Verizon’s Galaxy S3 gets huge multi-window update


verizon galaxy s3 update changelog

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest in the bunch to get a huge feature-packed upgrade. We’re looking at build VRBMD3, and in it are game changing features such as multi-window and multi-screen, features which will allow you to simultaneously use two apps side-by-side. It’s a feature other S3 owners, all Note 2 owners, and all Galaxy S4 owners have been enjoying for quite some time.

The update also includes Page Buddy, which will give you app suggestions whenever you do something like plug in headphones or connect a wireless speaker. Other big changes include better hotspot functionality, the ability to access the home screen without performing an unlock function when a Bluetooth headset is connected, an update Samsung Gallery, Auto Share Shot in S Beam, Samsung Smart Switch support for transferring files, contextual tags for videos and photos, Best Shot in camera, and a whole lot more.

You’ll want to view the PDF in full here, because there are a ton of changes and bug fixes that you’ll want to check out. The upgrade is about to be about 130 megabytes in size, so see if you can get on a WiFi network and charge your battery to at least 30-50% before checking for it in the settings menu. Full upgrade instructions can be had here.

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  1. Welp..guess I’ll take a peek over at XDA to see if they have it rooted/debloated already ;)

    1. I was running a stock rooted rom and took the OTA (just for kicks) it didn’t break my root. Holla!

  2. “Galaxy S4 owners have been enjoying for quite some time…”

    quite some time = 1 week?

    1. I think he’s talking the S4 in general.. Because the S4 has been around for most carriers for a while now

      1. Indeed, and he conveniently left out the part of the sentence where I mentioned Galaxy Note 2 and other Galaxy S3 owners ;)

  3. AT&T will release it eventually

  4. Verizon <3

  5. Bout time.

    1. atleast we arent last

  6. “Device is now recognized by the computer when connected via USB.” I just stopped doing this because of how broke it was.

  7. Just downloaded

    1. After updating to vrbmd3 4.1.2 , u have any problems like battery dranning, breaking, or any other problem

  8. Sweet! I’ll be waiting for the CleanRom rom.

    1. LOVE CleanRom…..but since discovering Beans about 7 months ago, I haven’t looked back.
      Give it a try…Beans build 15 is simply amazing! :)

  9. The new “Gallery” just keeps crashing though, no matter what function I try to do :(

  10. Would you look at that, congrats Verizon customers. Meanwhile on the AT&T side, *crickets chirp* Any day now AT&T, any day now…

  11. hopefully this fixes all of my email problems I have been having. since jelly bean I have not been able to get my aol email unless I went to aol.com in my internet browser

    1. It’s 2013 bud….time to let go of AOL.
      I didn’t realize people still used AOHell. LOL
      You’re using a Google based phone….get onboard the Gmail train. :)

      1. had that for a while and my mom still uses it too. my university of Cincinnati college email also has a problem too. too complicated to switch everything to my gmail account because I log into a lot of websites with my aol email account

        1. Sorry to say, but I think you should have gotten an iPhone instead.

          1. I do not want a iphone I have a ipod touch and I am happy with it. if I wanted a iphone I would have chosen one.

          2. Oh, but I was implying more of a “need” than a “want”.

  12. Sprint updated my Slll 2 days ago but my husband has still not received it. Love the few things I’ve checked out so far.

  13. Dang, and I just traded mine for a Razr Maxx Hd…

    1. Wow! talk about a downgrade! Sucks to be you! (and I mean that in a non confrontational/joking way) :)

      1. I meant that as sarcasm.

        1. Sarcasm doesn’t really translate when typed out….just FYI.

  14. i flashed the sprint leak port like 2 days ago….

  15. AT&T needs to roll the multi window update out. Everyone else on a major carrier’s network seems to have received this update now and we’re still working with one screen here.

  16. Att is starting to get behind on updates…but yet they want to be the top phone carrier…go figure

  17. Put off updating if you can! This update is destroying data speeds, so much so that all of my apps that need data are timing out and stop. Nothing with data is working including the Play Store!

  18. S voice is messed up! It doesn’t work! I keep asking what number do I want to call. Needs to be fixed asap! I am a Verizon customer

  19. It seems as though I have lost the swipe to call function after the update! :(

    edit: Seems as if it’s just touchy. Apparently now you need to swipe left or right from the middle of the screen…not edge to edge. Swipe to call (or text) is still working just fine.

    Crisis averted!

  20. The update killed my 4G, and also possibly the camera.

    So, I had rooted my phone to try out Synergy ROM, Hyperdrive ROM, and CyanogenMod ROM. All three had success with LTE, but the camera wouldn’t work for all, and Torch would only work for Cyanogen.

    I unrooted and restored to the stock ROM (VLK1 build — the one prior to MB1), and everything was working again (camera, torch, 4G). I’ve updated from VLK1 to MB1, and everything was still working. From there, I updated to the newest stock update — the one that bricked the 4G — and so far, everything has been working fine: camera, 4G, torch. So, that’s how I fixed my phone…

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