May 29th, 2013

sonos banner

Google Play Music All Access might be the hottest thing in town right now, but Spotify still has a very viable service that many people just can’t put down. That’s probably why the latest update to the Sonos Controller app focuses on implementing even greater controls for those who are still tied up with Spotify.

Users can create and edit their Spotify playlists from right within the app, so there’s no cumbersome two-step process to go through if you feel like queuing up a different set of your favorite tunes. You’ll also be able to access all your playlist folders from right within the app. As usual, the app is free, but you obviously need one of the many different home configurations Sonos provides.

There are a number of different bridges, speakers, subs and amps you can buy, and there’s also the Sonos Bar that fits right in with your existing home theater setup. Give all of them a good glance over at the Sonos website to see if you can’t upgrade your home music listening experience with some of the best wirelessly interconnected speaker technology in the game. For the app, just hit the Google Play Store.