just means you’re paying for a subsidized phone that doesn’t exist.

            You paid for your N4, and now you’re paying the monthly bill with the subsidized cost built in. It’s a no-win situation.

          10. not sure if im not understanding this or what but they are the same thing….

            With a contract you basically pay for your subsidized phone via a higher bill.. Then after 2 years you start over again with a new phone.

            With T-Mo you buy a phone and split the cost of it over 2 years, once those two years are done and you paid off the phone, you but a new one and start over again…

            Was that last statement sarcasm? Because it actually makes sense lol

          11. What if you don’t want to buy a new phone after two years? If that question has never crossed your mind – then I give up.

          12. Yeah i like having new tech. I mean thats why i read this site. I would get a new phone every year if i could.

          13. “Yeah i like having new tech. I mean thats why i read this site. I would get a new phone every year if i could.”

            Yet you chose AT&T knowing that you have a contract to stay with them for 2 years. Are you contradicting yourself?

            It’s really amazing how people can’t grasps these simple term.

          14. Your observation is pure comedy lol. Insert sarcastic Fry meme here!

          15. American non-questioning consumers are the best – I’m off to start a carrier that offers short 12 month contracts with $40 of the monthly cost going to subsidizing the phone. And then consumers will have an excuse to get a new phone every 12 months!

            Idiocracy is now…

          16. You’re right, you’re an idiot.

          17. With Tmo, you can go online and pay off your phone if you want. This can make your bill cheaper, sooner. Other carriers at the end of 2 years you keep the same price.

            At least with Tmo you actually see a decrease in price because you’re no longer paying for a phone.

          18. But then again, you have the choice to upgrade or not. The only thing that is guaranteed is with Tmobile, after 2 years, your monthly will go down dramatically because you paid off your phone. With AT&T, after 2 years, you are still forced to pay the same amount you started with them. FOREVER.

          19. are you seriously saying that after 2 years you would not recontract and get a new phone? hence starting the 2 years again? when do you ever continue the contract, being “forced to pay the same amount” and not get a new phone?

            you crazy!

            maybe its different in the land of the “free”. in Australia, when your 2 year contract is up (often 3 months before its actually up) you can recontract, get a new phone and a new plan.

          20. A person rejecting choices is crazy… That’s you.

          21. yeah. im rejecting choice by choosing the handset and plan I want each time I choose to re-contract. You sure have a great grasp on English…..

            I sure do a lot of choosing for someone who rejects choices.

            Back to your hole, sir.

          22. Re-Contract?.. I welcome you ETF.. sorry, but T-mobile has no contracts thus no ETF.

          23. With T-Mobile, the phone is yours and you can sell it on E-Bay 6 months later if another phone catches your fancy. You can’t do this on other carriers.

          24. Untrue.

            On ATT you can sell your phone on ebay or where ever you like the day you buy it if you so want. They don’t care if you use your new phone or not. Thy only care you pay your bill. Just tell them you travel and need to beable to use alternative sim cards during your travels and they will give you your sim unlock code or you can wait 60 days. After 60 days so long as your bill is not past due they will give you your sim unlock code if you ask for it, Waiting 60 days trumps having to wait 6 months to receive an unlock code for your phone imho.

            For the record, you don’t need to sim unlock your phone to bable to sell it. ATT users can buy it from you locked and just throw their sim card in it. Its non ATT users hat need it unlocked to use with their sim and they can buy unlock codes online. HTC One unlock codes are $3.50 online. Bought one for a friend a few days ago.

            I upgrade phones every 8-10 months and have done so long before the smartphone craze blew up. Been through it multiple times now.

          25. Why go all with these hassles just to change a phone while in mid-contract? With T-mobile, no contracts – no more hassles.

          26. what hassel o_O? If I want to change phone I just put my Sim in another phone and turn it on.

            If I want to carrier unlock my phone to sell to someone with another carrier I have to call n get the unlock code. T-Mo users do to except ATT users can get the code after 2 months unless you tell them you travel. Then u can get it whenever. Judging by the post above T-Mo users have to wait 6 months or until you pay off the phone. Seems more hassel on T-Mo to me. o_O?

            I upgrade every year on contract (cross upgrades) and also buy off contract when something catches my eye.
            Sure I’m on contract, but is it a bother? Nope. Not like I plan on leaving anytime soon unless they try and take my granfathered plan from me anyways.. ATT has the best coverage and data speed in the area I live and areas I frequent. Followed by Verizon, T-Mo and then Sprint.
            It would be more hassel for me to go to T-Mo with no real benefits.

          27. “I upgrade phones every 8-10 months and have done so long before the smartphone craze blew up. Been through it multiple times now.”

            If you upgrade phone while with contract, that contract becomes longer every time you get a phone upgrade. Say after 11 months, you wanted a new phone. You called for a phone upgrade, and of course they will give you a new phone but bear in mind, you now have a new contract, 24 mos plus the 13 mos remaining. That’s 3 years 1 month.

            While with T-mobile, these things doesn’t exist. There’s no contract, things are simpler.

            Again, why go with all these hassle.

          28. 15 months on my current contract
            with my one x+ that i love with its 64gigs internal storage, but after
            this time pass i will and repeat will not be helping samsung bring there
            numbers back up, HTC all day, screw others opinoin­ ­http://mybestfriendmakes65dollarsper&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

          29. I really want you to break down the numbers and tell me how t mobile is better than sprint in terms of cost over the two years vs no agreement.

          30. This. You hit the nail on the head.

            I can’t emphasize enough to some people that this is how all the carriers should be doing. Transparency for the win.

        2. I don’t think the contract way is better. Mainly because it’s the same thing as what Tmo is doing with their installment plans. Except you can get a newer phone easier.

          Next year when the HTC 2 comes out, my HTC One will probably be about $300. One year of installment plans make the bill $240. So of course I’d be able to pay that off with extra money on the side. I’d use that extra to get the HTC 2.

          So you’re able to get newer phones easier with the installment plans. That’s the main benefit of it. That’s what I like about it.

          1. this thread can go on and on and on

            ONE THING THAT IS FACT IS T-MOB OWNS ATT as far as price and contracts go

      4. Yes. Next year when the HTC 2 come out, I should have $240 left to pay on my HTC One. ($480 is total equipment installment plan) I’m sure I will be able to sell the HTC One for about $300 during that time.

        This will give me a nice amount over the remaining balance and I can pick up the HTC Two. And there is no $300 down I’d need to pay. Probably $100 again. Hopefully. Or I could pre-order and get even more goodies. =.D

        I’m so happy that Tmo got rid of contracts.

        1. i agree right now i have 3 lines unlimted everyhting with tethering on my line

          a nexus 4 ,htc one and htc one S…my bill is 170 a month with taxes

          …..how the hell do i beat that besided going to sprint which ive tried and still does not even have 3g speeds on long island

          1. That’s a really good plan. I’m with Sprint and I am paying almost the same amount with only two phones. I am seriously thinking of going to T-Mobile.

          2. I just made the switch. Well, I will be next weekend when my Sprint contract ends, but I’m definitely going to T-Mobile.

            The price is better, the HSPA+ speeds are way faster than Sprint 3G (on par with the WiMAX I was using), and the contract’s transparency is a big win. Also, I can bring any unlocked GSM phone to T-Mobile, which is huge for me (hello Nexus, finally).

      5. I agree with having the flexibility to owning whatever phone you want to have. That being said I don’t think it is the responsibility of the carriers to pay for people’s “I want” syndrome. If you want to phone hop pay the full price of the phone (which you would do with T-Mobile anyway) and don’t renew your contract by way of a subsidized device purchase.

        That is why I elected to purchase a Google Nexus device from Google Play. It it keeps me from getting locked into a contract so I can swap phones whenever I want and the Nexus brand devices have a middle-of-the-road subsidy from Google.

        The reality is most people won’t pay $500-$800 to buy a phone off contract. The reality is that smartphones these days while not a functional as a laptop or tablet are just as advanced and complicated pieces of equipment and thee is a certain value to that.

      6. Relax Braveheart.

      7. Too bad T-Mob has terrible coverage in my area. My brother’s Nexus 4 was on extended coverage the whole time he was visiting me.

    5. Exactly, I have another 14 months on my S3 same for wife. S5 will be my next phone no question.

      1. just the sound of S5 makes me tremble lol

    6. yeah its mid contract for only about half of the population, the other half of the population are up for new contracts?

    7. I agree,I have the GS3 and I opted to stick with it. I do not see the galaxy s4 as a worthy upgrade which requires starting a new contract…I’ll stick with it and wait for something in 1st quarter 2014… Was gonna get the nexus4 for the sake of updates ..

    8. Very true. I imagine the GS5 to sell a lot more.

  2. Release a 32GB for everybody & the sales will pick back up.

    1. And lower the price a bit. When you can get a 32gb (and much better looking) HTC one for LESS, only the people that need an SD reader, removable battery (or just prefer samsung over HTC as a company and their upgrade practices) will chose the s4.

      1. don’t forget the people who are interested In the extra features on the S4 that they’ve seen on the commercials. because honestly I don’t think the main stream consumer even knows the S4 has a SD slot.

        1. I remember when I was ordering my HTC One to be shipped at Tmo, an employee was all like “You don’t want the S4”? We were chatting and stuff and he showed me the eye motion thing how when you look the screen scrolls. Well… it seemed more like when he moved his head up and down the screen scrolled.

          I don’t see myself using that. Especially since it only works in Samsung apps. I can see myself getting annoyed. Mainly because sometimes I would reach the bottom and be like, “wait, what!?” and look back at the top to reread something. LoL!!

          1. Yeah I agree that most of the features are gimmicky because I never ended up using any of those type of features on the S3 but they still make for great selling points and for great commercials.

          2. This is true. I remember having the E4GT and seeing all the stuff the S4 could do. I thought about how my life would be easier. LoL!! The only feature I ever used and will miss is putting your phone to your ear and starting the call when viewing a contact from any place.

            I actually struggle trying to start a call from my HTC One. I don’t know where call is most of the time. It’s always in a different place when I’m looking at the contact from a different app. LoL!!

          3. I actually had to look up what E4GT was lol.

          4. LoL!! I’m sorry. I guess I should start saying “GS2” then. =.P

          5. Yeah I guess that was before the the days of having just one universal device across multiple carriers

    2. This is what pushed me to get the HTC One…SD-Cards are pointless to me with CloudMusic and Cloud storage for pictures…and that was really all the SD-Cards could do. Storage for apps was more important, and HTC offered a phone with 27GB of space for apps, which is on the border of fine for me. I still don’t understand why 16GB High-End phones are even being made, games that would actually take advantage of the hardware can’t even be installed on them. And the SD-Fix Samsung is pushing? It doesn’t move the install only the appdata. IE, if you have Modern Combat 4 (which is about 2GBs in size) 12MB of it can be moved to the external storage, but the rest of it stays on the tiny 9GB samsung gives you…the 16GB S4 is pure garbage for my uses, had a 32GB or 64GB been available widely, I’d sing a different tune.

      1. +1000000

      2. When I travel I put hi-res movies (at least 2GB, and often 4-6) on my phone’s SD card and play them on hotel televisions via HDMI.

        No SD card, no purchase.

        1. I plug a usb drive into my HTC One and play it wirelessly on HDMI with my MediaLink.

          No, wait, I don’t, but I can if I want to. I have more than enough storage built into my HTC One to take video with me. GoT for example is 4gb per 10 hour season? How much more do you need on a trip?

        2. I can do that with my laptop.

          Mainly because MHL usually slowly kills my phone. And I like my phone to be fully charged when I wake up in the morning. Not half dead from watching movies all night. LoL!!

        3. 32 gbs is enough for you… Your movies will apparently take up to 12-15 gbs, assuming they are at 1080p of course. On my H1, I only take up 9 gbs of space for apps & pcitures and 3 gbs for music. Assuming that you will have 15 gbs of movies and 12 gbs of space used for apps/music/whatever, you still have 6 gbs left over. Also, it’s not gonna slow your phone down because it’s not on an sd-card.

          If that’s still not enough for you, 64 gbs should be more than you ever need. Please don’t go around saying “No SD card, no purchase,” because then I assume whatever you’re claiming is as thin as air.

      3. I agree, the inability to move the entire app to the SD card makes the expandable memory feature useless for me. really only people who take tons of pictures or have extremely large music libraries will benefit from it.

  3. Release more GE or Nexus devices. More sales. Simple!

    1. why does everyone say this? Its really only the true geeks / android fans that really appreciate the stock OS experience (and i am one of them). Android would not be where it is today without OEM skins. THats a fact. and THe newer versions of OEM stuff is actually pretty awesome IMO. more GE phones are not the answer though. They are not going to sell more GE phones than their skinned counterparts by ANY means.

      1. I disagree. I know many people who hate Android and switched to iPhone because of how convoluted sense, blur and tw was/is. They refuse to give it a second chance because of the bloated OS that was installed on them. Stock wouldn’t have had that issue.

        My mom’s brand new MT4g(I know, lol) has the stupid Genius app crashing over and over. Brand new, fresh wipe. I’ll be putting CM7 on it next week.

    2. yeah, thats the total opposite of what MOST people want…

      1. exactly. if they wanted it, they’d buy it.

    3. Requires more than that, they would actually have to advertise a GE / Nexus device for it to get sales. I’ve seen exactly 1 Nexus advertisement outside of the tech blog world in the last 4 years. Naturally no one gets high sales off of it.

    4. Because the S3 isn’t the bestselling Android phone ever by several orders of magnitude and Nexus phones barely top the million mark? The stock community is a tiny, miniscule, insignificant market.

  4. they need to design the phone better. the look is just ugly.

  5. I think Kevin is really disappointed with his new iphone. The only time we see him in here is when he has some news that might upset some of the android faithful. Misery loves company.

  6. It’s because investors know the HTC One is about to take over

    1. take over .00001% or was it .0001% of samsungs profit? rofl smh

      1. Haters gonna hate. I understand.

        1. its the truth my friend.. in other words, the reality. how things really are. Jokes aside, Samsung makes 95% of ALL OF Android’s profit. Google it.

          1. No, you’re mistaken. 95% of Android devices sold in Q1 of 2013 was made by Samsung. It doesn’t account for the whole year, and you should expect that number to dramatically drop in Q2.

    2. Ya except that didn’t happen.

      1. Weren’t the sells 2:1 with S4 outselling the HTC One? Wasn’t Samsung once in this position with the iPhone with Apple outselling them 2:1? Now HTC is in this position. Hmm… Wait until next year. I think those numbers will be a little different, with the favor being in HTC’s. History repeats itself, just in a different fashion.

      2. Verizon just announced that they will have the One soon. That’s a pretty huge deal.

  7. Of course Kevin wrote this. As Apple’s biggest competitor, he is glad to spread doom and gloom about Samsung.

    1. yep, just like Apple faced the doom and gloom a couple months ago. I know this is the wrong website for this but whatever….:

      1. Whats this?

        1. ios 7?

          1. There’s no one… there… Or is this super early?

          2. Possibly. Someone decided to overlap E3 and WWDC (and Origins Game Fair) all the same week this year.

    2. Lol yeah. He got up one day and said “i think ill write something negative about Samsung. Oh look how convenient, there are actually negative things about Samsung out there.” and then everyone started whining like dying kittens. Its all a big fkn conspiracy with kevin aint it

  8. Hmmm maybe if phones weren’t so expensive to buy straight up people would be willing to buy phones more often in contract or not. Not saying make them dirt cheap but reasonable would be a start.

  9. all the new features with air gesture suck and dont work for sheet. Dissapointed in the marginal upgrade over my galaxy nexus. Only improvement is battery life and camera. Worth 200 plus tax and 2 years before upgrade? Not sure…

    1. marginal upgrade over the galaxy nexus? Dude, the S3 is a monumental upgrade over the galaxy nexus – forget about the S4 – and it came out 4 months after… The galaxy nexus is hot trash.

  10. Heard on the office floor of Phandroid’s parent company: “We have some meh news about Samsung, who wants to write it?” “ooh ooh me, me, I’ve gotta keep convincing myself of my iPhone preference” Kevin Krause

  11. I’m sure Samsung isn’t worried. I’m sure the S4 will sell tons of units like the S3,

  12. HTC ONE! That is all.

    1. HTC needs to make the next Nexus device. I need the Nexus One again. That was my 1st Android phone. You can see why I had to buy the HTC One. LoL!!

      1. Nexus Experience HTC One?
        It’s stock android in a H1 shell, updates coming straight from Google. I think it’s in the Google Play Store now

        1. I keep forgetting those devices exist. It’s still so sudden. LoL!! That’s exactly what I want. And word on the street is that it’ll still have Beats and the camera software. That’s even more lovely.

    2. HTC NONE!

  13. What’s the issue.. Isn’t it still doing better than the s3 did around the same time, I would think that was good..investors expect Samsung or apple etc to be selling consistently every single year but they need to realise with phones plateuing and many phones are similarly with a different flavour you can’t expect huge sales every single month especially with there being better competition too…

  14. One main reason the S3 did so well was that Verizon was transitioning to tiered data, and people snatched the newest release at the time. Timing is everything

  15. Kevin has officially donned the apple cape and become annoying to everyone lol. Anyone but him could write this and it wouldn’t be so bad

  16. This is good news again for the consumers. Be it Samsung, HTC, Apple, Nokia or Sony.They must deliver what we want otherwise the stock price drops. Atleast it makes the consumers feel like they have a say & not any midioke electronic gadget will do.This is not the 80’s where people spent money wildly. We all do research on how future proof gadets are now days.Yay for the people. Common Samsung we seeing see through & flexible displays for the past three years at the consumer electronic events but nothing yet. We are waiting! Lol!

  17. I think this is simply a mid-cycle device. More people got the S3 as their first Galaxy than the S2/S, so they won’t be “due” for a new phone for another year. For this reason the *new* iphones are released every 2 years, with a mid-life kicker every odd year.

    Even if people aren’t on contracts, it would be a stupid waste of money to *buy* a new phone every year for a marginal upgrade. They’re probably better off upgrading the microSD card to a faster/larger model (if applicable). The update/replacement cycle is clearly lengthening, much like the rest of the PC industry (desktop, laptop, e-reader, tablet, etc)

  18. 15 months on my current contract with my one x+ that i love with its 64gigs internal storage, but after this time pass i will and repeat will not be helping samsung bring there numbers back up, HTC all day, screw others opinoin

  19. 2 completely negative articles from the guy who left Phandroid to save iSource? WTF? Does he only come back here if it’s a juicy negative story involving Android?

    1. My point wasn’t defending Samsung but rather that Kevin has posted 2 articles involving negative news about Android. It’s just weird that he is doing this. It’s not at all a professional way to run a news site. But hey this is the most convenient way to digest Android news and they can run this however they want I suppose.

      1. The one about the Android Trojan but in his defense I just noticed he has posted SEVERAL articles involving Android today so probably just a COMPLETE COINCIDENCE and not intentional that these 2 negative articles were penned.

        1. Kevin has mainly been posting articles badly talking about Android since he left. See his post about Google I/O. He said something like “Apple will put Google I/O to shame”. or something dumb like that. He has just been coming here and praising Apple and talking bad about Android. He said he left, so we don’t get why he continues to post here.

    2. I’ve notice that a bit stutter/lag in my gnote 2, but not in my htc one.

  20. read the source Reuters, WSJ] this is not just any source this is the most trusted source Samsung fan boy now are crying poor you. my sister work at at&t store and she told me the Samsung s4 is the most returned phone do to lag.

    1. I have an S4 on verizon. The upgrades are hard to sell to anyone with an S3, but the phone is pretty awesome. Just like it’s predecessor it is a solid device that has many cool features, even though about half are very gimmicky.

      I have also played with the HTC One for a few hours, both are great devices and each have their own list of strengths.

      Can’t we just all get along? :D

      Only complaints I have are the camera shutter sound, headphone volume warning popup, and that annoying wifi notification *shakes fist*

  21. The HTC One stole the S4’s spotlight this year HTC ate Samsung so bad Samsung lost alot of sales.

  22. At the top of Phandroid you have links to your other sites. Can you throw Edgar some love and place a link to the GTV site up there?

  23. I don’t know why they waste CAPITAL on GS mini and crap….they could use that for R&D. No need to sell a cheap version of a flagship……

  24. Samsung is doing the SAME thing that HTC did a few years ago. Releasing multiple devices and filling their custom skin with bloat. If Samsung wishes to continue to remain viable, the OEM must scale down Touchwiz and tweak it, release phones starting with 32 gb and up, and change the design of the phone.

    1. Oh u mean what HtC did this year? Yea that’s EXACTLY the reason why I picked up the HtC One and have no regrets

  25. i said this was coming, of course I got ridiculed for saying anything negative about samsung

  26. Samsung really needs a Great Note 3…

  27. I knew Samsung is going to take a hit with all the problems that GS4 come with.
    1. Lack of proper storage. An update fixed nothing.
    2. Half-baked gimmicky software. Works about half of the time.
    3. Gimmicky and useless software sucks up battery.
    4. Overheating issue for every Octa-CPU model and for some Snapdragon 600 model.
    5. Octa-CPU drains battery mad.
    6. Newly introduced GS4 Active put early GS4 buyers in grief.
    7. Brand new unlocked GS4 price drops quickly within a month. Put early adopters in shame.

    1. Right! The list is too long to keep up :)

    2. And the list of issues with the HTC One…

      1) Loud speakers that HTC had to send a patch to lower them
      2) Beats are too good. You can’t find an equalizer to match what Beats gives
      3) High onboard memory so the phone can stay lag free with the extra space
      4) Metallic design that reflects the sunlight and makes it shine in your face
      5) IPS screen that’s too bright, even for the Sun

      My gosh, that phone has so many issues.

      1. LMAO weakest come back ever Samsung fanboy!! ROFL!!! TRY HARDER please!!
        Plus talking about the lag, please check out touchwiz lag HAHA!
        IPS screen is too bright and metallic backing reflects into your eyes?? LOL, poor you, cry baby.
        Loud speakers is great, at least a software can fix something. Unlike Samsung.. lol.. software fixes nothing.

        1. I can’t tell or not..can you seriously not tell he was being sarcastic?????

      2. +1

    3. You guys are all hilarious lol.

    4. I don’t even..
      I hated on Samsung for a while, but I have Verizon and it seemed the HTC One was never coming, so I got the S4. I LOVE this phone. I have ONLY had HTC smartphones, and you know what? I’ll admit it. Every single one overheated. The screen got so hot on 4G I would have to turn it off sometimes. This S4 has never gotten hot. I’ve had 4G on for hours, played graphical intensive games, taken pictures, and it doesn’t heat up.

      1. I totally get where you are coming from here. I only have 9 GB of usage space. But that update 100% fixes it. They allow me to move my apps taking up 1 GB each to my SD card, so my phone itself doesn’t fill up.
      2. This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard. You sound angry because they implemented some really cool features you don’t have. I’ve shown at least 6 people all of the cool stuff about the phone, and it works every damn time.
      3. Sure doesn’t The S4 gets better battery than the HTC One, and it’s removable. I can last two days without charging my S4 while using 4G and Google Music every day in the car to and from work, and also checking emails and texting.
      4. I have the Snapdragon 600, but mine doesn’t overheat at all.
      5. Snapdragon, can’t comment
      6. Not true at all. The Active is super cool, but the S4 still has better specs. I bought a $10 waterproof bag that is see-through so I can take pictures and videos. I already have a case and don’t drop my phone often, don’t need the Active. I’m sure most people enjoy their regular S4 more.
      7. The One just raised in price unlocked.

      Stop with your stupid ass hate comments. Most of them are not even real, and you just think you know things when you don’t.

    5. 8) Gingerbread style UI.

  28. They can’t stay on top forever. And with the continued use of plastic and predictable designs it will happen sooner then later.

  29. How many phones are we expected to have? Do investors want us to start adopting babies from 3rd world countries and throwing S4’s at their faces? I’m all for helping out kids from third world countries, but if these investors support child abuse from me throwing a S4 at said kids face that’s just terrible..

  30. It’s all about advertising. Samsung’s advertising of the S4 has been significantly less than the S3. And for those thinking the HTC One is taking away sales, think again. While it’s a sweet phone, a huge majority of shoppers don’t have a clue it exists until they get into the store.

    Advertising is the key to sales of phones.

    1. Right, then backlash comes when consumers’ feelings get betrayed by false advertisement… then big problem shows up such as stock plunges.

      1. Wow talk about coming out of left field! False advertising? Nobody said anything about false claims.

        1. By promising better battery life with Octa-cpu, which failed miserably? Check.
          By promising more storage with a software fix, which still does not solve anything? Check.

  31. Ok Ok, I get why you’re posting articles here Kevin. I hopped over to your iphone sister site and the article with the most comments has like 6. I get it, you need an audience, and the audience is here. Tell you what, I promise to comment on an article over there every now and then if you stop coming here for an attention fix. I’ll even be nice, kinda.

    1. iKev gave up on posting about the iFail phone rather quick. Thought he was supposed to be leaving us for good. ;-)

  32. Its not selling all that good cuase the s3 is cheaper and there about the same. And s4 is just a little bit bigger.

    1. its not selling well because it has lag and some people that bought it returned it do to lag

  33. The S4 just didn’t offer any crazy new features the average person would want or even understand. The S3 is still its biggest competition. Most non-IT related employees I talk to don’t see why they should pay the higher price for the same phone, they simply don’t understand the difference in the processor or the screen, or simply don’t care.

  34. Samsung is starting to become the old HTC. Many different phones, bloated OS with a whole bunch of added on stuff. Soon they will lose out to themselves and HTC will be on top and Apple will start suing HTC and I need to stop. =.P

  35. I think is is a sign for the entire mobile … they are so high spec’ed and so fast now a days that there really isn’t a good reason to upgrade our phones as much any more. As long as their current phones can load apps and run smoothly, most users could care less about upgrading. Which is a good thing, environmentally.

    1. This is true. I have BetterBatteryStats installed and I can see my CPU states on my HTC One. Well even after playing games and all that good stuff, I see that at the end of the day my most used frequency is 1Ghz. My phone rarely goes higher. Even when I play high-end games like Asphalt 7 and Spiderman. It doesn’t need to. I’d expect similar results on other high-end phones that are in the market as well.

      (For future reference, the stock HTC One kernel doesn’t show you CPU states, so you need a custom kernel. Justin Case someone ask how I can.)

  36. It is to be expected. Simple math: Here is a pie, it does not get bigger because who wants to buy a new phone every 6 months. More so, who has the money to waste on every 6 months?

    1. That was a horrible analogy. I was so confused. =.S

      I mean what does a pie have to do with buying a new phone every 6 months? I mean, I get what you want to say, but you ain’t saying it. LoL!!

  37. Kevin, get off this site. You’re a debbie downer today.

  38. The problem with Samsung is they give you too many choices. You don’t make a S4, and than release a S4 Mini, S4 Active, S4 in 20 different colors, and don’t get me started on the Google Edition. LOL It’s just overkill. I got rid of my S3 and went with the HTC One and haven’t looked back.

    1. Android – Choices are good

      1. Not when it confuses the consumer. It might be fine for tech savy consumers like you and I, but to the average joe blow, it doesn’t.

        1. I really don’t mean to come out rude so excuse me.

          The options are pretty simple…

          S4 – Main flagship phone with all the latest sammy kool-aid
          S4 Active – Minor sacrifices for some features that add to its durability and build quality
          S4 mini – Cheaper taste of the galaxy family
          Google Edition – Stock android instead of touchwiz

          Again I’m not trying to make anyone feel stupid but our options are in the dozens, not the hundreds. If you need some help I would be more than happy to help you sort through it all.

          Choices = opportunity to find the device that suits them best. Trick is to be informed of your choices before making a decision and becoming bitter on a bad choice. Cheers!

          1. 12 billion lost in the market shares would disagree. Not to mention all newer options are cheaper and less people are buying the S4. I also do not need any help. Happy with my HTC One, and have been using smartphones pretty much since they came out.

  39. Investors have nothing but iproducts that’s all they care bout. and STILL DON’T REALIZE how much money and marketing that Samsung put in their GALAXY PHONES

  40. There are flooding the market with too many variants of the same name” Galaxy” everything. ……way to many s4 active, s4 zoom regular s4…. what the f. They need to make the s4 and so on the flagship and the note series they should stop with all the other cheepo carp. Build the Galaxy series as a premium brand instead of mixing in a bunch of low-end phones. I think HTC is in the heading in the right direction.

  41. Would have been interesting to make the S4 active the main S4…but now the regular consumer has no idea what the Galaxy S4 is…they’res at least 4 of them, each coming in a rainbow of colors…soon. All slightly delayed off each other.

    Investors need to take a chill pill…just because a phone comes out doesn’t mean it has consistent gangbusters sales for the first few months….outside of the people who read blogs like this, people upgrade when they NEED to upgrade, and get a phone that fits them when they do….like the S3 or S4, One, etc – upgrade cycles aren’t dictated when the phone comes out. Smartphone saturation is nearing – and steady sales will dominate over launch day surges (outside of tech folks and those who have too much money on their hands to get phones every 4 months).

  42. People are getting confused for flooding too many
    galaxy phones with same design, and the high end phones must provide atleast 32 gig of minimum storage, dual stereo speakers. Until now I didn’t hear or see a 32/64 gig variant of the gnote 2, that they promise.

  43. Here is an elementary plan to boot the S4 sale number: reduce the price by $150 or even $200. The line up queue will be around the equator. People will be willing to wait until retirement age to get one.

  44. Didn’t help that Verizon was a month late to the game, and it could help for Verizon to offer more than just the16gb version. How about the 32gb? That’s what I’m waiting for? They’d make more $ on it too…

  45. Perhaps the S4 would be doing better if Samsung hadn’t skimped on the internal memory front. 32Gb should be the minimum for a high performance smartphone these days.

    1. plus battery its crap, they should have shipped with note2 battery at minimal

  46. I for one don’t read an article and automatically believe it to be true or even factual. If samsung sold 10 million GS4 last month which is fact how then can you say in the next few months they will sell much fewer GS4 which is not a fact at all but a prediction. Its not even a derived conclusion based on trends. If you just base on GS4’s short life trend you would expect even higher sales not lower. I predict my next job will nab me $2 million/year and a hot assistant. Doesn’t make it a fact does it?

    The age of “I’m a writer and going to write something but have no accountability on its truthfulness” is awesome. Chris is probably the only writer here that I trust.

    Regardless of truth or not, the stock did take a hit. But then again how many times in the last few years did we see stocks tank over false rumors?

  47. Im just going start putting some cash aside for HTC next year,

  48. poor Kevin….must suck having to hate on Androids biggest seller, on an Android site. The joys of being an iphone user.

  49. Of course Kevin wrote this article -_-

  50. Umm… Samsung doesn’t want anyone to buy a Apple device that’s all!

  51. Meanwhile.. At the Hall of Justice..

  52. They are falling into the trap HTC and others feel into years ago. They flooded the market with 40 variants or different android phones..causing not one to sell well. Thats why HTC then focused on the One series, why Samsung started the Galaxy line in the first place, why LG has the Optimus, etc…they need a singular brand and only a few phones..not many. They are forgetting this in their success again and coming out with a crap ton of Galaxy stuff..thinking jusdt naming it Galaxy xyz will make it successful. They need to cut back the number of devices before its too late.

  53. Hey I’m ready to buy one for me and the wife, but we have to wait until October.
    It’s out of my hands!!
    Sorry Sammy.

  54. Samsung the company is not the same as Samsung the stock, Kevin. Let’s try and remember that in the future when you come up with a linkbait headline.

  55. When Samsung announces record profits again who cares which phone is responsible for it. I for one will be investing in some Samsung stock now since its so cheap now.

  56. No , lol , the investors haven’t lost confidence in Samsung because of a sales loss steam . Samsung would need to loose a whole lot more than that I would think. Just another sensational headline to get this article read.

  57. obviously this would happen people with note2 and s3 have no reason to update, plus the fact that samsung keep releasing mini and so many variants that people get the cheaper thing…. plus people its waiting for note3

  58. HTC ONE>>>>>>>GALAXY S4!!!!!

  59. There’s a Google doc floating around where some guys got together and did all the math between Tmobile and AT&T…conclusion, over a 1 year period you pay $1200 more for AT&T comparable plans.
    You can’t argue with someone who gets shitty tmobile coverage so don’t try. Anyone who gets good tmobile coverage (in Houston Tmobile is better than AT&T coverage wise) makes that choice a no brainer. AT&T customers are paying $1200 more for better coverage if that’s the way it is in their area. I wish I had the link to the doc but it’s not hard to figure out.

  60. Investment analysts are dicks. They make up a bunch of BS to scare a bunch of pansy-assed investors into selling which drives down stock prices so they can look important when they stop spreading BS, and as a result, the markets go back up. Don’t know which are worse – investment analysts or lawyers.

  61. how do i purchase a galaxy S4 and how can it be delivered?

  62. ::shurgs:: I buy at least 1 new phone every year just because, always off contract. I bought my S, S2, S3, once I saw Samsung cave into Verizon (I’m on AT&T) and lock the bootloader, the S3 became the last Samsung phone I would buy.

  63. I was mightily disappointed with the S4, seemed more like the 3S. The Broadway show was so offensively tasteless too. I really wish Samsung go back to a new hardware design every year and really show Apple what can be done.

  64. wot i think the reason is the competition HTC and Sony’s latest flagships give ol sammy a run for its money in terms of design, as most of the people still cant tell a GS4 from a GS3… those gimmicky features werent a big help either. Now the hopes are on for NOTE 3…which imo will get destroyed by the approaching Sony Phablet the Z ultra (triluminous display, 6.4inc, thinner than a iphone 5,water proof,stylus and Snapdragon 800 + the sony design).. samsung really needs to start building premium looking phones if it wants to stay valid.

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