Verizon HTC One officially launching this summer


verizon htc one tweet

Well, folks, it’s finally official. You’ve been clamoring for an HTC One on Big Red’s airwaves, and so it shall be — Verizon has confirmed that the HTC One would be headed to store shelves at some point later this summer. We’re not given much more than that as the news was broken in a Tweet on the VZWNews Twitter account. It looks like those of you on Verizon won’t have to look enviously at AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint customers after all. We’ll be trying to get as many details as we can, but for now just rejoice knowing that it’s coming.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like we’ve got a full out war now between HTC and Samsung. I love it!

  2. Always months behind the game. Thanks for being crappy Verizon.

    1. Guess there’s no pleasing you.

    2. Agree. They say they are the worlds fastest LTE, but they are slow as balls getting new phones.

  3. So do they mean June 21st or September 21st?

    1. Latter this summer so I would say closer to September 21

  4. By the time verizon gets it they will be on to the HTC TWO and Android 16.0. Screw Verizon!

    1. hahahaha so true lolz, they wanted to make sure all their crapware was preinstalled and compatible with the htc one! vzw sucks donkey sack

  5. What the hell has verizon been doing these past few months? Now they want to officially come out and say that the One is coming out sometime this summer? Really? I wonder how verizon will bastardize this phone?

    1. You’re kidding,right?

      They’ve been haggling over replacing the HTC logo between the two buttons …………………. ;-)

      1. LOL,that would be real funny if they put their verizon logo between the back and the home button.

        1. That would definitely confirm my leaving them.

  6. This is just great! Now I have to decide between this and the Moto X. :( can manufacturers make it any harder to decide!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m in absolute bliss that it’s going to big red :D tho!

    1. First world problems lol

      1. I know right? I always say champagne problems myself. Have to feel lucky and appreciate what we have.

    2. They could offer updates in a timely fashion or maybe not pollute their phones with sense and blur.

  7. Way to be late to the party still don’t understand how they are the number one carrier

  8. Tell me about it, helgaiden. Aha. I legit will walk into a Verizon store, rudely walk up to the sales person and assertively say “shut up and take my money” no questions asked!

  9. why so long Verizon? I really want to play with this device to see if i should consider selling my Note 2 for this. Problem is, the phone will already be dated by the time Verizon is selling it.

    1. Because they wanted to sell as many DNAs as possible before promoting a new device.

    2. Just walk into any AT&T or Sprint corporate store, they have them live, play with it for a bit to see if you like it.

  10. Just horrible…I jumped the gun on the S4 because this wasn’t supposed to come to Verizon.

    1. Tsk tsk tsk

      1. Agreed…Lol

  11. I bet they make more money on the S4 so they pushed that harder. I got 5 days to decide if I want to keep this S4…hmm….

  12. Wait, they don’t sag whether its going to be the vanilla android one, or sense one. If its the latter, no thank you, Verizon.

    1. I think there’s no question that the implication is the normal Sense based HTC One. Google probably isn’t going to partner with CDMA carriers even on the Google Edition phones, at least not right now.

      The real question is why is Verizon so late to the party? Newer, snappier, phones will be on the horizon when they launch the HTC One.

  13. Why do these guys never give dates? It is always a broad range of time. I really feel that dates are essential to customers especially when contracts are over when they purchase new devices and some don’t want to hold out for a specific phone, so they must settle on a #2. That means that S4 user who wanted a One had to get the S4 and their 30 days are finished before the HTC One launch.

    1. Because if they miss a date, the fallout is always worse than if they are vague before.

      “OMG, HTC One is two weeks late due to manufacturing issues! They’re gonna fail!”


      “Well, I guess September 30th is still technically in the range they said… Meh.”

    2. Because they are idiots. Plain and simple.

  14. Does this mean the Droid DNA was a bad decision?

    1. Not for me, necessarily. When I couldn’t get a One from other carriers (due to service where I live), I went with the FREE DNA (along with avoiding the $30 Update Charge after Verizon screwed up the order). Had I known about an upcoming One, I would have had a decision to make. However, I suppose I can live with having a great phone and saving over $230!

      1. In that case, you struck gold. Personally, I am deciding to get the HTC One with T-Mobile under their new down payment plan, but my family feels like it is a bad idea since I am jobless and I have to start paying like $20-$30 more a month for the phone. It is either that or the Nexus 4.

        1. The wording of your original comment suggests that you already have a DNA. If that’s true, you not only have a great phone, but you’ll also need to pay an ETF (around $265), in which case I agree with your family!

          1. Nah, I was just saying in general because Verizon made a choice to get the DNA as an exclusive for their Droid line. I mean the HTC One could outsell the DNA especially with the HTC Butterfly (sister model) will get a refresh in the Far East. In my case, I am a T-Mobile customer. I could always sign up with Big Red, but I cannot afford it nor do I want to give up unlimited data (with throttling of course.) I would have to drop down a $320 deposit on the HTC One plus pay off the rest in small monthly payments added to my bill. If I go with the Nexus 4, I am going to have a phone paid outright. The problem is that I am phoneless now and I sold my S3 last week. I want to get a phone asap. The HTC One would mean no upgrading for 1-2 yrs since I would have the latest and greatest. If I get the Nexus 4, that means a new phone in November. I am thinking about the X Phone, Nexus 4 successor, Note III, HTC Phablet, iPhone 5S, or the Lumia 1020. The Nexus 4 successor and X Phone seem like the best options based on pricing. The Note III would be my #1 choice in terms of features.

          2. HTC One

          3. I certainly want that phone, but it is probably going to be a Nexus 4. 70-30 split if anything.

  15. How does Verizon remain #1 with slow device road map?

  16. Lol Verizon be trolling

  17. Will they at least launch it with 4.2.2? Nope. But they will put big VZW logos on each of the speaker grills

  18. I’m happy with my S4. They are so similar that it’s a tossup and all subjective. The only way I would have considered the One is to have 16GB of free cloud storage so I wouldn’t miss my SD card or make the storage expandable. The HTC trend to not offer that is going to hurt them and help Samsung.

    1. Huh? I added my HTC One to DropBox and got like 20GB of space.

  19. Those bashing Sense should realize that you lose some of the best features of this phone without it. Beats, the awesome camera, and the IR blaster would all be gone. The new Sense has some great things, and isn’t as heavy as previous versions.

    1. Beats is good. I was using Viper AudioMod and I can’t recreate what Beat’s created.

      1. Ppl underestimate Dr. Dre’s genius. Artists say this all the time.

  20. What’s the point now?

    1. The same reason I still want a Nexus 4 on Verizon, it’s a bad ass phone.

  21. samsung paid verizon to give the s4 a head start LULZ

  22. Watch Verizon have the phone release with Android 2.1 just to make y’all even angrier

  23. Wahoo!!!

  24. And it will stay on Jellybean FOREVER..

  25. Maybe it was a typical buggy POS HTC and VZW worked out the bugs.

  26. Late summer means September. By that time the HTC One will drop to $100 on AT&T. Verizon needs to replace whatever team they have making marketing and product decisions.

    1. It already has. Just bring in some old beater smartphone that barely works.

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