Alleged HTC One Mini pictures leak


htc m4 one mini

It isn’t new news that HTC may be considering a “mini” successor to the HTC One. We’ve been hearing about such a device for quite some time, normally presented to us as the HTC M4. The device, pictured in black above, is said to be a 4.3 inch device (yes, folks, that is considered mini in this day and age) with a 720p HD display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and some form of a dual-core processor inside.

We’re also told to expect an UltraPixel camera to go along with all that. We imagine this means we can expect Zoe camera software, and the two front-facing speakers (plus the branding on the back) would confirm Beats Audio. Aside from its slightly noticeably smaller size, the HTC One Mini would look quite similar to the HTC One.

Some might even mistake the phone for the HTC One if they have nothing to compare it to. It should prove to be a decent option for those not interested in going with a large screen size, but we’re still not sure when folks will be able to get their hands on it. The latest rumors suggest August is the landing date so we’ll have to see if that holds up. For now, all we can do is look on in envy.

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  1. HTC announces five million sales of their new flagship phone. Immediately leaks two new models to confuse the marketplace. Worst company.

    1. Yeah, just like samsung who literally announces a new device damn near very other week. You’re an idiot, go troll elsewhere.

      1. Please take a minute and compare their product lines.

        Not sure how I’m trolling…look at HTC’s past (and current) failures.

        1. Yes, you’re trolling. Do I need to count how many devices Samsung is releasing/rumored to released for you? Talk about confusing the market place, especially since all of them will hold the Galaxy name.

          1. A clearly numbered and differentiated product line! Wow, I can’t even believe you’d compare them.

            This is like the 4th or 5th “One” phone and the others had random letters after the name.

            Obviously business/marketing is not your first calling, David.

          2. Ok. Lets compare Samsung Galaxy and HTC One lines and see which one is more confusing:

            Samsung Galaxy Core (GT-S8262)
            Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro
            Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
            Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
            Samsung Galaxy Fame (GT-S6810)
            Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)
            Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 (GT-S7710
            Samsung Galaxy Grand (GT-I9080)
            Samsung Galaxy S II Plus (GT-I9105)
            Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (GT-I8190
            Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (SGH-I547)
            Samsung Galaxy Express (SGH-I437)
            Samsung Galaxy Rush (SPH-M830)
            Samsung Galaxy Note II
            Samsung Galaxy Reverb (SPH-M950)
            Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (SPH-L300)
            Samsung Galaxy S Duos
            Samsung Galaxy Stellar (SCH-I200)
            Samsung Galaxy Ch@t (GT-B5330)
            Samsung Galaxy Appeal (SGH-I827)
            Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)
            Samsung Galaxy S Advance
            Samsung Galaxy Pocket
            Samsung Galaxy Beam (i8520)
            Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
            Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
            Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
            Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos
            Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)
            Samsung Galaxy Note
            Samsung Stratosphere[Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy XCover (S5690)
            Samsung Galaxy Precedent
            Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)[Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy M [Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy W (I8150)[Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy R (I9103)[Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-i9001)[Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy Z
            Samsung Exhibit 4G
            Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)
            Samsung Galaxy Neo
            Samsung Galaxy Pro
            Samsung Galaxy Prevail (SPH-M820)
            Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570)
            Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660)
            Samsung Galaxy SL (GT-I9003)
            Samsung Galaxy Fit (S5670)
            Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830i)
            Samsung Galaxy K
            Samsung Galaxy 551[Note 1]
            Samsung Galaxy U
            Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5500)
            Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5800)
            Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
            Samsung i5700
            Samsung i7500

            HTC One V
            HTC One SV
            HTC One VX
            HTC One S
            HTC One X
            HTC One XL
            HTC One X+
            HTC One

          3. A. I’m not the one brining up samsung. You guys brought them up. And your rebuttal is showing me a company with the #1 fastest selling android phone ever and a clear grip on the entire market. You are sitting here saying, “at least HTC is not like THEM!”. Uhh…ok. Not sure where you learned how to argue on the Internet but you are awful at it.

            B. It’s pretty clear to me. Walk into any major phone carrier and you’ll know what you’re looking at. Now walk into Verizon and ask for a One. They will try to sell you the incredible 4g lte lol.

          4. Ok, since you’re so smart, let’s start from your first post:
            “HTC announces five million sales of their new flagship phone. Immediately leaks two new models to confuse the marketplace. Worst company.”

            Well, lets see what Samsung just did: they recently announced 10 million sales of their new flagship phone. Immediately leaked two new models to confuse the marketplace (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega). It’s very unlike HTC. By this logic HTC is definatly the worst company, i mean what an idiot could release so many phones?

          5. I can’t tell if you are serious or kidding, Loksys. I’m assuming kidding. You are comparing a company that’s in the red every quarter to a company that is dominating a market.

          6. Definitely not kidding :P What dominating in the market has to do with it anyway? Both HTC and Samsung releases their flagship phones. Isn’t it normal for them to release a few smaller and cheaper models so people have a choose?

            I’m not saying that releasing Galaxy Mini or Galaxy Mega is a bad move by Samsung, but nor is it for HTC. Many people like myself are looking for a little cheaper phone, so why not make one?

            I just can’t understand what is it with you and HTC? Why can Samsung (and for that matter every other company) relase few phones to meet different needs and HTC somehow can’t?

            I get it, you’re not a fan of HTC, but don’t go telling me how comparing HTC and Samsung is unreasonable.

          7. No, he’s not kidding. How can you say HTC is being stupid by capitalizing on the success of their new One flagship with other phones to broaden the brand when it’s the strategy that was employed by the most successful mobile phone manufacturer to get to where it is now? Being a troll is bad enough, being a troll who doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about…and not having the sense to realize it? That’s beyond stupid.

            Seems to me that folks like you either aren’t old enough (or just don’t remember) that before the OG Galaxy S Samsung had a well deserved rep for making crappy phones and failing to update them. A couple of winners along with a marketing blitz and suddenly everyone wants to act like they can do no wrong. If HTC is emulating them then hey, they are picking a very good example IMHO.

          8. I don’t think that anyone is saying, “At least HTC is not like THEM!” I think they’re saying that Samsung releases a boatload of phones and are unbelievably successful, so it doesn’t logically follow that HTC has made any kind of error, let alone one deserving of your harsh judgments.

          9. Nice work! It occurred to me, though, that a list like this is really only relevant if it’s limited to those phones that are available in a particular market. After all, if I’m in the USA, am I going to be “confused” by an abundance of different phones that are only available in Korea or China?

          10. Actually that list is still missing some Galaxy variants. For example, T-Mobile USA’s Galaxy Exhibit 4G. His point was simple: it’s far from stupid for HTC to leverage the One brand name if the most successful OEM has done, and is doing, exactly the same thing to get to where it is today.

            Some people just aren’t going to want a One. It may be too big, or too small, or too pricey. The One name will get them into a store though, where they can see the other One variants. This is what Samsung has done to great success, and LG, Sony, and Nokia are all doing the same thing…so why pick on HTC for it?

          11. so you put just about every phone samsung has made including international versions but only put htc flagships well someone is biest anyways go into any carrier not counting prepaid companies you will only see about 3-4 and they are all completely different that is the good thing about android not one size fits all any additional devices will just be oler models same thing apple does.

          12. Lolwut? I’m guessing you don’t know what you’re talking about, thebee

          13. Not just the Galaxy name but “Galaxy S4, mini, zoom, active” and then all the other Galaxy phones coming out later this year -_-

    2. I wouldn’t say “worst company”, but I definitely don’t see the point of confusing the ‘One’.

      If you’re going to offer multiple versions of the ‘One’, do them at the same time so people have a choice from the get-go, and make them *different*.

      The ‘Mini’ should be no bigger than a Galaxy S1 and that’s really it. They don’t need all the X/V/S models mucking up the place.

      Two phones, two tablets should be enough for any company. (That should set anyone off, right?)

      1. I would say that the point of “confusing” the name – whether it’s One, Galaxy, or Coke – is to create, and take advantage of, associative positive name recognition.

        1. I agree completely; but there comes a point where you’ve diluted the brand so completely that it becomes meaningless.

          I think HTC and Samsung have both reached this point with One/Galaxy. Time to limit the number of devices sold under a specific brand.

          If the One had been “One/mini” and the rest had been under a different brand (signifying lower cost, etc) the name might have a bit more meaning….if you get my meaning.

  2. Finally!!! smaller phone, good specs, a true “mini”. Count me in.

    1. I agree but considering the only slightly smaller form factor I’m sure they could still fit a quad core processor inside. Many apps like Chrome are a bit laggy on a dual core :(

      1. Agreed, they squeezed almost everything else in there, why hold out on the quad. :/ 4.3 was such a good phone size.

  3. If they don’t dumb it down, like Samsung is with the S4 mini, this could be my Rezound replacement.

  4. need to be priced under $350 unlocked to succeed. xphone/nexus 5 right around the corner.

    1. No-one actually cares about unlocked pricing (in the US) except for some hardcore edge-cases.

      If it can be had for $99 in-store (regardless of contract/financing/locking), it’ll “succeed” (depending on ones definition of success).

      1. I believe next year will represent the nexus model of buying an unlocked quality phone for 350 or less
        T-Mobile had already done something similar with their “un-carrier” plans. Success for this phone would be top ten android selling device. Those numbers would allow a sequel most likely.

        1. T-mobiles “un-carrier” plans are the same as the contract pricing in all but marketing.

          I use T-Mo myself, and purchased my “One” using the device financing. In store? They tell you it’s $99. This is what matters to most consumers. They generally couldn’t care less what the “real” cost is or whether it’s financed, on-contract, locked, plastic, quad-core, comes with fuzzy dice, or gives you a chainsaw for an arm.

          Don’t get me wrong; I like the Google devices pricing-scheme. I have a Nexus 10 and when the refresh comes through will likely buy a 7 as well.

          I don’t believe it is entirely reasonable to expect this kind of pricing from OEMs though…just my opinion. Google can subsidize the Nexus devices, the OEM’s don’t really have that luxury.

          1. I was under the impression that if you got it for 99 down then I could pay it off early and then go prepaid. You rig ht that it probably wont benefit a lot of OEMs, unless they’re struggling to sell their devices through carriers.
            I believe that by the end of the year we will have at least 6 phones available unlocked through the play store and probably triple by christmas next year. I could be wrong though.

          2. “I was under the impression that if you got it for 99 down then I could pay it off early and then go prepaid. ”

            This is no different than on-contract other than wording: You can pay 99$ down, pay your ETF and go prepaid…same-same.

            “I believe that by the end of the year we will have at least 6 phones available unlocked through the play store and probably triple by christmas next year.”

            I see no problem with that guess. Could easily happen, though I doubt even half of them will be at “Nexus” prices.

      2. considering the one is priced $99 upfront (on tmo), the mini should be either $50 or free upfront. if off contract price is $400 or less, sales should catch on.

      3. I care because I am on a pre-paid carrier, I guess I am no-one

        1. In the face of the total amount of smartphone owners/buyers?

          You bet.

          So am I. It’s ok…you’ll live. :-D

          1. I like that, we should strive to be “heard”

  5. This thing is hardly smaller than the HTC One itself. If they are going to make a “mini” version, make a freaking mini version. Look at the side by side pics of the two devices. You can hardly even tell that the mini is smaller than the Original unless you look pretty closely.

  6. The HTC One is the Thunderbolt 2.0. How many consumers will continue to get duped by this company!?!?

    1. wow you really are an idiot… go troll elsewhere stupid sheep… i have had the S2, Note 2 and have played around with the S4… none of which compare to the ONE… get a life. this is by far the best phone HTC has ever produced.

      1. Weird, you must not be a power user because that battery is made for moms/casual users.

        And I know it’s the best phone that HTC ever produced…and it’s still FATALLY FLAWED. That is the problem!

        1. and where is said flaw cause i use my phone, and most likely more than you… and i has only had one day that i had to charge it and that’s because i played order and chaos online for 3 hours… but that’s right… because shamsungs phones batter has the bigger number that makes it better right? despite the fact that all the reviews i have see say they are about equal in battery life? try again.

          1. Well at least HTC allowed you to multitask this time, unlike on their “flagship” HTC One X last year. It’s laughable how they get everything wrong.

            I mean great…they put a metal body on the phone. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. it’s still a terrible product, with terrible design (battery, call reception – see robert scoble’s rant about it).

            Your terrible metal product will be for sale refurbished on w00t soon enough, because everyone is going to be returning them, just like every HTC product. All flawed.

          2. all reviews say best designed phone ever, battery lasts all day with no issues, and the call quality is some of the best i have ever had (and i have about 20 hrs of talk time logged on it). But not like it matters, shamsung fanboys are just as bad as Crapple…. have a good one troll.

          3. I have never owned a Samsung phone in my life. Pretty much everything in your post was a lie.

          4. so you are just an isheep trolling

          5. Just nod, smile, and back away slowly. This one’s got that special “my irrational, emotionally biased opinions trump reality” kind of crazy.

          6. +1

          7. I understand that people who have actually spent money on an HTC phone are emotionally biased, but i urge them to look at the numbers that HTC themselves report a little more objectively. Good post, Phoenix.

          8. your a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

          9. Why the namecalling? I’m pointing out that a financially unhealthy company has traditionally made bad decisions and this is another one of them. My analysis based on their history and their financial records seems pretty sound.

            You sound EMOTIONALLY BIASED, thatcrazyone. It’s just a phone, bro.

          10. so far not one of you posts have made sense… you don’t know what your talking about and its obvious… your only posting for attention LMFAO whats the matter troll mommy never loved you? have a great life.

          11. “have a nice life, guy who doesn’t like a failing cell phone company.” – you.

          12. The numbers are not in the least relevant to your claims regarding design, battery, or call quality of a product that has only been on the market for little more than a month.

          13. What? It came out in March.

          14. Really?

            According to engadget, it became available at AT&T and Sprint on April 19th (a week or two later on T-Mobile) and Internationally, well … today.

            All of which is still completely irrelevant in regards to the claims you made above.

        2. Hmm… Battery life you say…
          Expand the graphs in the link below n see for yourself where the ONE stands.

    2. Wait- what? The HTC One is the best phone I’ve ever used. It’s fantastic. I don’t understand how anyone would get “duped” by HTC after buying this phone…

      1. He’s a troll, nothing more. He’s even talking about “look at their history of failures”, when in reality yes, they have made a few RECENT missteps, but their history is full of successes. Folks just don’t know how long HTC has been making top-notch phones! Who didn’t want a T-Mobile Wing back in 2007?

    3. i just have one question i know trolls live under bridges but how do you get internet access living under a bridge.

    4. I’ve been waiting for the Thunderbolt 2 for a good while now :) Can’t wait.

  7. It’s sad that “mini” is considered this big. And what’s even more sad is that these devices always come with crippled mid-range hardware. I was really looking forward to HTC One Mini, but they killed it for me with 16GB memory and I think I’ll stay with my Nexus 4. I just wanted smaller high-end Android device with a bigger storage than 16GB (like iPhone 5).

  8. oh oh and no sdcard!

  9. If only they would’ve reduce the size of the bezels all around, especially the top and bottom bezels, this phone wouldn’t be so big to carry the Mini name. It’s almost the same size as the ONE. HTC will probably not call it the ONE Mini but with those specs, aside from the storage, this is a true Mini unlike the GS4 Mini.

    1. The top and bottom of the phone are where the two stereo speakers are! There’s a sacrifice for having the best cell phone audio experience and it’s well worth it.

      1. I’m not sure if you can see it but there are pretty big gaps between the display, speakers and the edges of the phone.

        1. The speakers are more substance then just the grill holes you can see. Do you honestly believe HTC just made a bigger bezel because they thought bigger is better or do you believe their engineers are incompetent? I believe this is the size it had to be given the new technology that is being displayed. Give it a few product cycle runs and I’m sure it will get smaller without much sacrifice to sound and quality.

  10. it’s nearly the same size, with a much smaller display and a much larger bezel.

  11. They should have named it the “small One”. :-)

    1. “SmallER One” is a better fit.

      Original One has smaller screen and is still bigger than the sgs4. This “smaller One” is almost as big as the SGS4 lol

  12. Nice specs but the only slightly smaller than the One, so you might as well get the big daddy and the full array of specs.

  13. For all the fools making comments about how they’re the same size, if you really had a grasp on your dimensions, you would be able to tell that that “mini” version is going to feel MUCH smaller in the hand than the standard One. It’s noticeably smaller.

  14. This 4.3″ ONE “mini” is almost as big as the 5″ GS IV.

    4.7″ HTC ONE is slightly longer than the 5″ GS IV and this “mini” verison of ONE is slightly shorter than the original ONE.

    I think “mini” version of whatever should be noticeably smaller, not 2mm shorter especially when there’s 0.4″ difference in screen size.

    BTW, I rock HTC ONE so don’t go crazy on me crazy HTC fanboys :)

  15. Oh people such fanboys Samsung vs HTC who cares they both make great phones choose the one you like i bought the Htc one love it smaller version looks cool too this is turning into Xbox PlayStation crap we all like android stop all the hate its windows and Apple we hate not Android. My phone is better then your Samsung is better then HTC who cares who sells more or makes more money unless you have stock in the company just enjoy the great phones

  16. It’s literally just about the same size. I guess the target market will be mid-range/affordable — not small/high-end.

  17. with samsung and now htc releasing mini versions of their flagships when is apple going to do the same oh wit a minute the full sized iphone is still smaller lmao

  18. thats a real “mini” the galaxy mini is trash

    1. except this isn’t so mini lol

      this is as big as the SGS4 which sports 5″ screen.

      This is a real “Joke”

  19. phone is a good size. it is not as wide as the one and is about a half inch shorter. looks like it will be easier to use with one hand. the width is what really makes a difference.

  20. hmm wouldn’t call it a mini imo it don’t look that much smaller than the original phone.. I would assume people who want a smaller screen want a smaller device but this seem to have a “small” screen but the device seems much bigger than it should be again imo.. of you look at the pictures it looks like the top and bottom bezels have been increased on the mini has been increased over the normal htc one.. you would think considering this is meant to be a smaller version the bezels might have even actually made smaller.

  21. lol damn. why are people arguing about phones? grow up.

  22. Please don’t call it one mini. Call it mini one!

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