Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom leaked ahead of June 20th unveiling



Samsung’s June 20th event is fast approaching and we’ve had a pretty good idea on what the Korean manufacturer plans to unveil. One of the rumored devices is a “Samsung Galaxy Zoom” — part Galaxy Camera, and part Galaxy smartphone. The fellas at SamMobile were able to nab an exclusive press shot of the device and in the process, revealed its true name: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

The device looks to bring everything you love about a fully functional “Galaxy” smartphone, only we’re not so sure if the Zoom is worthy of the “S4” name. More like a “Galaxy Camera Mini,” the Galaxy S4 Zoom features a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.6GHz (unspecified) processor, 8GB of internal storage with micro SD card slot up to 64GB, and runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Not bad specs — especially for a camera — but not exactly what we were expecting.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks would be more willing to rock the previous Samsung Galaxy Camera given it’s much higher specs. In any case, we should learn more about the S4 Zoom — as well as US availability — when the device is announced on June 20th.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. More galaxy crap what else is new. Samsung milking the galaxy name for what it’s worth. Why is this even news?

    1. That’s why I jumped the ship from SGS3 to HTC One.

      1. HTC had 7 different phones last year with the “One” name in it. This year is just a single phone with that name, but it makes 8.

  2. Another Galaxy branded device… You would figure they’d get tired of that name by now

    1. it’s for our convenience.

      1. Never heard of ativ

  3. That design just made me throw up.

  4. I would love to have one. Galaxy 4

  5. 8GB of storage? The S4 barely gets by with 16GB internal storage when the OS gobbles up half.

  6. So many haters, if this has a nice senso I may be all over it. Been wanting to get a camera and have been waiting for a good camera that has Android on it.

  7. All the people that made a comment here are all Samsung haters. And yet i always see the same haters on Samsung articles. Is Samsung that big of part in haters brain? More popular you are, more haters will follow. Personally I like HTC products more than Samsung’s but it seems like haters are always just waiting for another Samsung article to pop up. It’s just phones… And there are better things in life than just waiting to hate on one company all day and everyday… Yeah I’m talking to you David… Insecure much? Go enjoy your One… And Cory, your kid’s gonna have a lot of hate in him/her. Don’t forget, your seeds grow up the same way…

    1. whine much?

      1. Hate much? I guess you stop by to hate and saw my comment.

        1. You remind me of that crazy woman who owns “Amy’s Baking Company”..
          Here’s a video to compare yourself with her….


          1. Oh no!!! You really got me there!!! You always either saying meaningless dumb comments or argue with other members here. Like a real keyboard warrior.


          2. I’m no Samsung lover(Sony rock!) but I gotta say I do always see this LeBron lover making unnecessary comments on Samsung articles. And it is getting old and people are getting tired of it.

          3. holy crap dude.

        2. lol nobody is hating.. your accusation on everyone being a hater has no valid point, you come here to whine, and whine only. Unlike everyone else they are stating what they dislike about the phone, its just funny how your the only one posting in such a childish manner.

          1. Go read, then you’ll always see those two idiots making same comments. If you can’t see that then you sir are a hater. Oh yeah I do remember your name always saying dumb stuff like ugly & cheap plastic even when it was about octo exynos. But that’s not hating…. to morons like you..

          2. nothing wrong with disliking something in particular on a phone. just dont see how that makes you a hater. lol you on the other hand come here to point out everyones opinion on a certain matter.. how about posting something helpful instead of whining about everyones post which only makes you the biggest idiot here.

    2. kinda like the same way as how people are to that ‘other’ company, except in this case it’s more like cannibalizing it’s own kind

      1. Yeah I guess I hate my HTC One

    3. Wow… Did I really hurt your feelings, in so much that you said personal attacks against a father of a baby? Talk about insecure…

      I’m no Samsung hater, in fact, I owned an S2 and an S3 (which I sold to my brother and bought an Evo LTE). My comment implies that there are way too many “Galaxy” branded devices, and I’m not talking in general. I’m talking about this year. I’m sorry that you found that to be offense.

      I am enjoying my H1, thank you very much. And I personally can’t wait for the S5/the next HTC flagship (HTC Two?). Competition is great, but I always point out flaws in both companies. Having too many “Galaxy” branded phones makes Samsung seem like they are trying to milk the name as much as they can, which isn’t good for Samsung imo.

      1. Do you feel better about yourself when you argue with other people on ‘Internet’? And is it fun to say mine is better than yours everyday without any good REASONS like you always do Samsung article? Well then congrats to you sir, you’re a real winner here.

        YOU WIN!!

        1. You instigated, he responded. I’m not sure what else you would expect to happen so I don’t think it fair of you to try and make him feel guilty for defending his position. He didn’t even say anything insulting to you, unless you consider the remark about being insecure to be an insult.

          The best course of action against fanboys/trolls/haters/etc is to just ignore them. If you don’t you’re either playing right into their hand (in the case of trolls) or creating unnecessary conflict (in the case of fanboys/haters). You’re much better off just leaving them be.

        2. You’ve just contradicted yourself good sir. I never played “mine is better than yours” card on this forum, so the only place where you could have got that from is your butt.
          I think it’s best that you stop replying, since with every post, you make yourself look more stupid…

    4. Samsung haters! No its just people who have taste this is just Massively thick. You sound like a samsung lover though, they can do no wrong!

  8. Okay now I love the Galaxy S line and plan on getting the S4 but… Why put that name on lower end devices just to sell to ignorant people and why make… That thing??? Ew is the most appropriate word I can think of.

  9. Why the crappy specs? I’m sure it’d be nice to have a 720p + screen for reviewing pictures.

  10. This thing is just plain weird and stupid. Reminds me of a quote by the Federation President in Star Trek VI … “Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we can do a thing it does not necessarily follow that we must do that thing.”

  11. I would be embarrassed to use that thing in public as a smartphone, could you even imagine trying to text on it, the lens protruding onto you palm, talk about uncomfortable, holding it up to the ear is out of the question. As much as I love most of Samsungs Galaxy products, this just doesn’t seem that great of a idea. This should have just been like a Galaxy Camera mini as Chris mentioned. With that said I’m going to wait till the actually event, I might be jumping the gun by bashing it without really knowing much about it.

  12. I’m sorry but this is just samsung running scared of Nokia & upcoming Sony cubershot phone so got one of there cameras & put a phone on it. This is just Way to thick it is a brick & everyone would look stupid using it as a phone & also uncomfortable to hold.

    Samsung design is no design on this.

  13. I totally get this, since getting the Galaxy Camera I’ve considered leaving my phone at home seeing as the Camera does nearly everything anyway & I don’t make many calls, but I still need the option of getting SMS messages. S4 Zoom = problem solved.

    This isn’t for people who want to look ridiculous talking on their camera, it’s for people who use a camera more than a phone and want a decent compact on them at all times.

    1. I can receive sms messages just fine on my galaxy camera(or rather, I could until I sabotaged it because it kept intercepting messages that where supposed to go to my phone)

  14. This is a great concept, but OEM’s are becoming their own worst enemies with prices of non contract, MSRP, retail or whatever you want to call it (okay, but maybe just Samsung) They set the prices so high that they can’t put top of the line specs on a unit like this. An S4 is about 550.00 now, but and was about 700.00 for early adopters. They would have to charge a lot more than that for an actual S4 spec galaxy zoom. The mark-ups are ridiculous. I think they are starting to trend a little bit lower, like a 64gb HTC One is 650.00 but in comparison that is cheap. Hopefully Google/X-FON and maybe ZTE will continue to lower the market prices and we will get devices like at top tier specs. /rant

  15. I think people are looking at this the wrong way… This device is a camera that happens to make phone calls, it’s not a phone that happens to have a “great” camera.. This device isn’t for people who want the thinnest phone etc but for people who still prefer stand alone cameras as there main camera, which is why this has the huge lens, tripod screws,optical zoom etc.. this is suppose to be a camera first and the phone bit added later.. It’s not meant to be a mainstream device but rather target the niche that regardless what phone they have in there pocket they’re still carry a stand alone camera with them.. This device is mainly for those people I guess…I would never get this but I can bet there are plenty out there that will want this.. As for people who just live to right negative comments even though they have no interest get a life please..

  16. WTF is this shape ?

  17. See, this is what happens when you have too much money and you don’t know what to do with it. Other than samsung whoring out the galaxy name, I don’t think this device is that bad at all.

  18. Samsung is making sure every need is fulfilled. I don’t see any other brand attempting this, so good for Samsung.

  19. I already have a Galaxy S4. They should have just beefed up the original Galaxy camera and left the phone out.

  20. whats the specs on the camera?

  21. I own a galaxy s4 and this here is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. they’ve gone retarded

  22. the answer for pureview lumia? xddd

  23. Too much camera on that phone.

  24. Wtf….another s4 variant what is Samsung trying to do to their flagship device s4 octane, s4 snapdragon, s4 active, s4 zoom this is getting ridiculous. Confusing there intended customers.

  25. I’m not a “brand hater”, never been a brand loyal consumer either. I just buy what fits my needs/wants. That being said, this has to be one of the most ridiculous phones I’ve ever seen. Requiring a large optical zoom for photos usually means your a serious amateur photographer, so why not just buy something dedicated to that?

    The camera already installed on the likes of the S4, One, Xperia Z are very capable point-and-shoot type cameras for everyday casual shots. If you need anything more than that it shouldn’t be a bother to have an advanced P&S, MILCs or DSLR handy. Anyone else feel me this?

  26. Go home samsung you’re drunk

  27. WTF samsung flood much …yall need to go lay down …REthink some SH!T…..

  28. Every time Samsung come up with some thing unique, this time it’s camera-focused Android smartphone! Nice one more member added in Galaxy S4 series.

  29. Every time Samsung is coming up with some unique features, this time it’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is featuring camera-focused Android smartphone!

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