Modern Combat 5 E3 trailer looks stunning [VIDEO]


Say what you want about Gameloft, but there’s no denying some of their games are doing quite a job in pushing the limits of mobile gaming. The latest from the company will be Modern Combat 5. Set to be shown in all its glory at E3 2013, Gameloft has released a new teaser trailer for the game. In as few words as possible? The game looks stunning. If these graphics are more than just cinematic trickery then it’ll be a very impressive feat for the game developer. Some might even argue that these graphics rival the capabilities of the PS2 and Xbox in the late stages of that generation. Color us excited. Get your own quick look at the trailer above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Time to get a new phone. Galaxy 2 gonna be pushed to the limits. On another note this looks like a perfect companion to the Shield.

  2. I preferred the gameplay of NOVA series over MC series, more challenging. No sign of GL releasing another Nova game. MC5 looks pretty good though.

  3. looks ok. i couldnt call this ‘stunning’

    1. Are we expecting 360-quality games on phones now? This certainly is stunning for a mobile title.

  4. man i donno i’ve seen some PS3 and Xbox360 games that are on par with this lol

    1. The game wont look like this. It’s gameloft, they make up bs on the trailers.

  5. Why say it’s amazing? I have the other ones and although they look good on a tablet, they are from from “console quality” which is used a lot in mobile gaming. Mobile games are miles behind consoles for graphics and playability and are purely for casual gaming … Playing COD on a phone using touch screen or even with a controller will never beat playing a game on a big tv with a proper console and proper pad, it just doesn’t compare to mobile gaming, period !!

  6. anyone who as ever played a video game knows TRAILERS AND CUT SCENES are always 10 times better than game play see “driver 2 for ps one “

  7. Who would thumb this down?

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