Ticket to Ride launches on Android


One of my favorite strategy games has finally gotten a release on Android. I’m talking about Ticket to Ride, a game where you’re tasked with building railroad connections between different cities and states.

Your goal is beat other railroad tycoons to the punch on certain routes before they can. It’s a balancing act of sorts. Longer routes give you more points, but the longer you take to finish a route the more chance you have of being blocked by your opponent. And if that happens, well, let’s just say the game isn’t always too forgiving in the event that you fail to complete a route.

The game costs just $7 on Android, and if you’ve played the PC or iOS versions, or even the traditional board games, you should feel right at home here. If not, there’s a tutorial waiting to hold your hand through the basics and get you on your way. The game is available for a wide range of devices so most users shouldn’t have a problem loading this up on their Android phones and tablets.

ticket to ride

Thanks to the game’s turn-based setup, you’ll be able to challenge players across different platforms online. Be sure to give this classic a try in the Google Play Store if you’re interested. Oh, and do yourself a favor and watch the quick tutorial video from the Windows version above if you’re wondering about the gist of this game before you decide to spend $7. Read on for the full feature set.

  • SOLO and online game play on the classic Ticket to Ride USA map that made the original board game so compelling and popular (2 million copies and counting)

  • In-game purchasing for all of the previously released digital maps and variants, including Asia, Europe, Switzerland and USA 1910

  • Four distinct Ai personalities to compete against

  • Players on Android can challenge rail barons playing on other platforms including Steam PC and Mac, iPad, and on Days of Wonder’s online portal

  • Contextual in-game Conductor’s Notes (web-based rules) to help you master all the maps.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. $7?… no thanks

  2. $7 to game on my phone. Not worth it. I have a good idea where most people will be getting this game and it’s not the Play Store.


      1. You are the reason why so many developers won’t develop for Android, just plain sad.

        1. Then Developers should change how they secure themselves from piracy. The MLB AT Bat 13 app is 100% unable to be pirated this year.

          1. Yes, clearly the developer is the one at fault, here :rolleyes:

  3. Now I need to get a tablet! :D

  4. I’ve been waiting for this! $7 for this game is totally worth it. It’s a phenomenally addicting board game.

    1. How much extra are all the different maps?

      1. Good question, I haven’t checked yet, but I would assume something like $3. If I remember right, that’s about what it was on my wife’s iPad.

        1. How many extras are there?

          1. Three, I believe.

          2. So 16 USD for everything. Hmm. …. Really wish there was a way to test it for more than 15 mins

          3. Yeah, or there about. The board game typically runs between 35 and 40 USD (If I remember correctly), but the game itself, in my opinion, is worth every cent. It is a fun, replayable game.

  5. $7 is a little steep but it’s a good game, so I can forgive that price (just barely). In-app purchases to unlock other maps? Buh-bye!

  6. Ticket to Ride is a fantastic game. The fact that you can play cross platform is awesome. I have the board game version of Europe. Now I wish Carcasone would offer the same functionality :-/

  7. What is it with the Android community feeling ALL software must be free or at most 99cents?? I just don’t get it, developers make high quality software and then are expected to just give it away? Have any of you actually tried to develop games/software?? I have and it is not a simple, whip it together and put it out there project.

    I think each game/software needs to be evaluated on it’s own. Some apps are over priced but if a developer puts out a good product then I am willing to pay for it. I mean they have families to feed, bills to pay as well. I don’t expect everything to be free! As for in app purchases, if they are expansions then only buy them if you want them. Again what is the issue with our community that we are so adverse to in app purchases? Do you prefer that they just offer the items in Play store stand alone or do you feel that they should again just give away all the expansions for free?

    I have played this game a ton with friends over the years as a board game and I can’t wait to check it out. I will say the only real complaint that I have is that not enough developers offer a “good” trial of software/games. I wish more would offer a full trial for a limited time, but it needs to be long enough that I can make a real decision on the game/software.

    1. The i phone offered it free for asia and the US was only $2.00…..that’s why $7 seems too high.

      Also, on the I phone, you can do pass and play……that seems like it would be a fairly easy feature to add.

      1. Pass to play sounds quite interesting. How was it on the iPhone vs the iPad? Besides size, what is the difference in appearance between Android Phone and Tablet?

    2. We are adverse to spending $7 to play games on our phones. Sure my Note 2 Has a huge screen, but I don’t spend enough time sitting around with nothing else better to do than to game on my phone. What I want are cheap games that can be played in 10 minute intervals when waiting at a doctor etc… $7 is a lot to ask someone to pay when there are so many other games that are as if not more enjoyable for a lot less.

      1. Those games do exist. I usually play games like Jurassic Park Builder and City-something. LoL!! I can play that for like 2 minutes. Collect the money and do the buy this and that missions. No need for in-game purchasing since I’ll just let time make the money.

        You should look for those types of games. I also play high-end games as well, so I’ve bought those $7 games before. I usually spend my freetime playing my 3DS (Tales of the Abyss and PKMN) or app games. I play console games at my friend’s house.

        There are different people in the world, as you can see. I have a friend who does nothing but online RPG’s on his computer and phone. He’s one of the select few that has spent about $100 in-game before. LoL!!

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